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Argumentative essay

Internet is a blessing/curse to humanity – Argumentative essay
Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that uses a
standard internet protocol to serve billions of users world-wide. In other words,
internet is a network of networks including public, academic, business and
government networks of local or global scope. Nowadays internet is vastly used,
some of the facts say that in UK or USA 4 out of 5 people uses internet on a daily
Although internet is one of the most used tools world-wide, is it a blessing or a
curse to humanity?
The first answer that one might think is that internet is the best thing that ever
happened in history of human kind. People have access to any kind of information
in real time, all they have to do is look for it. At the same time, you can be here,
your best friend can be 3000km away and you are still able to reach him via a video
call or a message. If we look at internet and its value from a social perspective, we
can see how much it helped society recover from wars and depressions, by allowing
a new kind of socializing to become part of how we live. Who would have thought
30 or 40 years ago that there will be a virtual way of being anywhere, with any of
your friends or loved ones, at any moment of your life, for just a press of a button?
Now, let’s look at internet through a different perspective. As previously
mentioned, internet has given all of its users the opportunity to share their
opinions, ideas, thoughts without restriction. In recent years we see an increasing
trend of fake news, opinion changing posts all over social media. Big corporations
as well as political parties and governments make use of social networks to gather
people’s attention and support. It is much easier to influence public opinion today
as most of the people believe what they read, without making sure that the
information found online is reliable. Changing people’s opinion and influencing
their decisions can be and in fact is very problematic for our society.
In conclusion, internet pushed the boundaries of communication to the next level.
Everyday millions of people are using the internet to carry on with their studies,
work or relaxation activities. For the past decades we have witnessed a new
technological revolution. At this time, we have the possibility of connecting all the
human race under the same umbrella – the internet. The opportunities that we
have by being connected one to another and the development level that we can
achieve by using it in the right way are the reasons for which I consider that internet
is a blessing for humanity.
Tudor Ciurezu