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Attracting Women TOPMEN

Attracting Women
Rodolfo Juarez
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Title Page
Chapter1: Understand the Primitive Mind of a Woman
Chapter 2: The Selection Process for Centuries
Chapter 3: A Woman’s Natural Instincts
Chapter 4: Uncovering Today’s Traits That Instinctively Attract Women
CHapter 5: Becoming The Man Females Desire
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Men tend to see a woman and instantly know if they are attracted to her or not. It’s like a light switch that goes
on or off. As men we tend to look at the physical beauty. The body, and the face. The way she dresses and how she
behaves. These are generally our only observations before deciding if we are attracted or not. Women on the other
hand, have a different and much more complex way of feeling attracted. Women are different than men, they think
differently, act differently and therefore select their partners in a different manner than we do. Properly
understanding what women look for is crucial if you want to attract beautiful women.
Chapter1: Understand the Primitive Mind of a Woman
Since the beginning of humanity, men and women had the instinct to reproduce. Reproducing has the end
goal to keep our genetic lineage alive after we die. For thousands of years, it’s been easier for men to reproduce their
genetic lineage than it has been for women. A single man could have sex with multiple women in a year, get those
women pregnant and have them give birth to children who’d carry his genetic lineage. On the other hand, women
have to go through the entire pregnancy process to have a single child. Pregnancy is a long, challenging and even
endangering process. Therefore it limits the amount of children a woman could have throughout her lifetime.
Additionally before the 20th century, there were no proper birth control methods. This encouraged women to not
get intimate with random men. Instead to search for a proper partner who after getting them pregnant would help
them through the pregnancy. A partner who would provide protection, support, food, loyalty and ensure the survival
of their child. Due to these facts being present for thousands of years, it made women become very selective with
the type of men they are attracted to.
Chapter 2: The Selection Process for Centuries
Women became selective not only because of the hardships pregnancy put on them, but also because they
had certain needs that not every man could cover. Therefore they began to look for certain traits in the men they
chose as mating partners. This is where the term Alpha Male came in. The Alpha males were the ones who
possessed the traits that covered the needs women had. Therefore making alphas the most attractive mating partners
for women throughout centuries.
Women looked for these four traits in men: Loyalty, a well-rounded provider, socially accepted and good
genetics. Overall providing men could provide food, shelter, protection, leadership and love for their women and
children. Loyalty was a big one, as women were in a very vulnerable position if abandoned by their men. It meant
they had to provide for themselves and children alone. Socially accepted men, proved to be safer for women and
their children. Due to the fact that society would open doors for them and help out if trouble arose. Good genetics
are an important trait women looked for in men. Women could only get pregnant a few times throughout their
lifetimes. Therefore they needed their children to have the best possible genes to ensure survival. Women looked for
men who through their physical appearance and behaviors displayed good genes.
On the opposite hand, women actively avoided men who were sick, could not provide, were rejected by
societies or looked desperate for a mating partner. As these men proved to be disastrous mating partners.
Chapter 3: A Woman’s Natural Instincts
For thousands of years women looked for mating partners who displayed the four traits. It was such a
repetitive action throughout generations that it became ingrained in women’s subconscious. Today girls instinctively
look for these traits when selecting their boyfriends, husbands and even a one night stands.
Top Men are the definition of the modern alpha males. The modern alpha male understands what
subconsciously attracts and repels women in today’s society. Top Men don't chase women, to the contrary, women
are subconsciously attracted to them, due to the fact, Top Men display the four traits of an alpha, which attracts
every type of woman. These traits have taken different disguises in modern times, yet I am here to uncover them for
Chapter 4: Uncovering Today’s Traits That Instinctively Attract
I want you to understand a very simple reality before I go deep into this subject. Think about a beautiful and
famous young woman you like. It may be an actress or instagram model. Think about the places she travels to. They
are top places. Take notice of the parties she attends, they are top parties. Look at the clothes she wears, they are top
clothes. Top ladies love to live a top lifestyle, they value themselves high. They keep high standards and therefore
expect to see the four traits of an alpha male highly present in the men they choose to be with. Remember females
you consider a perfect 10 (a.k.a. top women) will only settle for top men. I will now reveal how women today spot
the four traits that attract them.
