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AJ-162 Weekly Checklist

Miramar College
Criminal Investigation (Administration of Justice - 162)
My AJ-162 Weekly Things To Do (TTD) Checklist
 Login to Canvas at least once (http://sdccd.instructure.com/)
 Check the “Announcements” Link
 Check the Syllabus for Assignments
o Read the assigned Chapter
o Take any required Exams (There are 2 - a Mid-Term and Final)
Check the “Discussions” Link - Make 3 posts total during the week
o Research and make a substantive post about the Discussion Point
o Post two substantive replies (one each for two other students)
 (NOT Mandatory - Optional only!)
o Join the Office Hour Zoom (Mondays at 3pm for the first 10 weeks) or E-mail any
questions to Professor Mensior
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