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8:17 POLS 3090 NOTES

POLS 3090
Blaine amendments:
Cause: Public schools were “defacto” protestant therefore Catholics wanted their own
Proposed State money used for religious schools
Anti-Catholicism was an issue in the early to mid 1900s.
JFK was a Catholic and was outspoken about religion in politics.
Religious divide in America shrank considerably between the 60s-early 2000s. Majority
of Catholics voted for a Methodist in 2004.
Judaism (1-2% population)
o Reform (Very Liberal),
o Conservative (Liberal-ish),
o Orthodox (Strict) - growing
o Geographic concentrations (NY/FL)
o Rapid growth but relatively small and dispreads
Diversity on politics, except for Palestinian cause
o Separatist (they don’t care)
Christian Identity Movement
o Being racist somehow equates to being Christian
Native American Church
Metropolitan Community Churches (Protestant)
o Early sympathizer of the gay community
o Republican leaning majority
o Ostracized by Christians
o Utah 70-80% RED
Jehovah’s Witnesses
o Not involved in politics