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13 Bills under

13 Bills under Duterte's Administration:
RA 10925- extending the franchise of GMA Network
RA 10926- extending the franchise of Smart Communications, Inc.
RA 10927- Anti-money laundering Act of 2001 including casinos
RA 10928- extending the validity of Phil. passport from 5 to 10 years
RA 10929- free internet access in public places
RA 10930- extending the validity of driver's license from 3 to 5 years
RA 10931- free tuition in state universities and colleges
RA 10932- prohibiting medical practitioners from demanding downpayments from patients needing
immediate care
RA 10951- Amended 87-year old Revised Penal Code (highlight: spreading of fake news will be penalized
by imprisonment of 6 months or a fine of 200k)
RA 10952- postponed brgy. and sangguniang kabataan elections from Oct. 23, 2017 to the 2nd Monday
of May 2018
RA 10963- Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN)
RA 10965- General Appropriations Act ( 3.7 trillion for 2018 National Budget)
RA 10966- December 8 as National special non-working holiday ( Feast of Immaculate Concepcion)