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5 Unusual PhD Specialisations You Didn’t Know Existed

5 Unusual PhD Specialisations You Didn’t
Know Existed
Pursuing a PhD degree course refers to creating new knowledge, developing new skills and
discovering new things. The degree is meant for those who aspire for in-depth expertise in a
specific field. With the desire to advance in the knowledge, graduates tend to study until they get
their hard work rewards. Earning a PhD degree provides you with an advantage in personal as
well as professional life. Although PhD is not much needed in the corporate work life, jobs
relating research gives a plus one in the career. Additionally, it will offer you an incredible sense
of fulfilment and respect in your field of specialisation.
Top Offbeat PhD Specialisations
Several PhD disciplines tend to have fewer recruitment opportunities, while some unusual
disciplines have less demand yet provide extensive career options. Undoubtedly, this academic
road can be your golden ticket to a lucrative career.
Here are the lesser-known specialisations of PhD you can consider to get an edge in the career
1. Ph.D. in Parapsychology
In case you feel that human psychology and human interactions are not accountable to the laws
of science, you can consider a PhD in Parapsychology. The discipline of PhD aids the
investigation of paranormal or the ‘psychic’ phenomena. Belief in the supernatural and the
recorded history might interest you. The PhD programme seeks to research these phenomena
visions, beliefs in psychic phenomena, intuitions, survival beyond bodily death, etc. This has
been a foundation for several spiritual philosophies of life.
2. Ph.D. in Packaging
Packaging can save lives. The PhD degree program focuses on the science and technology
behind the packaging. Improvement in the area of packaging indirectly aims to make human
lives better. Consumer products, such as food, require sustainable packaging innovation to
provide a better human experience. Under the program, you shall get a broad education and
knowledge with specialised training in the areas such as Recycling, Environmental impacts of
packaging, Distribution packaging, Packaging in business and marketing, etc.
3. Ph.D. in Wood Science
As its name already suggests, a Ph.D. programme in wood science is a research field focusing on
wood and wood products. An in-depth study of the mechanical, physical, and anatomical wood
features is known as wood science and technology. PhD in wood science includes research on
wood material science, which remains crucial in utilising and manufacturing the wood and its
products. Some of the areas covered under this PhD programme includes Renewable
Construction Materials, Wood Degradation, Wood Adhesives, Forest Products, etc.
4. Ph.D. in International Relations
Scholars’ training to conduct interdisciplinary research across vital global affairs and political
science is taught under a PhD in International Relations. The programme is designed to
provide a combination of hands-on fieldwork and a comprehensive theoretical study of
international relations. A strong emphasis on geo-politics and global events that primarily affect
international relations in the age of globalisation are covered under the PhD programme in
international relations. Under this PhD programme, areas of study can include Area StudiesMiddle East, Energy studies, Peace And Conflict Studies, International Studies, Diplomacy, and
5. Ph.D. in Industrial Hygiene
Ph.D. in Industrial Hygiene is imparted with a focus on transforming the field of occupational
diseases. The PhD programme aims to research injury prevention under several industries such
as the environmental sector and the agricultural sector. Students are prepared to recognise,
assess, and control industrial hygiene hazards to prevent diseases and injuries further.
Accountable to the training, graduates of this Ph.D. programme are deemed ready to contribute
to the entire environmental health.
We have discussed the five most unusual disciplines to consider under a PhD degree. The
primary reasons to consider any of the above disciplines and ditching the conventional academic
discipline is the research and growth required in the fields. Due to less consideration by the
students, these disciplines can fetch great results via extensive research, leading to recognition
and respect.