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Name: Elias Beltran
Date: 8/11/19
Read through each scenario. Determine which rule or procedure from our Lab Safety Contract is
being broken. Only one rule or procedure will be broken in each scenario.
1. During the lab in class, Carlos realizes his group needs more chemicals for the specimen. Without
asking the teacher, he leaves the room and enters the science prep room and storage areas to
retrieve more materials for his lab.
2. Jane is participating in a dissection lab in anatomy class. After dissecting her specimen, some of the
preserving fluids squirt into her eye. Her lab partners tell her to use the eye wash fountains to rinse
her eye out; however, she does not know where the eyewash fountains are located.
3. Mark is in the middle of dissecting a cow heart. It is 2nd Block and he is dying of hunger! He decides
to cut off a piece of the specimen and chew on that until lunch starts.
4. It’s the first lab in anatomy class and Harry just cannot control his excitement. Without waiting for
instructions, Harry begins to gather his materials, grabs his scalpel and works without supervision.
Harry messes up the specimen before the lab begins and his group fails their lab guide because they
do not know what they are looking at. Harry is no longer allowed to participate in the lab and is sent
across the hall to do book work.
5. Joel is using his scalpel to dissect a frog in anatomy class. His friend across the room asks if they can
borrow his scalpel for a second. Joel walks over to his friends group carrying his scalpel with the
sharp edge pointing upward. As he is walking Joel accidentally hits a chair leg and falls. The sharp
edge from the scalpel cuts him as he is falling.
6. After dissecting a cat, Laurie sits waiting for the bell to ring to lunch. She does not put away her
equipment or specimens as instructed. In fact, she does not even wash her hands after the lab. For
lunch she has a sandwich which tastes somewhat like a dissected cat.
7. Joel is again dissecting a frog in anatomy class. He has his dissecting tray all set up and is ready to
get started. As he is carrying his track back to his group’s work area he begins talking to a friend and
carelessly walking around the room. He hits another desk and his specimen and dissecting tray fly
everywhere. Joel and his group spend the rest of the lab cleaning up the mess.
8. Jalen and Jacob and in a group together dissecting a frog in the teacher’s class. Jalen and Jacob goof
off all the time in class and today is no exception. Jalen taunts Jacob, and Jacob playfully shoves
Jalen. Jalen loses his balance and falls backwards onto the neighboring group’s specimen. The
specimen flies into their air, Jalen gets covered in dissecting chemicals and the neighboring group
accidentally cuts themselves with their scalpel. Jalen and Jacob are no longer allowed to participate
in labs again in the class.
9. Brent is in 1st Block and he skipped breakfast today. He decides to have a bagel in his backpack and
he will eat it during class when the teacher is not looking. Today in class he is dissecting a pig. After
one bite of his bagel, all he can taste is the chemical preserves from the dissecting tray.
10. Sophie decides that she is going to be a doctor one day – in fact, a surgeon – in fact, a brain surgeon
(or neurosurgeon). She does not need to be following the teacher’s directions or the lab procedures
because she knows she is smarter and more advanced than this entire class. Despite her group
asking her not too, Sophie begins to dissect the cow heart without following instructions. She
accidentally slices right through the main artery in the heart and ruins the lab for her group.
Sophie breaks rule 2 because she did something without a supervisor a and also didn’t wait until the
teacher let her use the material.
11. Claire comes to her lab dissection dressed in a skirt, a really baggy shirt, and flip-flops and with her
long hair let down. While she is working in her group, Joel bumps on the table and knocks her
scalpel off the table. The scalpel falls on Claire’s foot and cuts her. When Claire bends down to make
sure her foot is okay, her hair and baggy shirt get caught in the specimen tray. For the rest of the
day, Claire smells like preserving fluids.
Clair broke rule 7 by wearing flip flops and not having her long hair tied down.
12. In order to make sure the correct chemical is being used, Ben smells the specimen tray. Instead of
using his hand to waft the vapors toward his nose, he sticks his face as close as he can to the tray
and takes a big whiff of the tray. He feels dizzy and his nose burns for the rest of the day.
Ben broke rule 9 since he was not instructed to smell anything and took a big whiff of the chemical.
13. Liz comes to class with her cheerleading bag, her backpack, and a purse. On the day of dissection,
her group moves around their desks and she can no longer fit all of her bags neatly and comfortably
under her desk. So she decides to leave one of the bags next to her desk and not under her desk.
Five minutes into class, Joel bumps into her bag and falls.
Liz is breaking rule 15 by not being able to find a safe a secure place to put her belongings.
14. Rachel wants to look as pretty as possible all the time and so there is no way she will be caught
wearing these nerdy protective eye goggles or this hideous apron. So, Rachel decides to not put on
her safety equipment. She continues through her lab without any problems until Joel accidentally
knocks into her table. The specimen tray goes flying. Luckily Rachel dodges the scalpel but the
preserving fluid gets in her eyes and all over her clothes. No one thinks she looks pretty now.
Rachel is breaking rule number 5 since she wants to look so pretty and not wear her safety
15. Harry decides he wants to continue doing his dissection lab at home. When it is time to clean up, he
stuffs the frog and scalpel into his backpack. The next day the teacher gets a call from Harry’s
parents asking why their son had a frog and knife at home. The teacher has to report the incident
and Harry faces severe consequences from the administration at the school.
16. What is the consequence of not following the lab rules and procedures?
The consequences that come when not following rules will result in removal of laboratory
17. Why is it dangerous to not follow the lab rules and procedures?
It is dangerous to not follow lab rules and procedures because it could lead to accidents or
someone possibly getting hurt
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