Women hate men who are disloyal. It is ingrained into their subconscious because of what it meant for them
in the past. For thousands of years, a woman's worst nightmare was abandonment. It meant she was alone to protect
and provide for herself which tremendously decreased her survival chances. Today if a man abandons his wife for a
younger girl, the wife won’t face dangers from predators or lack of food since we now live in safe societies and have
supermarkets. Yet it will cause a tremendous amount of emotional pain, much more than if the man had a one time
affair. This is because subconsciously, abandonment is the worst thing that can happen to women. On the other
hand, men are most hurt if they are cheated on rather than abandoned. This is because for thousands of years, if your
wife cheated on you, the child you raised and provided for could very well be someone else’s child. Therefore in
today’s society, loyalty is a highly valued trait by both men and women.
Women will pay attention to what you say and subconsciously try to see if you fit the alpha male traits. For
the loyalty trait, women will be pushed away if you speak about yourself being dishonest in the past. It doesn’t
matter how small or audace your dishonest act was. Dishonesty will immediately alert her you are a deceiver and a
liar. Therefore do not share about dark moments in your past where you committed any kind of dishonesty, but most
importantly work on being an honest man. Top Men know the value of loyalty and implement it in everything they
do. Honesty is a trait of real men, who have nothing to hide and are worthy of respect. If you are dishonest and hide
it, women will eventually notice. Know they are good at picking up your non-verbal body language too. Women pay
close attention to your actions, behaviors and voice tone. With time they become good at knowing when you lie and
when you are honest.
Pay attention to the way you present yourself. First impressions last long. If you accidentally portray yourself
as someone who will be disloyal, women will instinctively close out to you. Therefore, watch how you dress and act
as this all communicates. Make your appearance look trustworthy and loyal. Average “players” tend to draw
excessive attention to themselves through their appearance and actions. Women recognize this behavior of men as
desperately trying to get as many girls as possible (zero loyalty). Which repels top women. To give you an easy
example to understand how bad women see this, think about how attracted you are to the idea of having a stripper as
your partner. Would her appearance inspire trustworthiness and loyalty to you? Would you enjoy the way she draws
excessive male attention to herself? What about her past, would you be fine knowing she would seduce multiple
men simultaneously every night for a living? I hope the answer is no. For women, men who show off muscles,
materialistic possessions, achievements or begin to sweet talk as soon as they meet, creates the same effect. No
matter how small these actions are, women will perceive these men either as disloyal partners, as desperate or men
who have no intention of taking them seriously. Avoid falling under this assumption due to how you portray
yourself, keep your appearance, behavior, and talk in check in order to portray/communicate a loyal image. Be cool
and keep quiet about your attributes. Allow women to discover your attributes by themselves. Curiosity will push
women to find out things about you. When they do, it’ll exponentially increase their attraction for you, rather than if
you blurt everything out when you first meet. The more you practice being humble and portraying a loyal image the
more natural it will become for you to behave that way. Remember top women are looking for loyal men.
Over-all Provider
Men potentially capable of providing for their wife and children are attractive to women. These men have
ensured women’s survival throughout centuries. Men who could not provide were unsuitable partners. As a result,
women would abandon them for other men. As the romanian proverb says, “when poverty comes in at the door, love
flies out the window”. Take note that being an overall provider, translates to providing more than just money. An
overall provider will also provide leadership, support, love and protection.
The priority women give to these needs vary from women to women. Some women might value wealth over
love, while other women may value leadership over protection. This is the reason why certain women are attracted
to old rich men while other women fall in love with nerds. It’s due to the fact that those women are being provided
with whatever meets their strongest need. A top man is one who ensures ALL these needs are met, and therefore is
attractive to a wider variety of women.
Having a loving partner is important to females. Females tend to be more emotional, therefore they
appreciate feeling valued and cared for. The key is providing the right amount of love they deserve. When I say the
right amount of love they DESERVE, I literally mean it. You must respect yourself and not blindly give your heart
and love to a woman who does not respect you or love you back. If you give too much love, your love will be taken
for granted. If you give too little love, females will go searching elsewhere for love. Your love should be something
earned with time and through good actions. This way people will value and respect your love. Don’t expect females
to do all the work, you must do actions that will earn you their love too. Make them feel special and cherished.
Remember though, to never waste your time on a girl who is not responding back to your love.
A man who can solve problems and provide women support is attractive. Women who have the passion to
learn, have fallen in love with nerds before because of their great ability to solve and teach difficult problems. Other
women who constantly need things fixed have fallen in love with the plumbers who arrive at their homes as handymen. Ambitious girls who dream about lavish lifestyles fall in love with rich old men who live those lifestyles.
