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2.3 use of ict in advertising

Uses of ICT in Advertising
Advertising is used by many companies and
organizations to promote their products or services.
They have to pay a lot of money to advertising
companies for the service. A variety of media are
used for advertising, including billboards, cinema
advertising, flyers, magazines, newspapers, posters,
radio, the sides of buses, television programmes,
video games and the worldwide web.
Many of these can be considered to be ICT media.
Even those that are not considered to be directly ICT
media such as magazines and newspapers also have
versions available on the Internet and in that sense
can be considered to be ICT media. Others such as
flyers and posters are produced using ICT..
Types of Advertising
Types of
Product Advertising
 Product advertising is all about advertising one item: it
might be a specific model of car, but not the whole range of
cars the company sells.
 Whether the product is a soft drink, a chocolate bar, a
computer or a car, the principles are the same. The target
audience is identified and an advertising campaign that will
appeal to that type of audience is created. The media is
decided upon. This can be one medium such as newspaper
advertising or a mixture of, say, television. newspaper and
Internet advertising.
 For example, if a new soft drink is being produced and it is
felt that the drink will appeal more to younger children than
teenagers or adults, the approach becomes clear:
advertising in children's comics and on children's television
Business Advertising
 In order for a business to become well known so that it can
make money it needs to advertise itself. Unlike product
advertising, where only a single item is being advertised,
business advertising seeks to make the company name
 As for product advertising, the company needs to identify
the type of customer that it wants to attract. For example, if
it sells shoes that are mainly aimed at the wealthy, then it
will want to advertise itself as an upmarket company. II will
therefore advertise in magazines and newspapers read by
the richer end of society.
Service Advertising
 The service industry involves, as its name implies, services rather than goods
being provided to the customer.
 Examples of service industries are:
• insurance
• government
• tourism
• banking
• education
• social services.
 The approach to advertising services is much the same as advertising businesses.
 However, some profit-making organizations will be prepared to spend a lot of
money on advertising in order to increase their profits.
 In contrast, government, social services and some aspects of education are not
profit-making and may spend just sufficient money on advertising so that people
are aware of their existence. These public services tend to advertise on the
television if they need to reach the whole population, whereas profit –making
service providers tend to use a variety of advertising media .
Methods of Advertising
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