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pharmaceutical company case study answers

1. How should Jennifer go about making her decision?
Jennifer should interview with all 3 people she assigned the tasks to. She should ask them
to come up with the estimated costs and benefits analysis report into meeting quoting facts
and figures to support their argument.
She should understand the risks involved in each case.
She should brainstorm with them if they have explored all other/alternate options to address
their issues.
She should keep long term gain also in mind along with short term ones.
She should be open for all the suggestions keeping in mind that maintaining a good
operational flow is also a key to take company ahead along with reducing costs and
growing costs.
She should carefully review the assumptions each project manager has made.
In case of Julie, Jennifer should also evaluate if it’s already too late.
2. What kind of additional data or information should she collect?
Estimated costs and benefits reports with clear facts and figures supporting each case
Risk analysis study associated with each case.
Market study showing how implementing the same case, if applicable, helped other
business competitors.
More information around problem statement associated with each use case with alternate
options to address the issue, even if it’s not the best one so that she can make a good tradeoff if needed.
In case of platform and operational managers, she should ask each manager to come up
with incidents happened in past which directly relate to support their case instead of mere
In case of Julie, Jennifer should ask her to come up with her technical issues with more clarity
and rationale behind the delays. What are the chances of success at this point by hiring a new
scientist? Also the data around her thought that with the current pace, they will fall behind.
3. What exactly should Jennifer require the others to submit in the way of proposals?
1. Detail Problem Statement or Objective
2. Detailed estimated cost benefit analysis
3. Risks analysis report. If they are granted required funds, how much chances of success
they foresee given the other remaining challenges/issues in hand
4. What other options are explored
5. Julie should also include the details of the challenge around technical expertise and more
specific on her plan. How confident she is for the success of the project if she is given the
option to hire new scientist. Is it already too late to invest more in the project?
6. Market Analysis report