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Dark Seduction
The Dark Truth About
Seduction And How To Use
It To Get What You Want
From Love, Sex,
Relationships And
By Michael Pace
Copyright 2016 by Make Profits
Easy LLC
Table of Contents
Introduction: Welcome To The
Dark Side
Chapter 1: The Dark Difference
Chapter 2: A Seductive Science,
An Attractive Art
Chapter 3: The Seducer’s
Chapter 4: Inner & Outer
Chapter 5: The Approach
Chapter 6: Creating Emotional
Chapter 7: Evil Verbal Energy
Chapter 8: Mirror Of Madness
Chapter 9: Time Distorted
Chapter 10: Seductive Shadows
Chapter 11: Reward and
Chapter 12: The Thin Line
Between Temptation and Fear
Chapter 13: Demonic Sexual
Chapter 14: The Disappearing
Chapter 15: Spiritual Seducers
Chapter 16: The Impact
Chapter 17: The End Of The
Introduction: Welcome
To The Dark Side
One of the topics of eternal human
interest is seduction and the way in
which people attempt to interact
with and influence one another.
Most people will stumble through
life blindly attempting to find
someone they love, care about, or at
least want to have sex with, without
truly considering the process by
which attraction and seduction
Hidden out of sight of the
mainstream is a broad community
of men and women who have made
it their life's’ work to decode the
secrets of seductive success. They
have done this from the perspective
of wanting to go far down the rabbit
hole, no matter if where they end
up is darker than their worst
Do you think human beings are
inherently good? Do you think
romance is real and the picture of
love presented to you in movies is
the real deal? If so, you are in for a
The masters of seduction have
found out that, while it is indeed a
beautiful art form, it is a darkly
beautiful one. There is nothing
sugarcoated about the process by
which men and women attempt to
exert influence on one another in
order to gain pleasure and control.
What follows is a no-holds-barred
look into the truth behind
seduction. The book pulls no
punches in its exploration of the
inner and outer aspects of the dark
seductive science.
This book explores not only what
exactly is meant by the dark side of
seduction as an abstract concept,
but also looks at the type of people
who engage in its practice, and what
their motives are.
Beyond that, the book explores the
specific principles underpinning
dark seduction, the way they are
applied, and how these ideas and
concepts are related to the world of
empirically proven psychological
You can read this book in a variety
of ways. You might just be curious
to get the dark perspective on what
seduction looks like. If this is your
interest, then by all means read on.
Just don’t expect everything to be
roses. In fact, dark seduction isn’t
always pretty, but it is always darkly
You may be one of the countless
people who have been hurt by
someone carrying out seduction
techniques. If so, you can consider
this book your insider’s guide to
future protection. Never again will
the secret world of seducers be off
limits to you - after all, you are
about to embark upon a discovery
of its secrets.
Finally, and this most probably is
you I’m talking about, this book is
intended for those who wish to
learn powerful seduction
techniques to bring more sexual
choice into their own life. If so, read
on. You are sure to discover many
things that work well - sometimes
too well, as you will later see.
No matter what your perspective
before reading, be sure to read on
with an open mind. This book
promises to tell nothing but the
truth, the dark truth and nothing
but the truth.
This is your chance to solve one of
life’s great mysteries - the secret of
Read on - if you dare.
Chapter 1: The Dark
This book delves deep into the truth
behind seduction, desire and
interpersonal relationships. There
is no escaping the fact that the
information you are about to take
in may shock, surprise and even
offend you. The truth can be painful
- especially if it goes against deeply
held beliefs that have been with you
for a long time. There’s no escaping
the fact that it is better to face the
world for how it truly is rather than
live in a false deception. So before
we begin, you need to be able to
separate truth from falsehood.
This chapter aims to provide a
contrast between the false
influences of mainstream society
and culture which leave people with
a distorted perspective on how
seduction works. Some of the main
sources of misinformation will be
explored and explained, as will the
biggest myths that they create. The
chapter will finish with an outline
of the truth of seduction - just the
dark, bittersweet truth of how
things really are, once the layers of
illusion have been stripped away.
What You Know Is A Lie
From childhood, people are
subjected to a wide range of
influences that distort their
viewpoint of seduction and the
dynamics at work in interpersonal
relationships. It is impossible to
avoid being influenced by the world
around us and the viewpoints and
opinions that we are exposed to.
There are several sources of
misinformation which lead to
people having a wrong viewpoint
with regards to seduction and how
it takes place.
Perhaps the most pervasive
influence on the common
perception of seduction is
Hollywood and TV shows. From a
young age children are raised on a
diet of media which leads them to
believe in a heavily unrealistic and
distorted view of love and sex.
Disney movies paint love and
relationships to be a special,
magical adventure between two
people who are meant to be
together. This may sound like a
trivial influence but is far from it.
In reality, the model of psychology,
seduction and romance that
children are force fed through TV
shows and movies has a deep
impact on their behavior and
expectations in later life.
As children, we are deeply trusting
of those we perceive to be in
authority, such as our parents,
teachers and older relatives.
Naturally, few parents or older
figures are likely to reveal the dark
and disturbing truth that love is
painful, people cheat and sex can
drive people to go against their
most deeply held moral convictions.
Instead, through good intentions,
parents and society seek to protect
children from the dark reality of
what seduction is and what it truly
entails. When this false perspective
is coupled with the influence from
the media already described,
children begin to psychologically
triangulate a perspective on life
which simply isn’t there in reality.
Religion and cultural norms can be
another way in which people grow
up with a false perspective on love,
relationships and the forces that
drive them. For example, children
in many religious traditions are
presented with the viewpoint that
sex is immoral and wrong and
something to be ashamed of. They
may be taught that sexual desire is
a negative thing which must be
suppressed and hidden at all costs.
This can inevitably lead to deep
conflicts between people
experiencing their natural desires
as human beings and find they go
against everything they have been
told to believe.
How many times has a supposedly
religious figure been shown to
behave sexually immorally behind
closed doors? How many right wing
politicians who talk about family
values and the wrongness of
homosexuality have been shown to
be living in a way which violates
their public principles? These are
all signs of the problems which can
occur when people have a distorted
view of sex, seduction and desire.
Another key influence that keeps
people ignorant as to the true
nature of desire and sexuality is the
fact that the truth hurts. Consider
how much more difficult it is to
believe in a world where someone
you have opened up your heart and
soul to is able to brutally cheat on
you and lie to you behind your back,
as opposed to a world in which love
lasts forever and everyone has a
perfect soul mate that is exactly
right for them. Of course it is easier
to buy into the false, romanticized
notion of love and interpersonal
relationships - especially when
there are so many influences that
make the false viewpoint seem
One of the final factors holding us
back from being able to accurately
understand seduction is our own
cognitive bias. We all assume that
our minds can be trusted to tell us
the truth. We are wrong. In fact, our
brains often work against us, and
present things to us in a way which
does not best serve our deepest
interests. So what are some of the
main distortions that hold people
back from truly understanding
First of all, a lot of people will only
be able to perceive occurrences in
light of their own preconceptions.
