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Donuts: how to cut out an image and combine it with another for a creative effect.
1. Cut cut tool
2. Tap to show all layers
3. Tap on auto
4. Select the subtract selection tool- zoom in to the pic
5. Now subtract the unwanted pixels in the center of the donut by drawing
over them
6. Tap on refine
7. Press and hold the feather button. Slide up/down to adjust the feathering
level. Then click tick 
8. Tap to hide layer stack.
9. Use two fingers to pinch/resize the donut and then move it into the crocodile’s
Flower and rain: how to apply a look to a photo and then blend it with another
one for an artistic effect.
1. Lets start by selecting looks
2. Lets select the portrait look.
3. Now select the flower and trace the pic that you want to
4. Great! Now lets invert to make the flowers stand out. Then tick 
5. Plus add the layer- image
6. Great! Now lets tap here to change the blend mode.
7. Finally, lets try the multiply blend mode. Then tick done