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Year 10 Quiz Narrative Writing and Summary

English Quiz (Narrative Writing and Summary)
1.) An extended response is where questions could range from a shortstructured question to an essay. True or False?
2.) What is the difference between the usage of a third person
perspective and a first-person perspective?
3.) Finish the paragraph in third person perspective based on: “It all
started in May…”
4.) First person perspective is encouraged when writing a formal letter.
True or False?
5.) Finish the paragraph in first person perspective based on: “Why did
this happen to me?”
6.) What are the elements of Narrative Writing? List them all.
7.) List the 9 steps of the Freytag’s Pyramid.
8.) Using the concept of Show Don’t Tell, create 3 examples of
Showing based on the following text: “My horrendous first day back
to school”. You may rewrite 3 different examples based on this.
9.) What is a summary? Please describe this in detail.
Why is summary writing important?
You are encouraged to state your opinion when writing a
summary. True or False?
When writing a summary, you may reuse words based on the
text. True or False?
List out 3 things to do when writing a summary.
Word count in a summary is unimportant. True or False.
In summary writing, first person and third person perspective
are unimportant. True or False.