Let’s imagine a person who has a
romanticized view of the world.
They may see a couple at dinner
and assume they are enjoying an
emotionally intimate meal - one of
many experienced through years of
heartfelt love. In fact, both people
could be cheating on their spouses,
enjoying an illicit weekend of drug
fueled infidelity. Our brain often
holds us back from being able to see
things as they really are, however.
Protection of our ego is another way
in which people fail to see the world
of seduction in a true light. Let’s
imagine someone cheats on you.
Often, to protect yourself from hurt,
you will blame the other person
entirely. You will see them as
immoral, perhaps even evil. You
may strongly feel that ‘that’s just
who they are’. In reality, you may
be the cause. Maybe you are
unfulfilling sexually. Maybe you
have let your own appearance and
sense of self respect dissipate over
time. Maybe the other person never
really cared about you. Protecting
our fragile egos from pain is one of
the main ways in which we hold
ourselves back from seeing things
as they are.
If you are reading this book to put it
to use, as more than just an
interesting way to spend some time,
then feel free to think and reflect
upon the influences that have led to
you not seeing the truth. Do you
have a religious or cultural bias
which holds you back from being
honest with yourself? Do you overly
trust in the viewpoints on love, sex
and relationships that have been
shown to you in the media?
Whatever the truth is, don’t be
scared to face it. It is always better
to play by the real rules than to lose
every time.
The Main Myths
Love Is Scarce
Perhaps the most harmful myth
holding people back from the truth
of dark seduction is that which
states that romantic partners are
scarce and there are a limited
number of people who are right for
us or available to us. At its most
harmless, this myth causes people
to settle for unhappy relationships
through fear of being alone. At its
most deadly, this myth can inspire
people to kill or commit suicide as a
result of losing someone they care
In reality, there are over 7 billion
people on the planet. Whatever
qualities you found in one person,
you can find in another. Everyone is
replaceable. The most harmful
thing a person can do is get too
caught up on any one individual.
This is a recipe for utter ruin. Think
how many lives have been lost
through jealousy and a falsely
scarce outlook over the years. Free
yourself from this illusion before it
destroys you.
Men Want Sex, Women Don’t
This myth runs very deep indeed. It
is perhaps so prevalent due to the
wide range of sources in which it
comes from. Think about the
double standard that is present in
society - a man who has a lot of sex
is often seen as praiseworthy while
a woman who has the same amount
is seen as immoral or somehow
blameworthy. The impact of this
myth is many women feel guilty
and as if they must act outwardly in
a way which confirms the social
stereotypes, when in actual fact
they experience an inner reality rich
in desire and sensuality.
The rich sexuality of women can be
easily believed, even at a simple,
physiological level. Women are in
possession of the only organ in the
human body which is devoted
entirely to pleasure and are capable
of experiencing continual, repeated
orgasm. If anything, women are the
gender most designed to enjoy and
make the most of sexual pleasure.
Money Is Seduction
This is one of the biggest myths
holding men back from
experiencing a rich and varied
seductive life. Thanks once more to
Hollywood and the corporate world
of marketing, it is often seen as the
man’s role to ‘buy’ sex and affection
through being a provider. The
conventional model of reality for a
lot of people involves showering a
woman with gifts and paying for
dates until she is eventually willing
to have sex with him.
A lot of men are astounded and
even offended when they find out
that, in reality, women are willing
to sleep with anyone who is able to
take action and arouse the right
emotional states in them. Attraction
is not logical. Letting outer
circumstance hold you back from
pursuing the people you truly want
to seduce is one of the major
roadblocks to personal success
within the sphere of dating and
Everyone Has a Type
This myth is a common excuse.
How many times have you heard
someone say ‘I’m not his/her type’
or ‘they are out of my league’.
People often talk themselves out of
getting the people they want
romantically due to a false belief
that the person they want wouldn’t
want them due to some external
Some people may in fact have a
preference or a habit. This does not
mean they only have a narrow type
and won’t consider anyone outside
of it. Almost everyone has the
experience of feeling attraction for
someone you did not expect to.
Holding yourself back from
pursuing whoever you want is a
method of self sabotage which lets
you stay inside your comfort zone.
If I had x then I could get y
This myth is another example of
people making excuses in order to
hold themselves back from being
hurt or having to risk their pride or
ego in the course of their seductive
pursuits. Some of the most
common examples of ‘if I had x,
then I could get y’ include being a
different weight, having a different
occupation, a different sense of
style, a newer type of watch or a
more modern car. All of these are
absolutely ludicrous. You need to
distinguish between seduction and
long term relationships. Being able
to excite and intrigue a seduction
target is all that is needed to seduce
them. They are not going to judge
you on superficial nonsense.
Cultural Differences Are Concrete
Many people legitimately believe
that the driving forces behind
seduction and desire magically vary
from culture to culture. This is far
from the case. At a basic level,
human beings are identical. We
have the same physical needs and
the same biological makeup. It is
true that there may be differences
in the cultural norms of the dating
and seduction process - but these
are superficial differences in detail.
At the core of the matter is one
inescapable fact - no matter where
people are from, they experience
the same desires and feelings as
each other. We all have a strong
biological urge to reproduce. We all
experience physical and
psychological arousal in response to
certain triggers. Forgetting this fact
will limit you from having the
richest wealth of dating possibilities
You Are Good At Seduction Or
You’re Not
If you read this book with the aim
of improving your own seductive
skill, then this is the absolute most
important myth to shatter. Unless
you believe that seduction is a
skillset that can be improved like
any other, you will never allow
yourself to get better within this
crucial aspect of life. Too many
people labor under the
misconception that seduction is
some type of innate talent that
people are either born with or not.
In reality, seduction is far from
fixed. People can be more or less
likely to do well at seduction
without trying - even this is usually
due to being around good
influences growing up. The fact of
the matter is that no matter what
your starting point, there is always
a way of getting better. For the total
newcomer, striking up the courage
to ask an attractive stranger for
directions can be a massive win. For
advanced seducers, learning how to
engage in same night threesomes
with the most physically attractive
people in a nightclub may be their
aim. The point is that seduction is a
skillset and a process and one
which people can get better at
through effort.
