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case of OB Bank staff

Name: Saroj KC
Roll No.: 77341052
Submitted By: Saroj KC
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: Organizational Behavior
A case study
Mr. Saroj KC was appointed as an operation In Charge, Operation department of
Civil Bank limited, Banepa Branch. He joined banking industries since 2 and half
years back. Prior to joining Banepa Branch, he served M/s. Civil Bank limited at
Barabise where there would be no absolute transaction in a day. He did his B.B.S
from a reputed institution. After getting promotion as Operation In Charge, he felt
quite excited and was quite enthusiastic about his new job. The post of Operation
in Charge was sufficiently at high level. However, because of young age and lack
of adequate experience, Mr. KC was considered as junior by his subordinate.
The operation department of the bank at branch level has major four sub units:
Customer Service, cash, remittance and Clearing Department. These four managers
who are heading their respective department were directly reporting to Mr. KC.
Most of them had been with the bank for a fairly long period of time and that too
with the present units. Since Mr. KC was quite less experience and young, these
four managers viewed his appointment with hesitance and suspicion. Also they had
liking for the previous Operation In charge and were sorry to see him leave the
The new operation in charge, Mr. KC, started holding weekly meeting of the
department. However, he notices that managers were hesitant to speak in the
meeting; he was the only one to speak. He made some changes in the operating
procedure that the he felt would increase efficiency and announced them in a
weekly branch meeting. There were no reaction to the changes but later he notices
that the managers continued to follow the old procedures, He talked to them
individually but felt that they were not opening up to him. The problem Continued.
After about months, Mr. KC started receiving complaints from Head office
regarding the non-compliance of bank’s internal and regulatory body’s regulation
procedure. Most of the complaints were related to the customer service department.
Mr. KC believed that his department should provide the best possible services with
Name: Saroj KC
Roll No.: 77341052
100% compliance therefore, admonished his managers in a weekly departmental
meeting; He still received little response from them. He continued to receive
compliances and was becoming increasingly frustrated. One day, he became very
upset and went to the customer service department. The manager for the
department was out. Mr. KC called over the assistant of the department, chewed
him and told him to redo the job within a limited period of time. When in chargecustomer service department returned and learned what happened, he immediately
called a meeting with three other managers and described events to them. On this,
commented the manager Customer service department, we have to do something.
Mr. KC is too young, incompetent and is a tyrant.” “I agree, he dictates to us in
branch meetings and now he goes behind our back to our employees. He shows no
confidence in us. I am fed up with this situation”, said head teller, in-charge cash
department. Finally, the in-charge Remittance department chimed in, I don’t think
we have much choice. Mr. KC is regarded high by top level management. We
cannot talk to him and higher up, and if we continue doing things this way, our
careers will be ruined, Therefore, I thing that we should look for some other job in
the industries
1. Elaborate the problem faced by Mr. KC from Organizational
Behavior perspective?
An organization is group of people working together for particular
purpose. In another words, we can say that the structural
framework of duties and responsibilities required of personnel in
performing various functions with a view to achieve business goals
through organizations. Organizational Behavior (OB) is the study
of human behavior in an organization. It studies about the people
behavior and predict about how it will affect the organization’s
goals in individual, group and at organizational level. Organization
behavior is the culture of an organization. Simply, it means how
people behave. It can be the study of person eating breakfast to
communication skills or problem solving skills of group members.
It does not have any boundaries inside an organization to study
about behavior of people. It can be anything which is related to the
Name: Saroj KC
Roll No.: 77341052
According to Robbinson “OB is a field of study that investigates
the impact that individuals, groups and structure have on behavior
within organizations for the purpose of applying such knowledge
toward improving an organization’s effectiveness”.
Keith Davis quoted as “Organizational Behavior is the study and
application of knowledge about how people act within
Fred Luthans said as "Organization Behavior is directly
concerned with the understanding prediction and control of human
behavior in organization."
It involved many activities which is essential for improving for job
performance, increasing job satisfaction, promoting innovation and
encouraging leadership. OB has many challenges and opportunities
in present context and some of them are as follows:
1. Responding to globalization
2. Managing workforce diversity
3. Improving quality and productivity
4. Improving people skills
5. Improving customer service
6. Empowering employees
7. Managing change
8. Improving ethical behavior
9. Managing information technology
10. Coping with temporariness
In the above case, we can observe that Mr. KC is facing the
following problem at his workstation.
1. Managing workforce diversity: Three different managers from
different departments were resisting to the changes that was
introduced by Mr. KC since they want to retain their own
identity, values and lifestyle that they had previously.
