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PE HOD Brainstorm Goals and Changes

1. GOAL – VISION – MISSION of PK-12 PHE Program at SAS Pudong.
2. Spiraled Curriculum
a. What the health? - Standards, Outcomes, Expectations?
3. Unpacking and understanding the curriculum – What are you supposed to be teaching?
4. Year Plan for all levels
a. Overview of topic/lesson progression
b. Outcomes being met
5. Inventory list for all levels
a. Template to maintain consistency
b. Each level complete, then merge for a school wide sharable doc.
6. K – 12 Collaboration opportunities – HS help with Kindy swimming,, CNY games (Feb 5,8,9),
Summer sizzler, etc.
7. MS Fitness Room
a. Purpose for student learning?
8. Fitness Testing
a. Address the issue regarding such practices
b. Not all MS Teachers are doing it
c. Appropriateness of any fitness testing, especially Eagle 1 and Eagle 2
9. Report Card change
a. How do we report out at each level and are there better ways or practices we can
b. Does a report card change for PE at Pudong mean that the same change must be
implemented at Puxi?
10. PE Staff Uniform (I.e collared golf shirt)
a. Men
b. Women
11. PE Student Uniform – Consistency within divisions
a. ES - No uniform needed
b. MS
c. HS
12. Action Based meetings (game share)
a. Format and approach for each meeting
b. Clear expectations in advance
13. Conceptual Understanding Posters (Common Terminology)
14. Facilities Delegation and use
a. All facilities need to be looked at as K – 12 and not specific to each division
15. K – 12 Order all on one spreadsheet (END OF YEAR MEETING OR BEGINNING OF NEXT YEAR)
16. Swimming Curriculum
a. Goals and Objectives
b. What are we assessing?
c. Leveled swimming lesson program? Aesthetic presentation class? Water Polo? Etc.
d. What is the role of the PE Teacher during the swimming unit? Is the role different at
each divisional level?
e. Consistency of lesson delivery to all classes at the same grade level to ensure
consistency in reporting
Swimming participation and info letter and consequences (what are they
a. For exemptions what is the alternative to swim?
b. Use the same parent info letter at all levels for consistency and have letter translated to
Use PE_DEPARTMENT_PUDONG when sending ALL PE emails to ensure everyone receives the
same information.
CISSA Coordinator (PE Only) and Upper ES inclusion
ES Jamborees
Cross Campus visit (I.e swimming)
a. Professional Learning Opportunities (Cross campus observations and collaboration)
Class sizes and sections
a. Are they Appropriate and effective at each level
i. HS – 26+???
ii. MS – 22 ish
iii. ES - 18