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Action research

Action research
Nguyen Thi Hanh
After a long time reading, I have own sum up list contents for my journey studying from the basic
to the more detail in here. I firmly that it really effective for me to self-learning and improving in
the future.
Firstly, I have the definition of action research is that it is a cycle of planning, action, searching
and reflection. The most essential thing I have met is that it is quite difficult process for my ability
as a specific challenge. I tried to approach step by step and listed the whole process and whenever
I do action research, I always match my own and findings idea matching the suitable guidance. I
use it to solve an educational problem, reflect and improve my practices. It is said that a good
problem is absolutely important, and it is the light candle of the whole progress. It ensures complex
meaning that they consist of many interdependent parts and they have multiple causes too.
Sometimes, I fail to resolve such problem because I assume. The next part is the favorite element
that it is take action, and it quite time consuming. I may self-control my progress and focus on
collect the data or evidence. I have an opportunity to present periodic reports. That is my two noted
steps, and it also has designing a plan, reflecting and capturing the learning.
Secondly, when I have finished the detail of how to do action research, let’s move to the pros and
cos of this. The initial benefit I would like to list is that it possibility to gain in-depth knowledge
about the problem. Moreover, it can be used with quantitative as well as qualitative data. The
drawback I catch form reading some articles is that difficulties in distinguishing between action
and research and ensure the application of both.
That is all of my reflective on reading and watching the document related to the topic action