The Dark Truth
You now know some of the main
sources of misinformation that
have shaped your incorrect
viewpoint of seduction and dating
and some of the major myths they
have caused. So if most people’s
view of seduction is false, what
exactly is the dark truth?
The core tenets of ‘dark seduction’
as a concept are as follows. People
are motivated by a mixture of
psychological and physical desires.
These often go against the motives
for behavior that are shown in mass
media and through social influence.
There is no escaping the fact that
the things people are attracted to,
and the reasons for being attracted
to them, upset many. If a person is
willing to take an uncompromising,
fearless look into what really, truly
drives seduction and interpersonal
interaction, that person gains a
massive advantage over their rivals
in the realm of seduction.
Subsequent chapters of this book
explore the concept of dark
seduction in rich, elaborate detail.
For now, consider the following
basic concepts The Dark Seducer
Seduction, as an activity, is hard to
separate from the people who are
engaged in it. One way of
understanding dark seduction is by
looking at the person who carries it
out - the dark seducer.
A dark seducer is someone who is
willing to do whatever is needed to
attain their desires within the realm
of romance, relationships and sex.
They are interested in what works
more than what ‘should work’. They
have committed to seeing things for
how they are and not how they
should be. A dark seducer
understands that seduction is a
skillset, often an unpalatable one,
and they are willing to commit to
bettering their understanding and
ability within this area of life.
The Seductive Process
Dark seduction understands the
process by which attraction, desire
and chemistry occur. There is no
‘magic’, ‘fate’ or ‘love’ involved.
Instead, there are only desires,
triggers and responses. Needs and
ways of meeting needs. Certain
actions and words to be deployed at
certain times.
A hallmark of someone with dark
seduction knowledge is being able
to breakdown the true nature of any
interpersonal reaction. Just as an
advanced scientist understands the
world in a deep, minute way which
the average person does not, a dark
seduction expert is able to analyze
and explain the dynamics which are
at play in any interpersonal
The Darkly Seductive Intention
Dark seduction can be seen as
different from the mainstream
perspective from its intention - or at
least the honesty of its intention.
Someone practicing dark seduction
is truly honest with themselves
about how they feel and what they
want. For example, many people
may justify being with someone
they are not especially attracted to
because of their ‘great personality’.
A dark seducer may instead
understand and accept they are with
someone in order to ‘have the upper
hand’. The intention of dark
seduction is to see things as they
really are and accept them without
The Outcome
Perhaps the key point of
differentiation for dark and
‘normal’ seduction is in the
outcome. Someone who knows the
principles and practices of dark
seduction is able to get what they
want effectively out of any romantic
interaction while protecting
themselves from the desires and
intentions of others. Someone
familiar with dark seduction is
ensuring they will never be in a
place of scarcity or experience a
feeling of desperation.
The Path Ahead
You now have a basic
understanding of what makes dark
seduction different from what you
have been taught before. Read on to
gain an advanced understanding of
every element of dark seduction
imaginable. Whether you want to
put the ideas into practice in your
own life, protect yourself from
others, or simply gain a fascinating
insight you never knew existed,
don’t turn back. The information
that awaits you is life changing one way or the other.
Chapter 2: A Seductive
Science, An Attractive
One of the key areas of interest for
people improving their knowledge
of dark seduction is whether it is an
art form or a science. In truth, it is
both. Like many creative pursuits,
there are a series of principles
which underpin dark seduction these can be thought of as the
scientific element. The way in
which they are applied and used in
real world situations is very much
an art form.
In this chapter you will learn which
aspects of dark seduction pertain to
its eternal principles and which are
more properly considered an art
form. You will learn some of the
key principles behind dark
seduction and why exactly they are
so powerful. Without stating
needless levels of scientific detail,
the chapter will briefly touch upon
some of the scientifically proven
concepts and ideas which make
dark seduction so uniquely
powerful. The importance of being
flexible in your application of the
ideas - very much an artistic
element of seduction - will be
elaborated upon. Finally, the art of
dark seduction will be likened to
plastic surgery - insofar as the best
art in this area has not been visibly
created at all, as it is so subtle.
Eternal Principles, Endless
Dark seduction is like any other art
form - although it has endless
variations of creative application,
there are eternal, fixed concepts
which underpin it. Take visual art,
as an example. Although the
creation of such art, whether in the
form of photographs or paintings, is
often seen as a purely creative act of
inspiration, artists will always use
consistent concepts such as depth,
lighting etc in a way which can be
more likely seen as a science. So
what are some of the consistent
principles which underpin dark
Never Need
One fundamental concept to
success within the area of dark
seduction is non-neediness. It is
vital to always be the person who is
relied upon rather than the person
who is reliant on someone else.
There is nothing more attractive
than someone who is entirely self-
sufficient and who does not depend
on anything or anyone outside of
their self for their satisfaction and
happiness. This actually goes
against a more mainstream view of
romance and seduction.
Think about the classic viewpoint of
a smitten lover. Such a person
views romance as being completely
involved with someone else,
constantly thinking about that
person, craving them and desiring
them. In actual fact, such behavior
ends up repelling people of the
opposite sex. If you are willing to
ask some open and honest
questions of the people around you
then you will soon see this is the
If you ask people why they ended
some of their relationships or
romantic encounters over the
course of their lifetime you are
likely to come across at least a few
people who state that it was due to
the other person becoming needy,
clingy or wanting more from them
than they were willing to provide.
People falsely buy into the
stereotype put forward by the media
and advertising that to be attracted
to someone is to be addicted to
them. In reality, there is no faster
way to lose someone than to
become too attached to them.
No Big Deal
One consistent characteristic of a
dark seducer is the ability to keep
everything in perspective and see
nothing as a big deal. The most
experienced dark seducers have
almost a zen like calm where
nothing, either positive or negative,
is able to fundamentally change
their mood and emotion. The best
dark seducers who have
internalized the concepts presented
in this book, and have endless
reference experiences of applying
them, are able to take anything,
extremely positive or extremely
negative, with almost a shrug of the
shoulders and a calm way of just
carrying on.
How many people do you know who
have let a bad outcome within the
area of romance or seduction
impact them on a serious level? So
many people have become
depressed, even suicidal, when
romance does not go as they want it
to. Just spend a few minutes
browsing through the news media
and you will come across countless
tales of people who have been
driven to utter desperation,
including murder, to avoid losing
the person they had feelings for.
The ability to accept and not react
strongly to things transcends the
areas of romance and seduction
alone. Dark seducers will find that
the skills they develop within the
area of seduction and success with
sex translate into almost every area
of their life. They are able to calmly
move through life, getting what
they need from it, and not reacting
strongly to whatever happens to
come their way.
