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Writing a letter to a newspaper/ a letter to the editor
This should still be formal letter, but because it is for the public, it should show
your opinion clearly or tell people something interesting or new. It can be direct
and feel quite personal -you can use I, we and you.
Dear Sir,
The Craze for Reality TV
As a student in my early twenties I am part of a key audience for TV channels.
Why then, do I find so little to interest or entertain me? One trend I find
particularly appalling is the increase in ‘reality’ TV programmes such as Survivor,
Big Brother and Fear Factor, to name but a few.
‘Reality’ TV shows involve “real” people performing ridiculous and often
dangerous acts and generally behaving horribly towards each other. These shows
appeal to that part of us which takes pleasure in watching the humiliation of
others and I believe that programme-makers are being irresponsible by
promoting this. It is demeaning to both the participants and the viewers.
Even worse, these programmes are having a negative effect on society,
particularly on young people, who no longer feel any shame at watching or taking
part in this kind of disgraceful behavior.A national survey recently stated that one
in seven British teenagers hopes to become famous by going on a show like this!
The average British adult watches 26 hours of television per week. Reality TV is
not only a waste time, but it is dangerous. I believe it can and will affect our
society, dragging it down into the gutter.
It is time we made a stand made against reality TV, in favor of quality TV. How can
we do it? Start by changing the channels.
Maria Fedora
Paragraph 1
Clear introduction of the topic and the writer’s opinion
Paragraph 2
Main point, with reasons
Paragraph 3
Further point to support main one, with reasons and/or examples
Paragraph 4
Repeats the writer’s opinion and offers a challenge
A title attracts the readers’ attention
Give information about you if relevant.
Use strong Adjective.
Exclamation marks are acceptable to show how you feel.
A challenge to readers can be effective