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Dissertation Topics: Top 10 Original Ideas For Your MBA Management

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Today's Discussion
Top MBA Project Ideas
Identifying the best research topic is one of the challenging parts of research. In all
research field, there are numerous, research topic found which are not defined in
detail even though the researchers discovered it before a long time. You can
choose a particular research topic by consulting supervisors and mentor who had
experience in the specific research field. Topic selection process always takes a
lot of time; don’t stress out yourself if that takes an extended period, and if you got
any negative feedback from person revising your work.
Practical learning experience gained in the form of the
project is the best part about MBA study, and it will
enhance your learning practice.
It may be an individual or group project from where you
can learn case study analysis, how to select the best
project topic, team coordination and time management (by
completing project within a particular time).
This blog Provide you with a set of unique project topic
and help choosing dissertation topic ideas that you can
use in your MBA program across Marketing, finance,
Analytics, Operations, etc.,
Provide you with some of the dissertation topics help in the
management and offer you with dissertation topics help in
education, to select the best topic for your research work.
1. An analysis and study of sustainable business models.
Across the country about internet startups business.
Internet startup tends to transform business scale, for
example, cashless transactions, at the same time many of
them experience heavy loss because of unsuitable
business models, and they find difficult to sustain in the
field for a long period.
2. An analysis of risk management and portfolio management of stakeholders in the
equity segment, which carry extraordinary risk, examine how investors manage this
type of risk?
Portfolio management is also essential and used by investors to overcome losses
and boost their gains.
3. Study on current capital management at extraordinary cash burn startups in the
foodstuff tech space.
Working capital is an essential need which meets the daily requirement.
Investing food tech space startups where there is a lot of cash burn occurs, and
how they manage and do with working capital management.
4. Influence of GST over the fast-moving customer goods sector across the country.
The bill has a massive influence on many sectors which includes Goods and
Services tax.
What has been the impression of GST in the FMCG sector, which is one of the
biggest consumer-oriented sectors in the nation?
5. Study of banking and financial sector employee satisfaction level.
It is a crucial sector where lakhs of employees work, in a stressful environment, and
the work is always tedious.
Examine the satisfaction level of the employee in the particular sector, help to
improve and can suggest some strategies if need.
6. An analysis of welfare schemes provided by the various private organization.
Across different part of the nation.
For example, Hindustan Unilever is one of India’s famous and largest brand in the
FMCG sector.
They place hundreds of employee, and they are known for their employee-friendly
policies & welfare schemes.
If you have difficulty with MBA dissertation topics in strategic management, you can
get help from experts who has experience in the particular research field.
7. A Study on employee training needs in various business sectors.
For example, Analyzing employee training needs in the banking sector, SBI is one
of India’s largest bank where lots of employees are placed and trained at a regular
basis, analyzing what strategies they apply for employee training needs?
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8. A study on NPA- Non-performing asset.
In banking and financial sectors throughout the nation.
India is one of the countries which has the highest NPA ratio across the world, and
it may increase in future may be at the end of the current financial year.
Which contributed to this and a comparative situation among Indian banking and
financial institutions?
9. An analysis of financial statements.
Top private bank sectors offer them for the past ten years.
For example, ICICI is one of the top private banks in India, what does the statement
study for the last five years explains, about the organization and its performance?
10. Analysis of customer behavioural pattern, in the FMCG sector like toothpaste or
some other product popularly used across the nation.
For example, Colgate is one of the famous and popularly used toothpaste brands in
India and some other countries of the world, Patanjali is a recent challenger
examine about the challenges they faced.
Analysis of the customer behavioural patter driven by this toothpaste category.
Topic selection process takes a lot of time; don’t stress out
yourself if that takes an extended period, and if you got
any negative feedback from person revising your work.
No one gets it right at the first attempt, and you won’t be
an exclusion, which means if that happens to you, keep in
mind that it is entirely normal.
You can consult online master dissertation topics help in
Information technology, master dissertation topic help in
economics providers to get the best topic for your
research proposal.
That’s why it is strongly recommended that you start your
dissertation with lots of time in advance.
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