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All your endeavors will take time. You are afraid of losing progress, but the only solution
is consistency and dedication. You don’t have to get it right the first time, or the second,
or at all for that matter, but as long as you are trying your best, that is all you need.
I know you focus a lot about what others think of you, and it causes you major pain. There is
only one solution. DON’T CARE ANYMORE. Their opinions mean nothing. You can’t keep
denying yourself a chance to live if you are focusing on other people. Imagine how much time
you can spend being focused in the now when you aren’t worrying about how people perceive
Now into why you think people judge you:
1. Your appearance.
- As for your face, there isn’t much you can do. If people are genuine, they will look past
your looks. Who cares if people don’t like the way you look, they don’t concern you in
any way. That’s all there really is to say for that. Be nice to yourself and don’t put
yourself down.
2. Your personality.
- Sure, there is a little tweaking you can do here and there but overall there isn’t much you
can change. Make do. You got it.
Personal Goals:
- Complete things on or ahead of time. Stop being so last minute for everything.
- Get classwork done. Thoroughly and on time.
- Hang out with people. Ba a source of light. Be you.
- Develop hobbies and skills. Stuff to feel good about.
- Eat healthy and drink your water boy.
- Meditate and create positive calming environments. (Lights and Candles!!!!)
- Speak in an articulate manner. Very clear and concise. Don’t talk if you don’t need to.
- Exercise. Haha that’s all there is to it.
- Clean up after yourself. Right away! Don’t wait.
- Be more patient and mindful. Not everything is irritating or needs to be faced
aggressively. Kind thoughts.
I am very proud of you and how far you have come. You are such a beautiful boy that deserves
the world. Never forget who you are and never lose sight of your goals. You are a dream that
came to light. Never fade. Always strong and bold. As god and your family intended. All my