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Pre-Lim Examination
October 14-15, 2020
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I.MULTIPLE CHOICE: Read and answer the questions very carefully. Encircle the letter of the
correct answer.
1. Your teacher told you to measure the brown sugar for the chocolate moist cake recipe. How are
you going to measure accurately the brown sugar?
a. Measure the brown sugar using graduated measuring cup.
b. Measure the brown sugar compactly and will hold the sugar in shape.
c. Measure the brown sugar by shaking it well and level with spatula.
2. The group will measure the flour and white sugar. How will you measure both ingredients?
a. Sift the flour and sugar and shake it very well while measuring them.
b. Sift and fill the ingredients in the measuring cup without shaking and level with spatula.
c. Fill in immediately the measuring cup with ingredients then shake.
3. How to measure liquid ingredients?
a. Pour the ingredient in the graduated measuring cup and read it through eye level in the
b. Lift the cup thoroughly then pour the ingredient.
c. Put the ingredients in the measuring cup and shake.
4. You want to remove the spills and grease to the gas range and oven. How are you going to do it?
a. Use abrasive cleaning materials.
b. Use metallic metal brush using it with paste made of baking soda, salt, and water.
c. Scrub with nonmetallic brush using a cleaning material like baking soda, salt and water.
5. What is the proportion of liquid dish soap and borax to remove the grease in your oven?
a. 1 tsp. soap: 1 tbsp. borax
b. 1 tbsp. borax: 1 tsp. soap
c. 2 tbsp. soap:
2 tsp. borax
6. Which of the following natural disinfectant that removes mould and mildew while also is working
to remove build-up from dirty kitchen surfaces?
a. Lemon
b. tea tree oil
c. vinegar
7. Accidents usually happened in the kitchen due to lack knowledge and training of a food worker.
What reason of proper maintenance it refers to?
a. Safety
b. Sanitation
c. Fire
8. What reason of proper maintenance of tools and equipment that you need to have a aaily
inspection of grease collecting equipment will minimize the danger of fire?
a. Fire prevention
b. safety
c. Sanitation
9. Expenses will be minimized if tools and equipment are in good condition. What reason of proper
maintenance it refers to?
a. Good quality service
b. less cost production
c. Fire
10. Which of the following cleaning material can be use for the kitchen, stove top, appliances, counter
tops, and floor?
a. Vinegar
b. baking soda
c. Lemon juice
11. What material that the vinegar cannot be use on the surfaces?
a. Bricks
b. marble
c. quarry
12. Which of the following proportion of lemon juice and olive oil that will help to polish your furniture?
a. ½ c. lemon juice: 1 c. of oil
b. ½ c. lemon juice: ½ c. oil
c. 1c. lemon
juice: 1 c. oil
13. How will you disinfect your sponge free o become from bacteria?
a. Soak in a warm water
b. place in a microwave and heat
c. put bleach all
over it
14. Which of the following is considered a great deodorizer cleaning material?
a. Baking powder
b. lemon juice
c. baking soda
15. These are great scrubbers which help to disinfect your kitchen by cleaning away the food debris
that bacteria thrive on.
a. Sponges
b. borax
c. tea tree oil
16. Your younger sister accidentally swallowed poison. What first aid treatment should you do?
a. Read the label of the poisonous material
b. Remove anything remaining in the mouth
c. Give her a spoonful of sugar or any kind of sweets
17. The chance or probability that a person will be harmed or experience an adverse health effect
caused by a hazard.
a. Risks
b. Adverse health effects
c. Sanitation
18. What is the first step on a risk assessment?
a. evaluate the risks
b. identify the risks
c. control the risks
19. This is any change in body function or the structures of cells that can lead to disease or health
a. Adverse health effects
b. risks
c. hazards
20. What is a cross-disciplinary area concerned with protecting the safety, health and welfare of
people engaged in work or employment?
b. OSP
21. Which of the following are the alert signs that help in indicating various hazards ahead?
a. Danger signs
b. safety signs
c. Caution signs
a. Caution
This is a sign that shows:
b. Warning
c. Danger
23. What color that represents a potentially unsafe situation that could cause serious injury?
a. Red
b. yellow
c. orange
What is the meaning of this sign and symbol?
