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Lakhwar Vyasi Dam

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Lakhwar Vyasi Dam: The Story So far
Written By Unknown on Sunday, December 07, 2014 | 2:14 AM
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Supreme Court’s order is
considered the law of the land if
the rule of law still prevails in
The grant of environmental
hydroelectric power project on
February 3, 2014 is in manifest
violation of Court’s order dated
August 13, 2013 directing ‘the
MoEF as well as State of
Uttarakhand not to grant any
further environmental clearance or
hydroelectric power project in the
State of Uttarakhand, until further
orders’ in the matter of LakhwarVyasi hydroelectric power project. The proposed project is situated in the Upper Yamuna River Basin in
Dehradun. It is evident that both Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) and the State government
are violating court’s orders.
Of cially, Lakhwar Project is a multipurpose scheme, primarily a peaking power station, on river Yamuna in the
district of Dehradun in Uttarakhand. The scheme envisages construction of 204 m high concrete dam on river
Yamuna near Lohari village. The Multipurpose scheme also envisages construction of Vyasi HEP (2x60 MW)
(Hathiari power station) downstream of Lakhwar HEP. The scheme also includes construction of a barrage at
Katapathar about 3 Km downstream of Hathiari power station (Vyasi HEP) on river Yamuna. The in ow and
stored water in Lakhwar and Vyasi reservoir after generation of power at Lakhwar underground power house
and Hathiari surface power house will be balanced at Katapathar barrage for downstream uses. The project
with a proposed installation of 300 MW (3 x 100 MW) is envisaged to generate an annual energy generation of
612.93 MU in a 90% dependable year.
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Under the then Uttar Pradesh Irrigation Department, a 420-MW Lakhwar-Vyasi hydroelectric power project
was granted environmental clearance in 1986. Following which work continued till around 1992. This project
is currently under the Uttarakhand Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited (UJVNL). The projects was divided into two
projects- a 120-MW Vyasi project and a 300-MW Lakhwar project. Subsequently, environmental clearance for
the Vyasi project was applied for.
Apex Committee for Implementation (1)
The Expert Appraisal Committee for River valley and Hydroelectric Projects considered the Lakhwar project in
November 2010. EAC raised questions about the construction of a barrage and other issues, which are yet to
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be resolved. Notably, no Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report for Lakhwar project was prepared. As a
consequence there is no Environment Management Plan and no monitoring.
After the Court’s order, a committee was formed by the MoEF in October 2013 to “assess whether the existing
and ongoing/under-construction hydropower projects have contributed to the environmental degradation and,
if so, to what extent.”
At present Alok Perti, former Secretary, Union Ministry of Coal is the chairman of the EAC and B. B. Barman
who is a Director in MoEF is the Member Secretary of the EAC. The other member include Dr. Surendra Kumar
Mishra, Department of Water Resources & Management, IIT, Rourkee, Hardip S. Kingra, Dr. Vijay Kumar,
Ministry of Earth Sciences, Chief Engineer (Hydrology) Central Water Commission, Representative ( to be
nominated) of Wildlife Institute of India, Dr. K. D. Joshi, Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute Regional
Centre, Allahbad, P.K. Chaudhuri, and C. Achalender Reddy, National Bio-Diversity Authority, Chennai.
Lakhwar Dam is a gravity dam currently under construction on the Yamuna river near the town of Lakhwar. The
primary purpose of the project is hydroelectric power generation and it will support a 300 MW power station
when complete. In conjunction with the dam, the Vyasi Dam and 120 MW Hathiari Power Station will also be
constructed downstream.
As per the project plan, Katapathar Barrage will be built downstream of the Vyasi Dam to provide for irrigation
and water supply. It rst received environmental clearance in 1986 and construction on the 204 m tall dam
began in 1987 under the supervision of the Uttar Pradesh Irrigation Department. The construction restarted on
the project in November 2013. It is expected to be completed in 2016.
Uttarakhand Chief Secretary has claimed that the 1986 clearance was still valid. Therefore, Court’s order is not
applicable to the project. The fact is court’s order has been violated with no consequence to the violators so
Salient Features of the project are as under:
· Location - Dehradun District, Uttarakhand
· River – Yamuna
· Capacity - 300 MW
· Concrete Gravity Dam - 204.0 m high
· Pressure shaft - 4.3 m, 186.5 m, 211 m, 235 m long three circular
· Under ground Power House -130 m x 20 m x 46 m D -Shaped
· Generator
3 units of 100 MW each
· Vertical Francis Turbine - 3 Nos.
· Rated head - 148.00 m
· Project land requirement – 1217.18 Ha
· Annual Generation - 612.93 MU
· Project Cost - ` 4620.48 crore on Feb 2010 PL
· Year of Commissioning/Completion Schedule - 2016
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