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Tiger s exam 1 1

1. What is the end goal of using Business Analytics:【improving business performance】
2. Which of the followings is not an example of a rule-of-thumb?【we rely on our CEO’s vision
to promote the next year’s marketing plan.(similar to this, a choice about decision making based
on institution)】
3. examples can be answered by prescriptive analytics: (not very sure about this question. I chose
the choices concerning optimization. Some choices are obviously answered by descriptive
analytics. But 1 of them is like “which customer will the most likely do something ”)
4. FALSE about primary data: 【An example is data available at Kaggle. com】【An example is
the US Dept of Labor Unemployed Data】【It is collected by yourself and someone else’s use】
5. a. data of bath is blank (missing value detected);
b. total sales field is added to the table and its value is calculated by other columns
(Mathematical manipulation)
c. the unit of weight is changed from kilograms to pounds (Mathematical manipulation)
6. a. measuring values using same measurement unit (a chart)
b. values with very different magnitudes (a tables)
7. a. compare numerical data over time (line chart)
b. compare 3 numerical variables with a categorical variables (Bubble chart)
8. Depict multiple numerical variables’ values associated with each value of a categorical variable
by using interconnected lines(parallel coordinates plot)
Compare magnitudes of a numerical variables values across categories of 1 or 2 categorical
variables using color shades, color intensity and trend lines (heat map.)