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Topic 1 - As a student, what do you do to keep fit and stay
Keeping fit and staying healthy is everyone's concern, and I am no exception.
Healthy and fit people become less prone to medical conditions. Also, it will
make us stronger and more durable. Therefore, we need to learn how to do that.
Firstly, you have to know that fitness does not mean to physically fit only, it
also means with the healthy mental state of the person. So, before you prepare for
an exercise or a balanced diet, you must have fun. Having fun will make your
brain relax, then your body can rest after a long day.
Secondly, doing exercise is the easiest way to remain healthy and fit. It is
possible to do, you can walk in the park in the morning or do some cardio at
home, maybe you had better go to the gymnasium to do some exercises.
And lastly, as soon as a workout, all of you want to do for getting fit and trim
is a balanced diet. A balanced diet gives you all nutritions which are necessary
for your health. With a scientific diet, your weight would be under control.
Topic 2- Talk about the benefits or drawbacks Facebook
Nowadays, Social Network is an indispensable part of our life. And
Facebook is one of the most popular applications in the world. Although there
are some drawbacks to Facebook, I still use this because of its benefits.
For me, the biggest benefit of Facebook is the availability of getting
knowledge. Facebook's users often post their practical experience, another user
can learn something from that post. I was amazed at the information on
Facebook. There is so much helpful knowledge to learn. Maybe, you can join a
group about the study to find the motivation or share your learning.
Besides getting knowledge, contact with somebody is a great effect on
Facebook, too. My most obvious perception of it is in the Coronavirus outbreak.
At that time, I had to stay at home, but I still connected with my friend on
Facebook. What a useful app! Furthermore, you can contact everyone in the
world on Facebook.
Also, Facebook can help you relax. Call friends, watch films, read the news,
etc. are functions Facebook gives you.
Facebook still has drawbacks, but with its benefits, you should use this app.
Topic3- Talk about the advantages of Information Technology
in our lives
Information Technology has greatly improved the way we get many advantages.
People can now get more useful things from IT, get it more quickly, and get it
more conveniently.
Firstly, an amazing amount of Information Technology is available through
the Internet. Consequently, every database and knowledge is applicable to people
around the world, without the distance.
Secondly, one of the advantages of IT is communication. Instant messaging
and photo and video sharing have never been so easy. People haven't needed to
write a letter and waited for months to receive the replication since the
smartphone appeared. Therefore, our life becomes more modern.
And lastly, the entertainment industry has been extremely improved due to
technology. Games, films, music are developing with the best assistance. People
nowadays have so much choice of fun to relax.
You can see, with information technology, there are so many advantages,
besides my opinion. Like GPS and mapping and social media and AI. Nothing
could be challenging because we have IT.
That is my opinion about the advantages of information technology in our life.
Topic 4- How would you try to persuade a person not to smoke
Smoking is not good for health, everyone knows that. It's so dangerous but
someone still smokes like a chimney. Smoking will be out of control if we do not
have suitable solutions to prevent this situation. So today, I will try to persuade a
person not to smoke by my arguments.
Firstly, smoking has many dangers. If someone uses tobacco for a few years,
maybe they will have lots of diseases, like lung cancer, pneumonia, stroke.
Furthermore, your central nervous system would be destroyed by nicotine. About
eight million people died of lung cancer every year. And it's increasing day by
day. So why are you still light on tobacco?
Secondly, smoking is not only toxic for the smokers but also it affects their
families too. If a father smokes before his children, they could get the illness. It
will be worse if that man smokes in public. Do you want to make somebody hurt
just because of your habit?
And last but not least, I want to tell you that: There are many good habits to
do. Stop smoking and think for yourself! You can make your life better. Tobacco,
cigarettes, vape, nicotine, let them out of your mind and change your life right
now! I know you can, and I sure that you could be the best version of yourself,
trust me
Stop V-ing: dừng làm gì (dừng hẳn)
Stop to V: dừng lại để làm việc gì
Remember/forget/regret to V: nhớ/quên/tiếc sẽ phải làm gì (ở hiện tại – tương
Remember/forget/regret V-ing: nhớ/quên/tiếc đã làm gì (ở quá khứ)
Try to V: cố gắng làm gì
Try V-ing: thử làm gì
Topic 5- talk about the charity activities in your school
Charity is essential because of its effects on the community. It assists people at
times of need in any part of the world, especially those who are the victims of
war, natural disaster, orphans, and poverty. Therefore, Charity activities should
be established in the school for students.
