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Math B

Content Standard
Number with set having 1 to 100 objectives.
Performance Standard
Is able to recognize represent compare and order whole numbers up to 1000 orinal numbers up to 20th
and money up to Php100 in various forms and context
● Reads and writes money in symbols and in words trough Php100
● Visualizing and representing numbers from 0 – 1000 with emphasis on numbers 101 to
1000 using a variety of materials.
● Differentiate the proportional relationship between one, tens and hundred.
● How do you identify the number of each set of objectives from 10 to 100
● How do you visualize number from 0 to 100
● Count it and add to get the correct numbers.
● The adjective terms which are used to order of something are 1st 2nd 3rd 4th and also on.
● Word Problems involving addition using black model approach with regrouping.
● Create Problems Involving addition of whole numbers including money.
● What is the Value of the digit 2 in this numbers.
● 10+ 10+ 1+ 1+ 1= __ 20 + 3 = __
● (3Hundreds + 7tens ) + 8ones = __ 300+ ( 70+ 8) = __
● 50 + 2 + .25= __ 50.00 + 2.00 + 0.25 = __
After I discuss with the student I will do an individual activity like the orinal numbers with the
student so that I know which of them is listening. Then I will play in groups so that everyone can
answer in 3 digits. Here I will know the ability of the student and I know that they will enjoy the
group activities they will do.
● Read and explain to the child the difference between the original and its pronunciation.
● The student must know the meaning of 3 digit hundreds tens and one.
● The student should know the 1st word and difference of one in spelling and pronunciation.
children should know the value digit and place value so they know how to answer what you ask.
●The place of the digit determines its values
What can you see on the boards ( numbers) okay very good these lesson is how yo read the
money and symbols?
● I will give them their homework so that they can study and understand it better and so
that their parents can teach them when they do not know.
● And we will go back to study again to find out what we studied yesterday and after a short
discussion I will answer in front of them the homework I gave them and I will call my groups how
to pronounce their answer correctly to inspire them in their study .
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