Charismatic Confidence
Confidence is a core trait which
runs through the heart of dark
seduction. This is not confidence in
the normal sense of the word. Some
people have a ‘quiet confidence’
about them, others are
‘situationally confident’ and some
people are ‘excessively confident’.
None of these are the type of
confidence held and used to
devastating effect by dark seducers charismatic core confidence. So
what exactly is this and how does it
help in the pursuit of seduction?
To be charismatically confident is to
have confidence in a way which is
appealing and attractive to others.
People who are delusionally,
excessively self-confident often
come across as bragging and are not
attractive as a result. People whose
confidence comes and goes are not
reliably seductive - they cannot
achieve consistent results as they
are unsure as to when their
confidence will fail them and when
it will serve them. Some people may
have some type of internal
confidence but be unable to
translate it outward into their
speech, action and decision making.
So what does a charismatic dark
seducer’s core confidence look like?
Basically, the feeling of core
confidence experienced by the best
seducers is one which does not
depend on anything happening in
their life at the time - it is simply
who they are. They are as confident
with a million dollars in their
pocket as they are with none. They
are as confident wearing simple
gym clothes as they are in a custom
made Armani outfit. Time and time
again studies have shown that one
of the most key factors in being
attractive is to be confident. Dark
seducers take this to a level which
is experienced by few other people.
The confidence experienced by dark
seducers borders on Machiavellian one of the infamous Dark Triad
personality traits which studies
have shown to be incredibly
attractive for evolutionary reasons.
Some dark seducers are out and out
Machiavellian, even sociopathic,
while others simply have a slight
side of these traits to their
personality without fully embracing
them. Many people are shocked by
the fact that behavior and thought
patterns categorized as
psychologically deficient are
attractive - but that is the truth of
the matter.
Self Love
Narcissism is one of the other Dark
Triad personality traits which have
been shown to be incredibly
attractive - and this personality
aspect most often manifests within
a dark seducer as ‘self love’. What
exactly is meant by self love?
An effective dark seducer is able to
hold a positive viewpoint of who
they are, and the actions they carry
out, no matter what. No matter
what they do, however much it may
seem like a mistake or some other
bad choice of action to others, they
manage to see the positive side of
things and think well about
themselves as a result. The result of
this ability is that the dark seducer
never feels bad or in need of
validation or approval from others.
So what is the end product of this
process of self love?
Because a dark seducer loves their
own self more than they love
anything or anyone else, the dark
seducer is always able to put their
own interests first. They will never
act in a way which puts anyone
ahead of themselves. They are
incapable of caring deeply about
anything other than what they want
to get out of life. As a result of this,
they are able to make choices and
decisions which always further
their own interests. They never
allow the pursuit of romance or
seduction to compromise what they
want to get out of life.
Dark seduction is a discipline which
produces resilience on both a small
scale and a large scale level.
Because of the preceding concepts
that have been described, a dark
seducer does not see anything as
overly important. Such a person is
able to see seduction, and life itself,
as one giant game. As a result of
this the dark seducer never
succumbs to the pressure of life,
because ultimately, they do not feel
any. To the dark seducer, nothing
ultimately matters, and therefore
nothing is able to impact them on a
deep level.
This resilience is almost related to
nihilism. Because ultimately dark
seducers feel and know that
nothing matters, they are able to
withstand almost anything.
Whereas regular people become
emotionally invested in various
people and situations, the dark
seducer is able to operate in an
environment and from a
perspective of detached aloofness.
Whatever happens, happens. The
dark seducer is able to nonchalantly
remain ready and waiting to exploit
the next opportunity that presents
itself to them.
Dark Flexibility
Now that we have explored some of
the core ‘scientific’ aspects of dark
seduction, we will turn our
attention to the concept that the
application of the principles is more
of an art form. The key reason why
dark seducers are artists as much as
they are scientists is due to their
ability to tolerate ambiguity and
apply the experience and ability
they have in a deeply creative way.
This flexible, creative application
largely consists of two main aspects
- the ability to treat situations
uniquely, and the ability to apply
different tactics and techniques to
get the same result.
First, let’s look at how a dark
seducer is able to artistically apply
some of the key ‘scientific’ concepts
differently in different situations. If
you read mainstream literature
related to seduction, romance and
sex, you will often come across
ridiculous generalizations. For
example, how many times do
Cosmopolitan articles, and other
similar mainstream media, offer
advice related to ‘10 things all men’
or other banal generalities? This is
why dark seducers are different they know there is no ‘man’ or
‘woman’ that responds universally
to the same things. Just as an artist
knows that different woods must be
crafted differently from each other,
a dark seducer knows that their
seductive targets must be treated
uniquely, rather than in a general
Through experience, a dark seducer
will be able to choose a course of
action that is likely to work for the
person they are interacting with,
rather than just choosing a course
of action with no thought to the
person it is being applied to. This
may be a mixture of intuition
stemming from experience or the
ability to ‘test’ different verbal and
physical techniques and ascertain
which is being responded to at any
given time. Dark seducers are
Machiavellian in the sense they
know there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’
way - only what works and what
doesn’t work.
The second main way in which the
application of the principles behind
dark seduction is more ‘art’ than
‘science’ is due to the fact that a
dark seducer knows multiple
courses of action can produce the
same, desired results. For example,
a dark seducer may need to spike
their target’s interest at the start of
an interaction. A question phrased
in a certain tone could achieve this
aim, as could a statement. This
realization that any words or
actions aren’t important in and of
themselves is a key point of
difference between dark seducers
and most seducers. Dark seducers
know that what is said and done is
irrelevant - all that matters is the
impact it has.
The Art of Invisibility
The final meditation offered in this
chapter as to how dark seduction
relates to art and science is a
similarity that the discipline shares
with other high level art forms.
When you look at an amazing piece
of art - no matter what type - it is
not obvious how it has been
created. It exists as a cohesive
entity, an amazing whole, rather
than some obviously constructed
thing. Dark seduction is the same.
When done properly, it seems
effortless, natural and like nothing
is taking place.
The best dark seducers are able to
get what they want out of an
interaction without the person they
have been interacting with knowing
anything has taken place. This is
possible due to the subtle nature of
dark seduction. Skilled dark
seducers know that their tone of
voice, the intensity of their eyes at
any given time, the pauses they
leave between syllables of words -
all of these tiny details add up to
have a profound effect. As a result,
dark seducers do not leave a trace.