Last month, some provinces of central Vietnam, like Quảng Bình, Huế were
affected by the storm and the flood. So, my school decided to set up a charity
activity to donate money and useful things. Students have donated funds and
gathered many textbooks and clothes for the victims of that natural disease. After
that activity, we all felt blessed and joyful.
We also organized a charity show to donate money. Each class had to prepare
a dance performance or a drama to perform for fundraising. We didn't receive lots
of money, but we still felt thankful.
Because of these charity activities, We could help someone, who is in a
disadvantaged situation. I hope our schools can organize more activities like
Topic 6- School Violence has been happening more often
and more seriously among students. Express your opinion
about this.
School violence is one of the serious problems nowadays because of
harmful effects on forming human-beings characteristics. Sadly, this issue is
becoming more and more serious. It happens not only in male but also in
females, not only among students but also between students and teachers.
According to the definition, school violence could be described to be
physical attacks between students or by students on teachers, which could occur
on the way to school, at school, or relate to school. This problem includes
sexual violence, bullying, fighting, and more
And we all know the consequence of school violence. The victims could be
increased incidences of depression, anxiety, and suicide. They will feel unsafe,
stressed, and lonely all the time.
Thus, we are wondering ' what are the reasons for school violence?' Most
educators and researchers would agree that this issue begins from a layering of
causes, including cyber abuse, media violence, family environments,
community, and more.
Because of the effects and the reasons for school violence, we should
prevent this problem. School relationships must be developed, teachers need to
talk with their students to understand them. But the most important factor is the
student's awareness themselves, they should know which way is good, which is
bad to choose for their life.
Topic 7- Talk about a traditional festival in Viet Nam
If someone asks me about a traditional festival in Vietnam, I will definitely talk
about the Tet holiday, which is also known as the Lunar New Year holiday. It is
the oldest and biggest festival in Vietnam.
Tet marks the beginning of a new year. Tet is usually celebrated between late
January and early February. It mostly goes on for 3 days: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of
January Lunar calendar.
Before Tet, people decorate their houses with bonsais, buy new clothes for
children, and make traditional food like giò, xôi, bánh chưng. And somebody who
works far from home will go back to join for the holiday. Therefore, Tet is an
occasion for a family reunion.
During Tet, People often go to their relatives' and friends' homes to wish them
good luck, success, and health. And also, on this occasion children can get lucky
money from their elder, so I think they always look forward to Tet. Besides, some
families would go to pagodas or temples to worship the ancestor and wish for a
better year.
Tet has been becoming an indispensable holiday for thousands of years in
Vietnam. Because of Tet, people can express gratefulness to their parents and
enjoy happiness when they gather together. I am so thankful because Tet was in
Topic 8- Ao Dai, the traditional dress of VietNam, is one of
the symbols of VietNam. Talk about this.
Every country has its traditional clothes. Ao Dai is known as traditional
Vietnamese clothes, especially for women. When one hears about Vietnam, the
word “Ao Dai” will most probably be mentioned.
Ao Dai had created hundreds of years ago since the Nguyen Dynasty
required that both men and women should wear an outfit of pants and gown.
Until 1930 Ao Dai took a similar shape to what it is right now.
Through time, the shape of the Ao Dai has changed a lot. Nowadays, Ao
Dai is a long-sleeved tunic with ankle-length panels at front and back, worn
over trousers. It can be designed with colors and symbols such as flowers,
nature, and stripes. Unlike the Ao Dai for women, Ao Dai for men did not
change much, and it is rarely worn by younger generations. So, it is the reason
why Ao Dai is more popular for women.
Ao Dai is women's favorite dress in traditional festivities or special
occasions. Also, Ao Dai is the symbol of a high school student. Moreover,
Being said that Vietnamese Dresses helped to promote Vietnam's image around
the world.
The role of Ao Dai is so meaningful in Vietnamese culture. It's not just a
costume but a glorious culture, an expression of the identity of Vietnam.
Topic- What useful things help us combat the Coronavirus
at the time of Coronavirus outbreak?
----------------------Topic- Natural disasters ( flood,..)