Many women tend to fall in love with the men who can help solve their problems. It’s as simple as that. Therefore
being a skilled man will definitely come in handy. Become skilled at fixing things in the house, solving financial
issues and providing aducate emotional support to women when necessary. The key takeaway is to be on constant
watch to what problems your lady has in order to solve them. It doesn't matter if you are skilled at the specific
problem your partner has at the moment. What matters is that you constantly educate yourself on new subjects to be
able to resolve problems and provide support when necessary. The more educated and skillful you become, the more
valuable women will perceive you as.
By instinct women enjoy men who provide leadership. They detest men who are lost and in need of
guidance. It’s like dealing with a child, instead of a capable man. For women it was important that a man could
analyse situations and be a skilled decision maker in order to ensure survival. This gave women the feeling of safety
and dependability on male leaders for thousands of years. In today’s society the majority of women are still attracted
to leading men. We get a perfect example to understand this, when we think of couples dancing. Men are expected
to lead women while dancing. If they cannot lead, it creates an awkward situation, which women dislike. Women
love dancing with men who know what they are doing. The same applies to real life. Top Men lead women into
beautiful lives filled with adventure, joy, laughter and safety.
Today women love to see men who can make decisions. It takes confidence in yourself to make decisions.
To build that confidence, analyze the situations before making decisions. This way you’ll know your decisions will
be wise. To build the habit of decision making, you must take decisions in every aspect of your life. From simple
things, such as choosing where to eat, to more complex things such as deciding what career path you’ll take.
Taking decisions which include women is important. When women ask you to choose their dress, choose it.
If they ask for your guidance in a certain situation, guide them. Take the lead and decide every time where you’ll
take your lady out for a date. Plan ahead and be creative. Switch things around, as repeating things is seen as lack of
decision making. Surprise yourself and your lady by going to new places and trying new things out. Remember that
taking the lead with women in small things, will help you take the lead in big things. It will develop your leadership
habit. Top Men are decisive, but most importantly they think before they act. They think about consequences for the
decisions they make. When you are making decisions while in the company of a lady, make sure she is ok with your
decision and will enjoy it.
The main idea is to take the lead of your own life. When you take control over your life and decide for
yourself, everything’ll change. You will be able to live a beautiful life where you’ll be actively chasing your dreams.
You will be going places and living a happy life, which will have a magnetic effect with women. Ladies will see you
lead your own life into adventure and want to be part of it.
Protection is the fourth need women display. This is a need they had for thousands of years so it comes as
no surprise it's something they subconsciously still look for today. The key concept for protection is to make them
feel safe. Do not be overly protective as it will be perceived as an insecurity and make you unattractive. At the same
time do not look like a pushover who cannot stand up for yourself, as it will make women feel unsafe.
A Top Man should know how to properly defend himself and his woman. Therefore it’s important to know
how to handle yourself in a confrontation. Know you may get people under control without having to get physical.
Top Men win fights without getting into a fight. To do this you must do several things. Always face a confrontation.
Doing this will let people know you are someone who defends himself and is confident. When confronted, hold your
ground and display strong eye-contact. Stand tall yet observe and listen to figure out what the root problem is. This
is vital, as there’s always a reason or an insecurity behind people’s negative actions. This will show you their side of
the conflict which you may act on to resolve the conforntation. Realize what is wrong and define the solution to the
confrontation. Take control of the situation by being bold, not aggressive. What you say matters but also how you
say it is important. Speak in an authoritative slow and strong voice. Immediately unmask the person’s reasons/issues
to put them out in the open and the potential solution. Your end goal is to find solutions to confrontations, never
avoid confrontations. In general, people avoid confrontations because confrontations are tense and challenging
moments. By confidently confronting people to achieve a solution women perceive you as a capable man who is
brave to face others yet smart to win confrontations.
Unfortunately even in today’s society you can find yourself in situations where confrontations are beyond the
point of a conversation and physical action is required. Such situations include a break-in into your home or a person
physically attacking you. You must be able to defend yourself. Therefore keep yourself physically fit and if possible
learn self defense. A man who cannot fight at all is seen by women as a vulnerable man. Therefore unattractive. On
the opposite hand a physically strong man who knows who to defend himself will inspire more safety in women’s
hearts, creating stronger attraction.
