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Personal Reflection #2
29 September 2020
Personal Reflection #2
Currently, I am almost a month into my college career and I am still attempting to settle
in. The workload of many classes is starting to increase, and the free time that I have is fairly
limited. My sleep schedule has already declined and I am starting to have doubts about my
future. Many articles and forums that I have read claim that having these feelings throughout
your first year of college is normal. In a way, I do believe that to be true, but my main goal is to
overcome those negative thoughts and prosper within my classes. As I look back at my first
reflection on studying for this course, I believe that many of the ideas said still hold true. There
are still certain matters that I am working towards addressing better such as asking for help when
it is needed and collaborating with classmates. I also think that attending more office hours will
be beneficial to my success in the end. Honestly, I cannot hide and act like online college
learning is not taking a toll on me either. Having school online just actively makes it more
difficult to ask questions, collaborate with classmates, and even learn certain materials.
Nevertheless, I know I am not the only one struggling with classes online, so I still need to
attempt to notice the silver linings in our current situation.
There are many places where improvement is possible for me within this course. The last
two quizzes have taught me a decent amount as to what is required to achieve a desirable score.
One point I have noticed is that time moves fast during quizzes and I should be prepared for that.
This should not cause me to start rushing as I have in the past. Instead, I just need to remain calm
and allow myself time to critically think each problem through to completion. Another area I can
improve on is using further aids like chemistry tutors and attending office hours. This is where I
can ask questions to receive advice and further instructions as to how to attack certain problems.
Furthermore, this could potentially help me with increasing my network with individuals that can
potentially assist me later on in life. Lastly, in order to have a strong semester, the time I spend
studying should increase. Additionally, this time allocated to chemistry should be uninterrupted
to ensure that I remain focused while attempting to complete any work. Going forward, I must
not hesitate to ask for help when needed, work with others, study more, and remain focused.