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Persuasive Speech reflection

Speech class
Miss. Stephany Mateo
Manuel Diaz Briceño.
Persuasive Speech reflection
In my speech, I attempted to persuade my audience about Why drivers should not
send text messages because they endanger the lives of their passengers. I spoke about
how many people on the road usually use their smartphones to driving. I wanted to
accomplish the goal of conveying to the audience that texting does not have any benefits,
the amount of time being spent on social media sites should be monitored. I also wanted
to continue to work on having my speech sound more casual, not rehearsed. Along with
that, I wanted to continue to not let my nerves get the better of me. Doing this speech in
front of my classmates actually helped me with this. I took a moment to compose myself,
finding that I was not nervous at all, which was weird for me, before beginning my
speech. The people I presented my speech to are all my classmates with who I am very
comfortable. I knew they would respect my opinion no matter whether I stumbled during
my speech or presented it perfectly. I did not feel as much judgment from them as I do
present in front of the screen; this is because I know them all very well. During the
speech, I tried to be as conversational as possible. I felt that this was easier presenting it
to my classmates because this is a topic we could easily debate about on any given day. I
was nervous about feeling like I was lecturing my audience, I feel that using that
“lecturing” tone in a persuasive speech is the best way to have people begin to tune out
and not be open to the opinion I am trying to convey in my speech. Going into the speech
I felt prepared but I was a bit nervous because I had been separated from the topic for a
while. The moment I connected with my audience was when I was giving the statistics of
The rates of injuries and deaths from car crashes due to texting and driving are
continuously rising. I actually added this statistic because I knew it would be a good
connection for my audience considering my audience consisted of college students and
this may be a statistic they can relate to or find humorous given an example that when
you are driving, many of us play loud music for example like bichota song while driving.
I really enjoyed it when my classmates laughed about the name of the song. I think the
biggest lesson that I can take away from this experience is that I should treat normal in
class speeches like I treated this speech in front of my classmates. I felt very comfortable
speaking in front of my classmates and I think that taking that energy and bringing it to
class could really help me. I am always worried about how I will be judged or looked at
after I speak in class and I believe if I just treat presenting my speeches in class like I do
with my friends I will have a more conversational, confident, and believable
speech. Having to make up this speech has also taught me an important lesson.