Wealth is the final common need women enjoy being provided. Hundreds of years ago, wealth meant plenty
of food, resources and a good shelter. It ensured women’s survival for centuries and today it’s something ladies
instinctively look for. I am not stating you need to be a millionaire in order to be attractive to women. The key
takeaway is you must be a man who produces money. It doesn’t matter how you do it. You may be a janitor, a
teacher, a business owner or a fighter jet pilot. What matters is that you are producing enough money to be self
sufficient. Women are attracted subconsciously to men who always work. It subconsciously tells women they’ll be
provided for if they end up together with these men. Nothing is more unattractive to women than men who make no
efforts to work and lives off other people. Therefore produce your own money. The more money you produce, the
Socially Accepted
Being socially accepted thousands of years ago meant two things. First it means that you were accepted and
popular among females. They saw you as a good alpha male to mate with. Second, being socially accepted meant
that the tribe you were in saw you as a valuable member. One who would contribute and make things better. People
wanted you around. Therefore being socially accepted instinctively attracts women. Think about these two
scenarios. Who’s most likely to succeed? Scenario 1: A man goes to a club all by himself, sees a girl he likes
dancing by the bar with her friends. Decides to approach them and ask the girl he likes to dance. Scenario 2: A
group of guys arrive at a bar focused on having fun. They run into a group of girls who they know. A guy and a girl
in each group don't know each other, but the guy is interested in the girl. The other females talk highly in whispers
of this one guy to the girl he is interested in. He then decides to approach her… I don’t even have to tell you which
guy has a higher chance of success based solely on social acceptance. If you have no friends and no one knows who
you are, women will instinctively close out. It will plant fear in their minds as to why you are a loner. To the
contrary as a Top Man you are to be charismatic. It is important to grow your network and make friends wherever
you go. It will surprise you how many doors can be opened for you when you know the right people. The key
takeaways to remember are: 1.More women will become attracted to you if other women already desire/accept you.
They will know there is something special about you which is attracting other women already. 2.The larger your
network is, the more doors which may open for you to live your dreams and resolve problems. Therefore it’s very
important to learn how to be charming and make friends. Be someone enjoyable to interact with that leaves people
wanting to see you more. This will make you very attractive to women.
In the past what proved to physically show good genes, is what is now perceived as good looks. For women,
having curvy bodies showed health and proper nutrition. Wide hips proved to be better for giving birth. Larger
breasts were known to provide better lactation for children. Youth was perceived as fertility. For both men and
women, a symmetrical face was seen as less defective and therefore perceived as better genetics. A strong and
defined jawline translated to a person who constantly ate meat. A muscular body was perceived as a body capable of
hunting, and providing protection. A man with facial hair and broad shoulders was seen as higher in testosterone
therefore more attractive. All of these physical characteristics are still instinctively attractive. Therefore, the key
takeaways for genetics to be a Top Man is to present yourself with the physical characteristics which are considered
attractive to women. Practice sports or lift weights to get a strong athletic body. Watch what you eat, as this will
make you leaner and not only will your muscles become more defined, so will your jawline. Get enough sleep and
avoid alcohol as this will keep your testosterone levels higher. Also groom your face properly. Make your hair style,
hairline, eyebrows and beard symmetrical so that your face looks better. Work on your attire, as certain clothes may
hurt your physical appearance while others may build your body.
CHapter 5: Becoming The Man Females Desire
As the name states, this guide is to show you how to attract women. I’m not here to teach you beta male
“pick up lines” or “behavior strategies” to approach women. Chasing women around is a mistake. I’m here to teach
you how to become a top man who women desire. Remember you must build yourself to become a Top Man. As
you build yourself, the number of women you attract will increase.
We are not born displaying all the traits women are instinctively attracted to. Therefore we must work on
ourselves to have them. Before you start, ask yourself the following question. “Are you willing to take charge and
responsibility over your life?” Only with this mindset will you be able to grow. It is a commitment which will
change your life forever.
To become a Top Men you must establish direction first. Life is very short so decide what you want to be in
this life now and commit yourself to achieving it. My advice, chase your wildest dreams and make them a reality. It
doesn’t matter if your dream is to become a fighter pilot or an elementary teacher. Once you decide what dream
you’ll pursue, you’ll have both a purpose and an income source. Remember men with a purpose are very attractive
to women. A purpose will serve you as a motivation to be driven, to be going places and achieving your dreams.
Having a purpose will push you to work hard in a job that is aligned with your purpose. The job will give you
independence and money. All of which is very attractive to women.
Next you must build and develop yourself. Work on becoming a man worthy of respect. Do this by
becoming courteous, honest, and loyal in everything you do. The less you lie and deceive the easier your life will be.
The more respectful you speak the more respect you’ll receive. People will notice these traits in you, especially
women. Women not only observe your words, they also observe your actions. Therefore remember to communicate
positively through your non-verbal behaviors. How you dress and how you behave must communicate that you are a
man worthy of trust and respect. This will not only open doors for you throughout life, but it’ll also increase the
amount of women you attract.