a. safety equipment
b. safety information
c. Safety sign
25. What color that indicates the emergency egress location, first aids and other safety equipment?
a. green
b. yellow
c. orange
26. What type of hazard that awkward posture may lead to from improper work methods?
a. physical
c. ergonomic
27. Which of the following signs reflects immediate hazardous situations that will cause death or other
serious injuries?
a. Warning signs
b. Caution signs
c. Danger signs
28. Which of the following signs and symbols conveys immediate hazardous situations?
29. Which of the following is an example of warning sign and symbol?
30. Refers to the label of signs and symbols that are standardized and reflects its specific meaning.
a. messages
b. color
c. picture
31. The following are the causes of accident except for one. Which one?
a. people themselves b. organized work area
c. defective tools and equipment
32. Safety procedures, practices in the workplace contribute to:
a. high rates of accident
b. good employee morale
c. employee dissatisfaction
33. Which of the following is not a personal hygiene practice?
a. Keep your hands always clean and nails cut short.
b. Use of PPE when working.
c. Having a ring on fingers while working with food.
34. All of these describe the working environment that is conducive to safety and health
EXCEPT for one. Which one?
a. Clean floor area, free from waste and grease
b. Clean cabinets, dry and closed tightly to keep away rodents and insects
c. Defective lighting and ventilation facilities.
35. Which of the following could be avoided due to carelessness?
a. Slips
b. Burns
c. Electric shock
36. Which fosters a no-negligence environment that thrives on participative behavior
a. Whistle blowing
b. Reporting
c. Giving instruction
37. The worker should be guided to proper storage of these items to avoid accident or even
death. What items are referred to?
a. Detergents
b. Chemicals
c. Cutlery
38. Who should be kept out to avoid food contamination.
a. Old persons
b. Disable
c. Children
39. Always wipe up spills on the floor to avoid ________.
a. burns
b. electrocution
c . slip
40. Fixing electrical wiring prevents the danger of ________.
a. falls
b. electric shock
c. collision
II. SEQUENCING: Arrange the following steps in cleaning the range and electric mixer. Write number 1
for the first step,2 for the step and so on. Write your answer on the space provided.
41. Clean the parts thoroughly particularly those that are removable. Clean the burners with a dry
brush or with a clean dry cloth. ______
42. Switch off and remove the electric plug to allow the range to cool before cleaning. ______
43. Remove the grates before cleaning the entire oven. Scrape the food particles
carefully. Wash and dry the removable parts very well. ______
44. Remove and wipe food particles, burnt sediments and grease away from top of the range.______
45. Remove the detachable parts. Wash the beaters and bowls after use. ______
46. Wipe the parts with dry cloth thoroughly. ______
III. CONVERSION AND CALCULATION: Convert the following units of weights, measures and
temperature below. (Note: answer only) 2pts each.
47-48) 5 kg= ________lbs
49- 50) 7 qt = ________c
51-52) 10 lbs= _____ oz
53- 54) 225ºC= _______ ºF
55-56 ) 350 ºF = _______ ºC
Directions: Fill in the blanks with word or group of words to complete the sentence.
57. Chemicals should be rightly__________ to avoid detrimental mistakes.
58. Injuries, illnesses and accidents on job should be __________in time for immediate action.
59. The __________is used as warning of fire.
60. The way out in the event of fire is ___________.
61. The collection transport and process of managing the disposal of waste is___________.
62. Keep yourself ________ to avoid being electrocuted.
63. The process of removing or neutralizing harmful materials that have gathered on worker or
equipment during a response to chemical incident is called ___________.
64. In food preparation, the PPE is the ________ which gives protection against hazard during
food preparation.
65. That which protects one against burns when taking hot items on top of the stove is the
Directions: Write true if the statement is correct and false if it is wrong.
_____66. Employees should never act on recommended safety measures.
_____67.The provision of OSH Standards by the State is an exercise of the police power.
_____68. Not all establishments, workplaces and other undertakings are covered by the OSH.
_____69. Employer should not act on recommended safety measures.
_____70. Stress often leads to negative physical and psychosocial effects.
_____71. The OSH eliminates or reduces health hazards in the workplace.
_____72. Physical working condition as noise and temperature will not result to stress.
_____73. Workers or employees should assist government agencies in the conduct of safety
and health inspection.
_____74. Personal protective equipment is not a part of health and safety at work.
_____ 75. Adverse health effects are more frequent and severe when exposure occurs during
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