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Tips To Boost Your Site’s Conversion Rate Using Images

Tips To Boost
Your Site’s
Rate Using
The people normally do the online
shopping after seeing the images of the
required products. High quality images of
products are used by those websites that
are most successful. This helps in
increasing their conversions. Now I am
going to describe the tips to boost your
site’s conversion rate using images.
1. Use a lot of images of the product –
Show your product from so many angles
with the use of so many images. It needs
to be like that the customer can see the
product’s all views. Instead of using a
single picture of the product, this is far
better. The customer is most likely to take
interest in it.
2. Use pictures in which the customer
is using the product –
Show the customers how someone uses
the product in the form of pictures. As an
example, if you want to sell shoes then
display in the pictures of how a person
looks when he wears these. For
communicating with the audience in a
much-improved manner, the pictures help
a lot.
3. Allow the visitors to zoom in the
pictures –
A feature of displaying the product with
the use of pictures and that is very
popular is zoom in. Here by using pictures
you can give detailed information of the
product to the visitors. Even those parts of
the products that are too small can be
seen by using this feature.
4. Avoid using stock photos –
The visitors don’t pay attention to the
stock photos because they take interest in
the real people. So, don’t use stock
photos. It will be good if you capture the
real photograph of an item in use with the
help of a smartphone.
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