Continue educating yourself for self growth. Education will put you steps ahead of the crowd, therefore
educate yourself on how to multiply your money. Having wealth is necessary as it’ll allow you to live adventures
and chase your dreams. Both which attracts women. Also fixing financial issues for your lady will be seen as a very
attractive trait. Refer to the guide “Road to wealth” in Top Men to learn how to grow your money. A well rounded
education that keeps growing is important so you have a diversified brain. With time you will become well versed at
several money making strategies and very knowledgeable at each strategy. Women will see you as an intelligent
man when you speak and become attracted.
Educate yourself in various subjects in order to have more problem solving skills and knowledge in general.
Remember that the more educated you are the more you’ve “got to offer” so the more attractive you’ll become.
Besides learning, put into practice solving issues of all types. Remember you must put into practice what you learn,
as people do not learn how to swim by reading books, but rather by practicing. By practicing your skills you’ll learn
more and become a more capable man. This will increase your confidence and women will see your problem solving
skills as a valuable asset. Therefore see you more attractive.
Also you must learn and develop your leadership skills. Begin by leading your own life. Remember to get in
the habit of making decisions completely by yourself. Later on, join organizations to better understand how to be a
good team player and leader. Run for leadership positions on those organizations and see how the pressure of a
leadership position will mold you into a better leader. After some time, leading will be natural for you. You will lead
your life into great accomplishments and feats. Which will be perceived as very attractive by women.
Also develop your body if it’s not already developed. Eat healthy to keep high testosterone levels and to stay
lean. Think about food as your fuel, you want premium fuel as this will improve your youth, eye vision, mind clarity
and longevity. It’s important to build your body so you are strong and masculine looking. The fastest and easiest
way to ensure this is by lifting weights. Build a symmetrical body, working out your legs and rear shoulders as these
are many times overlooked but make a huge difference. When you have a powerful lean body it will increase your
confidence. The confidence to stand up for yourself and demand respect. Large muscles will make you stronger and
more aesthetic. Clothes will fit nicer, and your presence will be larger.
Proper grooming is important as well. Making your eyebrows, hairstyle, hairline and beard symmetrical will
make your face look much more attractive. Choosing your attire properly is important, as what you wear
communicates. If you dress sloppy people will get that impression of you. If you wear a tailored suit every day with
quality shoes you will be seen as a serious man worthy of respect. Remember if you dress well, you will feel well
and you’ll play well. Therefore good looks and increased confidence will attract more women.
As you make your dreams a reality and continue to grow into a top man, becoming cocky may rise as an
issue. Remember that you must grow your network. You must make friends everywhere you go, so work on
becoming charming and not cocky. The average person tends to be very selfish. Thinking only about themselves and
not much about everyone else. They tend to not listen to what others have to say but rather they try to get everyone
to listen to what they have to say. To heavily stand out from the crowd, when interacting with people you must
completely focus on them and nothing on you. This will have a double charismatic effect. The first reason being
because people love to receive attention. If you genuinely give people attention and importance to what they share
with you, they will feel special. They will enjoy spending time with you and be more willing to help you out when
needed. The second reason is because the more you listen the less you share about yourself. Many times if you share
how you are chasing and living your dreams people will secretly feel envious. Other times it might make people feel
belittled or insecure. Therefore by making them the “star” of the conversation you will gain from them affection,
information and avoid planting negative feelings in their hearts. Applying this tactic with everyone will allow you to
grow a useful network fast and will keep your goals growing as no one will try to sabotage you. When women see
how everyone likes and wants you around they will instinctively be attracted.
Our dreams and desires are our guide to living a phenomenal life. A life filled with happiness and abundance
which attracts women. Therefore transform these dreams and desires into goals that you actively pursue through
well thought out plans. As time goes by new dreams and desires will come your way, so prioritize not to jump from
one thing to the next but rather complete each dream thoroughly. Never stop making your dreams a reality.
Remember that you are the creator of your own reality and what you decide you may and may not do, will be true
for you. Therefore stay motivated and believe in yourself, as it may take time to make your dreams a reality, but
small footsteps take you places.
As you achieve all these things, you will become more and more confident. Your self worth will rise. People
will treat you differently and women who you previously saw out of your league will be in your reach. As you
attract more women, you’ll become a man who has an abundance of options. This is important as ladies will respect
and value you more. They will know you are not someone who will put up with things, as you have plenty of other
good options who may be your partner. Do remember that there is no soulmate. Many times men fall in love with a
girl who can be very destructive. By not leaving her they could lose everything. There are many great options for
you out there. As you grow the amount of options will grow with you. Therefore don’t settle for anything less than
what you deserve as a Top Man.
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