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Avigilon Advantages and disadvantages

Avigilon CCTV Advantages and disadvantages
Advantages :
1. Easy setup .
2. Client software is elegant and esay to use for end suers.
3. HDSM (High Definition stream management ) is the intelligent
management of storage and bandwidth , helps to maximze image
details with minimum bandwitdth .
4. Avigilon has easy and reliable analytics solutions .
Disadvantages :
1. Avigilon has some fairly big disadvantages as well , for a company
that strongly pushes analytics the lack of analytics on around half
of their camera line is an oversight , including some fairly popular
models .
2. Where the setup of avigilon camera is easy , it lacks
troubleshooting features which essentially forces you to contact
supporters .
3. Avigilon apparently always uses RTP\UDP with none of the many
options to troubleshoot that other companies have .
4. Avigilon does not have a comprehnsive report , so if you are trying
to decument any custom rules or alarms you will find it so
frustrating .
Report by : Diyaa Hashash
Date : 7\2\2012