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notes quiz rocks

Notes Quiz
Use your notes from Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to complete the
following questions.
1. Which type of rock that we talked about this week is formed from cooled
magma or lava?
2. Which rock would you find fossils in? (hint: fossils would burn up in heat)
3. What theory do scientists believe explains how rocks change, certain
landforms are created, and how a supercontinent can be broken up and
4. What happens to sedimentary rock for it to be changed into a metamorphic
5. Which kind of rock is made from pieces of all kinds of rocks?
6. What kind of landforms can be created from moving tectonic plates?
7. Is aluminum foil a renewable, inexhaustible, or non-renewable resource?
8. Are socks a renewable, non-renewable, or inexhaustible resource?
9. What kind of a resource would a pencil be (renewable, non-renewable, or
10. What kind of rock would you find near a volcano?