They are stealthy and hard to
Chapter 3: The
Seducer’s Motive
As briefly touched upon in an
earlier chapter, one of the key
aspects setting dark seduction apart
from more mainstream viewpoints
is the motive of the people engaged
in the process. This chapter will
delve deeper into the range of
motives and perspectives
underpinning the darkly seductive
mind. Not all dark seducers are the
same - but all dark seducers are
different from regular people. We
will now look into some of the
reasons why people pursue dark
seduction and how they are
different from the majority of
human beings.
Unconventional or Unwell?
One of the main questions many
people have when encountering the
topic of dark seduction for the first
time is whether dark seducers are
operating outside of the
mainstream or whether they are
simply mentally ill. In truth, both
possibilities exist. Some dark
seducers would fit the criteria for a
range of psychiatric disorders,
including sociopathy, narcissism or
being hypersexual. Other dark
seducers do not have the
characteristics of these types of
disorders in all areas of their life rather they just make use of the
workable aspects of such disorders
to get what they want out of their
seductive life.
Think about it this way. Not all dark
seducers are sociopaths, and not all
sociopaths are dark seducers. For
any given personality or psychiatric
disorder that has some overlap with
dark seduction, picture a venn
diagram. On one side we have dark
seducers, on the other the disorder,
and in the middle an area of
overlap. The extent to which an
individual dark seducer will exhibit
traits of various personality
disorders differs on a case by case
basis. It is therefore lazy and
stereotypical to tar all dark seducers
with the same brush. Instead of
seeking to label broadly, it is better
to analyze and understand on a
smaller scale basis.
One important facet of this aspect
of dark seduction is the fact that
what is considered a disorder
changes from time to time. For
example, homosexuality was
officially considered a mental
disorder for a long period of time -
now it is not. Therefore, labeling a
dark seducer as hypersexual or
sociopathic, and doing so in a way
which aims to present them as
deficient or negatively abnormal,
may well be a mistake. It is far
better to try and understand what
works about dark seduction rather
than trying to interpret it through
the lens of mainstream labels and
One Game, Many Prizes
Now that we have established that
psychological patterns of behavior
drive some dark seducers and not
others, what are the wider range of
motives that underpin the dark
seductive quest? What is it that
motivates and inspires people to
learn a skillset that often separates
them apart from the mainstream
norms and acceptable patterns of
behavior of many societies? Let’s
take a look.
The following motives and
inspirations for dark seduction
shouldn’t be considered as mutually
exclusive. Life isn’t that simple.
One person isn’t motivated ‘only by
sex’ and another ‘only by power’.
Most people have a complex mix of
motivations and inspirations that
can coexist and coincide at any one
time. Some dark seducers may be
motivated largely by sexual
pleasure, while also having a
secondary motivation stemming
from the exercise of power. Other
dark seducers may be motivated
almost entirely by power on one
occasion, and may be motivated
almost entirely by sex on another.
Motivations are many and they may
dominate or dissipate at different
With that being said, let’s delve into
the range of drives and aims dark
seducers have.
Sexual pleasure is a core drive
behind dark seduction. We live in a
society where the satisfaction of
sexual desire is perhaps easier than
ever. Anyone can watch
pornographic content on their
smartphone or laptop at any given
time. Such material has even
crossed into the mainstream
through works such as 50 Shades of
Grey and other similar erotic
phenomenon. So in a sexually
abundant world, how can sex
motivate people to pursue dark
Dark seducers can be said to be
connoisseurs of sexual pleasure.
While most people may set their
sights low, and be content with
access to pornography or
uninspired sex with a partner they
are not especially attracted to, dark
seducers aren’t willing to settle for
such low spoils. Dark seducers
know there is an infinite variety of
people in the world who can provide
an infinite range of opportunity for
sexual variety and pleasure. With
this in mind, dark seducers know
that they must take extraordinary
measures to experience
extraordinary enjoyment. To
experience the satisfaction of an
incredible sex life, dark seducers
know they must take incredible
action to attain it.
Aside from sex, the simple thrill
and interest of advanced level
human interaction is a key motive
for some dark seducers. Almost
everyone is motivated by the ability
to influence people to one extent or
another. Some people pride
themselves in being able to make
people laugh, and in bringing a
smile to people’s faces. Other
people prefer to be obeyed and
respected. Dark seducers also desire
human influence - but they happen
to crave influence at the highest
level. A dark seducer’s art form lies
in forging a connection with
someone to the extent that they are
able to gain their deepest level of
trust and intimacy.
A dark seducer can be thought of in
terms of being what a mountain
climber is to a regular exerciser.
Most people are content to perhaps
fall in love and get married once or
twice in their lifetime, just as most
people are satisfied by moderate
exercise. The odd gym session here
and there - a game of frisbee,
perhaps. Dark seducers are the
equivalent of people who want to
climb the world’s toughest
mountains and do so again and
again. They want to experience the
toughest challenges related to
interpersonal influence and
seduction again and again - and
triumph continually.
The growth motive also underpins
dark seduction for many seducers.
Because most mainstream thinkers
think of seduction or romance in
terms of slushy, ill defined notions
such as fate, love or even magic,
they don’t see it as an area which
someone can grow and progress in.
Dark seducers, on the other hand,
are aware that seduction is a
skillset. Like any other skillset, dark
seduction offers the opportunity of
growth and improvement. Many
dark seducers are therefore
motivated by the desire to see ‘how
good they can get’. This competitive
drive, against their own efforts, or
the efforts of others, is what keeps
many seducers doing what they do
on a long-term basis.
The desire for adventure and
experience is what keeps many dark
seducers in the game. If you have
experienced the thrill of meeting
someone of the highest standards
of physical beauty and taking them
home on the same night, such an
exciting experience can make other
ways of spending time seem boring
in comparison. This excitement and
variety is one of the ways in which
dark seduction can become
addictive. Having experienced the
thrill of the game, many dark
seducers are unable to let go of the
feelings they go through. One taste
is not enough - dark seducers crave
more and more.
Night and Day
You now know the relationship
between dark seducers and
personality, and the way in which
various overlapping motives may
provide a complex mix of drive and
addiction for dark seducers. Let’s
now hammer home the difference
between the motives of dark
seducers and the motives of most
people - because the difference is as
night is to day.
Many people are motivated to
attempt seduction by shallow,
superficial motives such as to feel
validated as a person, to feel a
purpose in their life or to feel as if
they are worth something. These
motives are antithetical for a dark
seducer. As stated in the previous
chapter, a dark seducer meets all of
their basic needs, such as those for
esteem, self-worth and purpose
within themselves - they are not in
need of anyone else. The first key
difference is that many regular
people attempt seduction and
relationships to fill a need they
have. Dark seducers, on the other
hand, already have met all of their
own needs. They therefore don’t
need to play the game - they choose
to through enjoyment.
