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My miseries over time

The human miseries and pains were always there in the history of mankind. Only there nature changed
with the period of time. Today, in the modern world, where material development has crossed all
boundaries man is moaning in pain that has been never before. Today on one hand human civilization
has reached the apex of material development due to techno-scientific progress and on the other,
human society has become a victim of war, terrorism, environmental destruction, population menace,
poverty, food and hunger, illiteracy, over politicisation of human civil society, globalisation,
marketisation, moral decay of human being and consequent psycho- physical diseases. Violence in
various forms has engulfed the modern society today. Every morning the news…show more content…
The process involves empowering people with the skill, attitude, and knowledge to create a safe world
and build a sustainable environment. The philosophy teaches non-violence, love, compassion, and
reverence for all life. Peace Education confronts indirectly the forms of violence that dominate society
by teaching about its causes and providing knowledge of alternatives. Peace education also seeks to
transform the present human condition by changing social structures and patterns of thought that have
created it. Peace education hopes to create in the human consciousness a commitment to the ways of
peace. Just as a doctor learns how to minister to the sick, students in peace education classes learns
how to solve problems caused by violence. Social violence and warfare can be described as a form of
pathology, a disease. Peace education tries to inculcate the students against the evil effects of violence
by teaching skills to manage conflicts non-violently and by creating a desire to seek peaceful resolution