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Santiago, Franz Andrei R. DE Essay

My name is Franz Andrei Robles Santiago. I am 19 years old
and I was born on Queen Mary Cardona, Rizal at January 3
2001. I am currently living with my family in 94 Trabajo St.
Baras, Rizal. My hobbies or what I love to do is playing games
with my friends, studying with them and most especially
bonding with my love ones.
The things that I expect in Differential Equations. First, I
expect to learn how to characterize order, degree, linearity
and type of some equations that are given to me. Second, I
expect to learn how to solve different differential equations.
Also, to learn how to apply all of these differential equations
to my upcoming engineering problems. Lastly is to learn on
how to be a better and efficient problem solver in the future.
It will be related to our mission, vision, goals and college in
the way of being able to easily solve engineering problems
that will be given to me when I become a successful
mechanical engineer. Also, to have better insight on what I
will do in the future as a mechanical engineer and for me to
be nurtured the knowledge on how to do things the right way
in the future as a successful mechanical engineering.