Consider the following metaphor.
Imagine two people gambling at a
casino alongside one another. The
first is desperately trying to win -
they need to win money in order to
afford to eat. The second has plenty
of money and can easily afford to
lose whatever they are staking.
They are simply playing for the
thrill of the game.
The first person will be attached to
the outcome of the game and likely
to feel a sense of desperation and
emotion. A loss will devastate them
while a win will elate them. The
second person is able to carry out
their moves from a detached
perspective of intellect rather than
emotion. Whatever happens,
happens. They need nothing from
the game and ultimately don’t care
about its outcome - only the act of
The second key point of difference
is in terms of identity. Dark
seducers tend to have an incredibly
strong concept of self. They are not
defined by the world around them
or what happens to be popular or
trendy at the time. They are
certainly not defined by anyone else
in their life. Dark seducers will
never think of their conquests in
terms of ‘my other half’ or ‘my
soulmate’ or ‘the missing piece in
my life’. Dark seducers do not take
particular pride in being a
boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or
wife - they know these are only
labels. Their interaction with the
opposite sex is merely something
they do rather than something that
they are.
Mainstream people, on the other
hand, will often identify so strongly
with their relationships, and the
people they interact with, that they
allow their identity to become
entirely caught up in such
distinctions. Instead of realizing
that the person they have sex with
is separate from themselves, they
become egoically merged with
them. They don’t have any healthy
psychological boundaries - indeed
their lack of psychological
independence makes them weak
and vulnerable to change.
The final, and perhaps most
important, night and day distinction
between dark seducers and
mainstream seducers is the ability
of dark seducers to have a
Machiavellian detachment from
what they do and the morality or
praiseworthiness of it. Whereas a
mainstream person engaged in
romance may think in terms of ‘the
right way to treat someone’, a dark
seducer will think only with regards
to ‘the effective way to treat
someone’. There is no moral
dimension to the thought of a dark
seducer - only a ruthlessly efficient
focus on effect and outcome.
Chapter 4: Inner &
Outer Darkness
Rather than viewing dark seduction
as a concept which exists in its
entirety, it is better to understand it
through a basic distinction - inner
and outer seduction. Any given
aspect of seduction and the pursuit
of success in this area of life can be
seen as either ‘inner’ or ‘outer’.
Roughly speaking, when done well,
dark seduction is the expression of
an internal state conveyed through
external words and actions.
This chapter will explore exactly
which aspects of dark seduction fall
into the categories of ‘inner’ and
‘outer’. You will see that it is not
possible to have one aspect without
the other if you want to be truly
effective within the area of dark
seduction. Ways of developing
various aspects of both inner and
outer seduction will be presented.
This chapter is essential reading
regardless of whether your
motivation is to improve your own
seductive abilities or to better
understand the seductive efforts of
others. Knowledge of the duality
existing between inner and outer
seduction is an advanced level of
knowledge that separates you from
the vast majority of people’s
understanding of this area of life.
As you read this chapter, and the
rest of this book, keep in mind the
following formula which precisely
specifies what dark seduction is ‘Dark seduction is the outwards
expression of inner state’.
Inner Dark Seduction
Let’s now explore the core aspects
which make up the inner aspect of
dark seduction. The depth each
aspect is treated with here depends
upon whether it is covered more
comprehensively elsewhere in the
Values are the internal compass by
which people make decisions. For
example, the type of career a person
chooses to pursue is often
influenced largely by their values.
For example, if someone values
patriotism, they may look towards a
role in which they are able to make
a positive contribution towards
their country at some national level,
such as serving in the armed forces
or trying to make a role through
politics. If someone values financial
wealth then they are likely to
pursue a career which offers high
financial returns at the expense of
other aspects, such as a work/life
balance, for example.
Values play a large role in the inner
makeup of dark seduction. For
example, someone who pursues the
path of dark seduction has chosen
to value getting what they want out
of life and living a life of sexual
abundance over a life of conformity
and playing by the rules encouraged
to them by the mainstream way of
The values of dark seduction differ
slightly depending on the individual
in question, but largely consist of
sexual freedom, moral
independence and nonconformity.
Dark seducers tend to value results
over the methods that get them although many dark seducers are as
in love with the process of
seduction as they are with the
results it produces.
Beliefs are almost the specific way
in which values manifest in a
person’s life. For example, if
someone holds the value of sexual
freedom, then they may have the
belief that investing time in
meeting new potential sex partners
is a worthwhile use of time.
Someone who has successfully
achieved many of their aims within
the world of seduction may have
the belief that they are able to get
the seduction targets they desire.
One aspect of belief which holds
many people back from achieving
what they want within the field of
seduction and romance is known as
‘limiting belief’. A limiting belief is
any viewpoint which holds people
back from pursuing what they really
want. It is easier to illustrate the
concept of limiting belief through
the provision of an example.
Imagine someone who is standing
in a bar. They spot someone they
are attracted to. Their attraction is
not a conscious choice - it is an
automatic response. Such a person
is likely to respond to their initial
feeling of attraction with an
internal debate. Should they go and
attempt to initiate an interaction
with the person they have seen, or
should they stay within their
comfort zone and not approach
them? A person’s beliefs, be they
limiting or otherwise, come into
play here.
Someone with a limiting belief, or
several, will find every reason not to
pursue the person they want. Some
of the typical limiting beliefs that
prevent success in seduction
include ‘that person would never go
for someone like me’, ‘I’ve been
rejected before so I’ll be rejected
again’ or ‘someone like that will
definitely already be in a
A dark seducer, on the other hand,
is likely to have empowering beliefs
that allow them to pursue what it is
they desire. For example, someone
with experience in seduction will
believe that the pain of inaction is
worse than the pain of rejection.
Seducers may believe that nothing
bad can happen by approaching but
not approaching is in and of itself a
bad act. The beliefs held by a dark
seducer empower them and enable
them to experience success on their
journey through the world of
So how does a dark seducer develop
empowering beliefs?
Reference Experiences
Reference experiences, as their
name suggests, are the experiences
we have had in our lives that we
refer back to when forming our
beliefs and making our decisions.
For example, someone who believes
that they will get rejected if they
talk to someone they are attracted
to in public may feel this way
because they have a small number
of experiences in this happening, or
no experience in taking this action
at all, so their mind imagines the
A dark seducer, on the other hand,
will have a series of experiences to
refer back to which show they are
capable of experiencing success and
pleasure when attempting to seduce
a stranger. In order to effectively
form reference experiences,
concrete effort is required on the
part of the seducer. The individual
must consciously and deliberately
seek out the type of experiences
that will empower their aims and
objectives in the future - and then
learn from them, and interpret
them, to extract the experiences and
feelings needed to achieve what
they want.