Name: Saroj KC
Roll No.: 77341052
2. Improving quality and productivity: As a result of globalization
and free market economy, demand for better quality services
with 100% compliance is being sought by the external and
internal customer. Despite of the fact that other in
charges/manager was working in the same department from
longer period, Head of Civil Bank limited is asking to reshape
the quality of services delivered and raising a question on
compliance issues thus Mr. KC has the challenges of improving
the quality and productivity than the branch has.
3. Improving peoples skills: Managers were well trained and
experienced but to the new regulation that were updated , Mr.
KC and his branch was not able to cope with the changes so it
has been headache for KC to manage at Banepa branch.
4. Empowering employees: In charge of different manager are
themselves were trusted with the differed power that were
necessary for regulation of their respective department but same
has created conflict with their reporting officer resulting to the
decrement of quality of service delivered.
5. Managing Changes: Banepa Branch is in the existence before
the joining of the Mr. KC but after his join, it seems that he is
unable to manage changes that were introduced by regulatory
bodies since time is dynamic.
b. What kind of leadership style is suitable to Mr. KC to move forward?
Reply: Leadership is the personal quality of an individual who
organizes the efforts of individuals and directs them to achieve
common objects. Leaders must have clear vision about the
objectives of the organization and procedures to achieve
objectives. There are mainly four type of leadership style and they
are as follows.
1. Autocratic Leadership
Name: Saroj KC
Roll No.: 77341052
2. Democratic Leadership
3. Laissez-Faire Leadership
4. Paternalistic Leadership
I suggest Mr. KC to use Autocratic leadership style in his
office since his subordinate is not supporting him on his work.
They are not obeying the instruction of Mr. KC and continuing the
old procedure from which Mr. KC is receiving complaints from
Head Office. After following, the autocratic leadership style, Mr.
KC shall feel stronger in this office and shall start to implement the
rules and regulation independently. Though this style has some of
the demerit, Mr. KC does not have any other option to bring back
his living office in foam.
C. How Mr. KC can change his impression with his co-workers?
Reply: Impression is the process of portraying yourselves to others in a
manner that creates a desired impression. It involved the process by
which people control how they are perceived by others. When people are
motivated to manage their impressions, the impressions that they try to
convey are influenced by the roles that they occupy and the norms in the
social context, the values of the individuals whose perceptions are of
concern, how they think they are currently perceived, their self-concepts,
and their desired and undesired selves.
Different technique of managing a impression of ourselves are as
• Favors
• Self-descriptions
• Association
• Opinion conformity
Name: Saroj KC
Roll No.: 77341052
• Excuse
• Apologies,
• Acclaiming
In the above case, it is observed that Mr. KC had a bad impression
among his co-workers. His team members are taking him as less
experiences and young thus in order to gain impression of Mr. KC,
he should follow the following impression management technique.
a. Keep smiling and feel confident: Mr. KC is new to the branch
thus it would be better if Mr. KC smile with his co-worker when
they are seen in front of him. It creates a sense of warmness
among them and shall help to be more open for them to take a
participation in the discussion. Similarly, he should be confident
on the discussed matters to that they can be clear with example
and consequences for the work done.
b. Keep your body language open: Being a Higher level manger is
not an easy job. If co-workers do to supports then, we many not
succeed over our targets. For the same, we should use nonverbal
communication in the office. We should present ourselves in
such way that shows we are easy and confidence.
c. Dress Appropriately: if a rich person wearing torn clothes
comes to our house then our dog start barking them but if same
person come with neat and tidy dress to some extent, dog
ignores. It means that we have to dress properly as per our job
so that we can make ourselves more confidents and other shall
also think with positivity.
d. Commit to change you want to create: we should be confidence
toward our goals and changes required for attending the same.
We should not change our plans without proper reason on it.
e. Set goals: we should be sticky with our goals so that it cannot be
attempted. a realistic approach should be followed by us and
frequent follow up should be made for the same.
Name: Saroj KC
Roll No.: 77341052
D. what can be a Civil Bank limited strategies to resolve the stress seen
among its employees?
Conflict is defined as a clash between individuals arising out of a
difference in thought process, attitudes, understanding, interests,
requirements and even sometimes perceptions. A conflict results in
heated arguments, physical abuses and definitely loss of peace and
Organizational stress is commonly defined as an emotional,
cognitive, behavioral and physiological response to the aggressive and
harmful aspects of work, work environment and organizational climate.
Civil bank limited, employer of Mr. KC and his sub ordinate is
directly affected by such behavior of its employees thus should take the
immediate measure to resolve it so that its targets can be achieved.
Therefore it should implement following strategies to resolve it asap.
Strategies are as follows:
a. Selection and placement
b. Managing training
c. Goal setting
d. Redesign of jobs
e. Employee involvement
f. Improved communication
g. Voluntary leave
h. Welfare programs
Name: Saroj KC
Roll No.: 77341052