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Thanks To You
There are many people who have helped me survive high school. Most of them aren't
here right now, but you guys did also make some important contributions. There are
skills you just can't learn in high school, and you guys were there to prepare me for the
real world.
• [Insert name] Thanks for shoving me out of bed every morning. Sometimes it hurt,
but it was the only way to get me to school on time.
• [Insert name] Thanks for always stocking the cupboards with sugary cereals so I'd
have just enough energy to push through first period and still be able to nap in
study hall.
• [Insert name] Thanks for doing my homework for me in elementary school, I'd
probably still be in second grade if you hadn't built that killer volcano for the
science fair.
• [Insert name] Without you I would have never come up with so many funny
nicknames for my math teacher. All that wordplay really improved my SAT score!
• [Insert name] Without you I wouldn't be able to use a microwave. Now I can head
off to college knowing I'll always be able to eat a warm meal.
• [Insert name] Without you I'd be wearing dirty socks for the rest of my life. Nobody
wants to hang out with a guy wearing smelly socks.
Teachers and friends have taught me a lot over the last 18 years, but you guys are the
ones who really tackled the tough stuff. Thanks to you, I'm ready to get as far away
from you as possible and I head off to college. I hope that was your intention.