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Saturday, 4th February 2013.
Dear diary,
A week ago, I wrote an analytical essay on my perspectives on how my culture
and the culture in the context of So Long A Letter cooperate and compete with the
western culture, and how it can be presented through style, purpose and context of
the text. Yesterday, I received a handful of letters from students who shared their
different opinions on my essay and just finished reading the last of them.
Some of the students wrote that, there is no such thing as perspective when it
comes to cooperation and competition. I was shocked after reading those
statements because personally, I think everyone has their own perspective on a
situation and it can be different or the same as someone else’s own. If everyone
had the same perspective, there would be no diversity. Other students thanked me
for my work and told me it helped them understand the fact that everyone has
different perspectives when it comes to competition and cooperation. I was happy
that my work was able help people and to show them that different people have
different perspectives.
In the future, I hope to write a much better analytical essay which makes it
clear to the general public that perspectives of competition and cooperation can be
different from person to person.