At the start of a seductive journey,
new seducers may have to
consciously force themselves to
think back over their reference
experiences, in order to empower
themselves. For example, when
starting out, a dark seducer may
have to force themselves to think ‘I
have done this before, it went well,
so I will succeed this time as well’.
Someone who is more experienced,
on the other hand, will not have to
consciously think through their
experiences. They will just be
embedded into the fabric of who
they are and what they do.
Presence is the ability of an
effective seducer to switch off their
internal chatter and self-talk and
instead focus entirely on the
moment in front of them. Most
people are constantly preoccupied
by their own thoughts, doubts and
feelings which are working nonstop somewhere in their brain. This
is a form of psychological
distraction which makes it hard to
be effective in the present moment.
After all, how is it possible to focus
on the here and now if you are
reliving something that has
happened in the past, or you are
looking ahead to something that
may or may not happen in the
One of the ways in which presence
helps seducers to be exceptionally
effective is by allowing them to
place all of their attention at any
one time on their interaction with
their seduction target. Seeing as it is
so rare for someone to have the
experience of being the sole object
of another’s attention, when it does
occur, it can have a profound
The particular type of eye contact
displayed by a dark seducer is an
outer manifestation of inner
presence. Such eye contact tends to
be very intense but without coming
across as staring. If you think about
the stereotypical smoldering model
gaze featured in advertising, it is
something like that. It is a very
intense but solid manifestation of
internal stillness and calm.
One of the ways in which dark
seducers are able to nurture the
inner concept of presence is by
meditation and other forms of
behavior and habit which encourage
focus, concentration and a lack of
distraction to become routine.
Some of the most effective
members of the notorious pickup
artist community are known for
their dedicated practice of
meditation, learning from teachers
of presence such as Eckhart Tolle.
Physical Self Mastery
The final main inner aspect of dark
seduction is physical self mastery.
This is the way in which dark
seducers are able to take control of
their inner physical reality in order
to give themselves the highest
chance of success within the field of
seduction. This may involve finding
the optimum combination of diet
and sleep to have a high level of
testosterone and an abundance of
natural, clean energy. It may
involve exercising in a way which
empowers their bodies and
increases their attractiveness and
ability to perform sexually.
One of the traits of the most
effective seducers is they are not
reliant on alcohol, or other
chemical crutches, which many
average people use when pursuing
seduction in order to have a feeling
of confidence and a lack of
inhibition. Seducers are able to
draw their own confidence, energy
and expressiveness from within
themselves - not through any
external means. Mastering the
physical aspects of their inner state
is one way in which seducers are
able to aid their efforts in this area.
Outer Dark Seduction
Some of the main internal
components of an effective seducer
have been stated above. However,
seduction does not occur through
internal aspects - it is the
translation of the external aspects
into outer expression.
One way of looking at this is
thinking of the inner aspects as the
‘fuel’ and the outer aspects as the
‘motion’. A dark seducer is fueled
by powerful beliefs, values and the
ability to be present. This is the
foundation, or fuel, that powers
their words, actions and
Some seducers are able to get good
results by focusing on the outer
aspect alone. It is sometimes
enough to be able to do and say the
right things in the right way in
order to seduce someone. However,
these seducers are ultimately like
an ugly woman looking presentable
through the use of excessive
makeup. It may deceive people in
some conditions some of the time however the truth will eventually
The best seducers therefore focus
equally on the inner and outer
aspects of their seductive pursuit in
equal measure, as they know one is
not truly effective without the
This chapter will now give a brief
oversight of the three main outer
aspects of dark seduction. These
will each be dealt with in greater
depth, and in a more nuanced way,
in later chapters. They are covered
here in order to offer a basic
framework and understanding
which you can refer back to as you
progress through the book.
Words can be either the verbal
things a seducer says to their target
or the written communication they
use. The choice of words is, of
course, important - but the sub
communications are far more
important. For example, think of a
very simple verbal phrase - such as
‘hello’. Depending on how this is
said, it can mean anything from “I
am shy and not confident in talking
to you” to “I want to have sex with
you as soon as possible”. The tone
of voice in which words are spoken,
the pace at which words are said
and the way in which they coincide
with body language are all key
verbal aspects of dark seduction.
The understanding of the
importance of ‘how’ words are used
rather than just ‘which’ words are
used is one of the ways in which
dark seducers are unlike most
people. How often have you heard
people try and exchange ‘pickup
lines’ or some magic combination
of words they think will help them
get the girl they want?
In reality, dark seducers use words
in a way which is not unlike
comedians. A comedian is able to
deliver their words in a way which
gets the response they want from
the crowd. Someone who does not
have the delivery that a comedian
has could say the exact same things
and produce no amusement
whatsoever. Similarly, a dark
seducer could write out the perfect
verbal script for someone - but if
the person delivering them doesn’t
know how to say them, the words
are next to useless.
Actions can be seen as anything
physical that a dark seducer does in
pursuit of their target. This can
consist of small details such as body
language and stance, through to
more interactive elements such as
the type and intensity of touch,
through to advanced physical
actions such as sexual physical
Why is action so key to dark
seduction? Simply put, the major
difference between a friendly
interaction, and a sexual
interaction, is the touch which
takes place. Touch is a huge aspect
which many people who don’t know
about dark seduction struggle with.
Let’s contrast the way in which a
person unskilled in the art of dark
seduction may use touch, as
opposed to the way in which it is
used by someone with experience in
using dark seduction effectively.
Someone with no seductive skill is
likely to either use touch clumsily
and haphazardly, or not use it at all.
Many people who strike up the
courage to speak to an attractive
stranger do so and then talk for far
too long. If you have either done
this, or been on the receiving end of
it, you will know exactly what it is
like. The person talks, and things
initially go well. However, the
person talks for too long, any
interest is lost, and the target
eventually moves on and makes an
excuse to leave.
So what holds people back from
using touch in the pursuit of
seduction? Fear. People are so
enamored by the feeling of comfort
and safety they have by having a
‘nice conversation’ that they are
unwilling to up the stakes and
potentially risk the interaction by
stepping things up a level.
