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summary of Plant Hormones

are a type of signalling molecule that can be produced in any plant
cell, that can be transmitted in different ways
is sourced from the chloroplasts in
leaves as well as the roots, its
effector site is the seeds, buds,
guard cells, leaves and fruit of the
plant. Abscisic acids are
transported via the xylem if from
the roots and the phloem if from
the leaves and it is the growth
inhibitor hormone, its impact can
be observed via drought tolerance
and seed and bud dormancy
produced in the stem, buds, and
root tips, it has a role in root
elongation as well as developing
the fruit. Auxins are conveyed
from cell to cell, via direct
transport from shots towards
roots. Its impact is observable
when shoots stretch towards the
light and they tilt downwards .
are hormones that are
sourced from the roots and
the developing fruits of a
plant, their impact can be
seen through the growth of
lateral branches. Cytokines
are delivered to branches and
the developing roots via the
is used to ripen fruits and
does this by transmitting the
gas via diffusion to most of
the cells. It is used to increase
sugar content in the fruit
is used to grow leaves and
stem and impacts the leaves,
seeds and flowers by carrying
it from cell to cell or if to
further cells, by the xylem or
phloem. It impacts the stems,
elongating them as well as
the expansion of leaves and
the maturation of fruits and