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difference and similarity

Citasion, Mark Christian Dave
Municipal law is
imposed and issued
by a political superior
with authority.
Municipal law
governs the domestic
aspects and deals
with issues between
its constituents.
Municipal law is a
Law of Sovereign
subjected towards
Violations of
municipal law are
addressed through
local and judicial
Municipal law are set
of rules and
regulations that are
bound to follow by
the people to attain
and sustain peace
and order.
They share similar objective
because both international
and municipal laws set an
obligation on countries or
Municipal law and
International law both affect
each other as stated in the
theory of coordination.
Based on the theory of
incorporation, some
municipal law adopts or
amends a certain law relative
to the international law.
Similarly, international law
nitpicks a certain municipal
law relative to its principles
and objective.
Both international
law and municipal law
requires enactment by a or
the legislative body.
According to the monism
theory, law is a unified branch
of knowledge, no matter,
whether it applies on person
or other entities. Therefore,
they are similar in nature.
 International law is
not imposed by a
specific government,
rather it is adopted
by states as a
common rule of
 International law,
however, does not
focus on the scale of
individuals but with
the relations
between states
 International law is a
Law of Nations, not
above, but between
As for international
law, it is resolved
through state-tostate transaction like
negotiations and
International law is
applied to the
relations inter se of
countries and
organizations of
international society.