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CHC 2D Culminating Assignment

CHC 2D Culminating Assignment
Top 5 Men, Women, Events and Technologies
In Canadian History
This is your final assignment for the year. It is due on Wednesday January 23rd,
at the beginning of class. This assignment is worth 15% of your final term mark.
Since it is a final assignment, it is considered equal to an exam. Therefore, any
assignment not handed in at the beginning of class will receive a mark of 0, and
result in you failing the class.
My Top Five List.
Canada in the 20th century experienced many changes and events that
have led to the development of the society that we have today. But, what
key events and people were the most influential during the 20th century?
This activity is designed to give you the opportunity to decide what were
the most important events or who were the most important people in the
last century
You will create a top 5 list that will relate to the Top 5 Canadian Men, Top 5
Canadian Women, Top 5 Canadian Technologies or the Top 5 Events in
Canadian history, over the past 100 years in your opinion.
The events will be listed in ascending order with #1 first, and then going all the
way down to #5.
For each choice you will select a good picture to download or photocopy and then
make a three to four sentence explanation of why each choice is one of the very
most important people or events in the development of Canada in the last 100
years. Be sure to include a date or time frame of the event.
You will then put this information together on a piece of poster paper, in a
scrapbook, a power point presentation or in newspaper format, along with a neat
Remember, you are being judged on the quality of your selections. Make sure
the people an/or events you have selected are ones that have had a major impact
on Canada or the lives of Canadians. Are your final selections better than all the
other possible choices you have investigated?
An evaluation Rubric will follow.