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sol elem progresstest 1

Progress Test
Unit 1
1 Complete the sentences with the correct present simple affirmative form of the verbs
in the box.
get up
1 My friends _______ to school by bus.
2 My dad _______ football on television every Saturday.
3 My parents _______ at 7.30 a.m.
4 My mum _______ The Simpsons!
5 I _______ to music after school every day.
6 Jenny _______ medicine at university.
7 My brother _______ a big car.
Mark: ___ /7
2 Complete the sentences with the correct present simple affirmative or negative form
of the verbs in brackets.
1 I like football but I _______ (like) basketball.
2 On Saturdays I _______ (get up) early. I stay in bed!
3 I don’t go to school by bus. I _______ (walk).
4 My brother _______ (listen) to rock music. He hates it.
5 My sister _______ (like) sport. She thinks it’s boring.
6 My classmates _______ (work) hard. The teacher is very good.
7 My cousin lives in France and he _______ (speak) French.
Mark: ___ /7
3 Complete the sentences with the correct verbs in the present simple.
I (1) g______ u______ every morning at 7.00 a.m. After breakfast I (2) g______ to school.
My mum (3) d______ me in the car. My brother, Tim, (4) d______ go to school. He’s a
baby. My mum (5) s______ at home with Tim. She (6) d______ g______ to work.
Mark: ___ /6
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Solutions Elementary tests
Progress Test
Unit 1
3 Complete the sentences with the correct words.
1 I have two _______, football and sailing.
A hobbys
C hobby’s
B hobbies
2 My _______ works in London. He’s very rich!
A aunt
B grandmother
C uncle
3 I go _______ every weekend.
A football
B school
C shopping
4 My friend’s _______ is two years old.
A daughter
B wife
C father
5 This is my _______ bike.
A sisters
B sister’s C sisters’
Mark: ___ /5
4 Complete the sentences with the words in the box.
cook go
1 We _______ to the supermarket on Fridays.
2 My parents _______ us to school after breakfast.
3 My mum doesn’t _______ dinner at the weekend. My dad does.
4 I _______ the washing on Sunday morning.
5 My brother doesn’t _______ his room.
Mark: ___ /5
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Solutions Elementary tests
Progress Test
Unit 1
5 [1.01]Listen to the radio interview. Complete the sentences with the correct names
in the box.
Anna Dave
1 _______ thinks the shops are expensive.
2 _______ likes the cafés.
3 _______ plays the piano.
4 _______ is related to one of the speakers.
5 _______ uses the bus.
Mark: ___ /10
6 Read the text.
Best friends
Beth and Gemma are cousins and they’re the same age. They are also best friends. They
live in the same town and they are in the same class at school. But the girls are very,
very different! Beth loves sports and she swims every day. She gets up at 5.00 a.m. and
goes swimming before school. Then, after school she goes to the gym and swims again!
At the weekend she goes to different towns with her swimming team for competitions.
On Sundays she stays at home and does her homework.
Gemma hates sports! She stays in bed every morning until 8.30 a.m. and at the
weekend she stays in bed until 12.00! Gemma’s hobbies are shopping and parties! She
goes shopping in town every Saturday afternoon with her friends and goes to a party
on Friday nights. She goes to bed very late after the party! On Sundays she visits her
brother and his wife. They have a baby and Gemma likes to play with her. Sometimes
Gemma doesn’t do her homework and Beth helps her.
‘We’re very different and I don’t see Gemma often out of school, but we’re still best
friends! We text and phone a lot,’ says Beth.
So, there is one thing they BOTH like to do. Talk!
7 Are the sentences true or false?
1 Beth and Gemma have the same grandmother. ____
2 Beth goes swimming before and after school. ____
3 Gemma gets up early on Saturdays. ____
4 Beth goes shopping with Gemma at the weekend. ____
5 Gemma has a young niece. ____
Mark: ___ /10
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Solutions Elementary tests
Progress Test
Unit 1
8 Imagine you have moved with your family to a different town. Write a short letter to a
friend at your old school. Use the writing guide to help you.
Paragraph 1: Ask how your friend is. Say where you are.
Paragraph 2: Write something about your new town or city.
Paragraph 3: Say something about your days and your weekends.
Mark: ___ /10
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Total: __ /60
Solutions Elementary tests