The other end of the extreme is
when someone does not know how
to use touch well involves using it
clumsily or aggressively. This is a
person whose use of touch seems
awkward and uncalibrated. This is
usually due to the fact they are
terrified in their own mind and
therefore cannot use touch in a
relaxed and natural way. This is just
as bad as not touching at all and has
the same end result - repulsion of
the target and an outcome of
A dark seducer uses touch in the
following ways. First, they will
know the right amount of touch
they can use at any given time. For
example, they may start off small by
making a light, subtle touch on a
relatively safe area of the body such
as the arm. If the target reacts badly
to this then the dark seducer knows
to back off and slow things down
before attempting to touch again. If
the target responds well to the
touch then the dark seducer knows
they are able to touch more
intensely, and can keep repeating
this process until they find the limit
of the target’s comfort at any given
A dark seducer is also able to use
touch in a way which does not come
across as clumsy and uncalibrated instead it seems natural, smooth
and subtle. This is due to several
reasons. First, the dark seducer is
likely to have seduced so many
people that using touch comes as
second nature to them. They think
nothing of breaking the touch
barrier because, to them, it is
second nature. Nothing to think
about and certainly nothing to
worry about. Second, the inner
aspects and beliefs come into play
in assisting a dark seducer’s touch.
They are likely to have many
positive experiences of touching in
the past and therefore have the
confidence to do so in the present
The final outer aspect of dark
seduction which will be outlined
here is the physical appearance of
the seducer. Dark seducers are able
to use their appearance in a way
which allows them to have the best
chance of seducing their target.
There are some general principles
behind the way in which dark
seducers choose to appear, and
some specific schools of thought
which dark seducers often adhere
Broadly speaking, dark seducers
tend to dress in either one of two
ways - to fit in visually or to stand
out visually. Either is likely to be a
conscious choice. For example, to
fit in, a dark seducer is likely to
wear clothes that allows them to go
‘under the radar’ in their
environment. This will basically
involve dressing appropriately for
the environment in which they wish
to pursue their seduction - casual in
a rock bar, smarter in a cocktail
lounge, for example. This basically
takes their appearance out of the
equation and lets their physical and
verbal game do the talking instead.
Many seducers will often take the
‘normal + 1’ philosophy to dressing.
This involves dressing appropriately
for the environment, but then
enhancing one aspect. For example,
if everyone is wearing a suit, the
seducer will too - but they may have
an interesting pocket square or
badge, whereas no one else does.
The other way a seducer may
choose to dress is to stand out, in a
good way. You may have heard of
this old school concept as
‘peacocking’ or some other
variation of this term. It basically
stems from the theory that standing
out is a positive thing in terms of
attraction - it allows the seducer to
differentiate themselves from
others, and lets people who are
interested in them have something
to comment on and touch during an
Peacocking, or dressing to stand
out, is a double edged sword. It can
work really well - but only if the
seducer has their inner aspects
handled. Basically, dressing to stand
out requires self confidence and
belief. If a seducer has the positive
self image needed to pull off an
extravagant outfit, they will do so. If
a seducer lacks this, however, then
they will be unable to act in a way
which is congruent with what they
wear. The object of their seduction
is likely to see through their
charade in a heartbeat and reject
Two Sides Of The Same Coin
This chapter has shown you that
dark seduction is equally a set of
internal aspects and the way in
which these aspects are expressed
outwardly. You now know that a
seducer needs to have both handled
in equal measure in order to be
truly effective.
Now that you understand what dark
seduction is, why dark seducers do
what they do, and the inner and
outer aspects of the seductive
equation, read on. It is time to go
in-depth about specific aspects of
dark seduction - starting with the
initial approach or ice breaker.
Chapter 5: The
The previous chapters have
outlined the essential information
about dark seduction as a concept
and the people who practice it. It is
now time to delve deep into specific
components of this effective art
form - and where better to start
than the approach?
An approach is simply the way in
which a seducer transitions from
not interacting to someone to
interacting with them. This chapter
will explore the range of openers
seducers use to initiate the process
of seduction. The reasons why each
approach works and the dangers it
carries will be thoroughly
explained. Actual examples of each
type of approach will be given
where possible.
It is important for a student of dark
seduction to not over or under
appreciate the importance of the
approach. Because it is the first
point of the interaction, the
approach sometimes receives an
unduly high amount of attention
from people who are learning about
dark seduction. Some people obsess
over the ‘perfect approach’ while
losing sight of the fact that an
approach really has one simple
process - to begin the lengthy
process of seduction. Some
newcomers mistake an approach for
seduction, rather than seeing it for
what it is - the start of a seduction.
Equally, it is important to not
overlook the approach, and make
the mistake of assuming that any
approach will do. While it is
important to understand that
almost anything can and
occasionally work as the initial
point of a seduction, there are
better and worse choices for
different occasions. There is no
point in jeopardizing the chance of
furthering a potentially fruitful
seduction for the sake of being
unable to use approaches properly.
Types Of Approach
Direct and Indirect
Largely speaking, the two main
types of approaches which can be
used in the pursuit of seduction are
direct and indirect. The key
difference between the two is a
direct approach conveys, to one
extent or another, the fact that the
seducer has some kind of attraction
or interest in their target. An
indirect approach, on the other
hand, is intended to go under the
radar and allow the seducer to begin
an interaction without ‘showing
their hand’, so to speak. Both types
of approach can work, as long as the
seducer knows how, and when, to
effectively use them.
An example of a direct approach
would be walking up to a stranger
and saying something like ‘Hi, you
looked interesting so I had to come
and introduce myself’. The seducer
has shown mild interest in their
target by doing this but hasn’t put
themselves out there too much.
‘You looked interesting’ conveys a
small amount of interest but still
leaves some ambiguity as to the
seducer’s true intentions.
Direct approaches can be very direct
- for example ‘You look sexy as fuck
tonight, what’s your name?’ This is
a very high risk, high reward
approach to take. On the one hand,
a lot of people will be put off by the
bluntness of the approach. On the
other, some people will respond
well to the directness, and will stay
in the interaction. If people choose
to remain in an interaction
following a very direct approach, it
is a good sign that they will be
interested in taking things further.
All of the cards are already on the
table. A very direct approach can
therefore be used as a way for the
seducer to save time by removing
any pretense from the interaction.
Direct approaches require a strong
level of inner game on behalf of the
seducer. There is nothing more
incongruent, and therefore off
putting, as when a seducer chooses
to say something direct, but does so
in a tone of voice or with body
language that conveys they do not
really believe what they are saying.
Direct approaches can and should
only be used effectively by seducers
who have their inner game handled
to a high level in terms of beliefs,
reference experiences etc. The
fastest way to get rejected is to try a
direct approach without having the
internal aspects of seduction
An indirect approach is any verbal
opener which does not show
interest straight away. A common
but incorrect belief about indirect
and direct openers is that some
types of opener are always direct
whereas some are always indirect.
This is rarely the case. For example,
a question like ‘did you see the guy
with a top hat earlier?’ may seem to
be indirect. After all, it is an
innocent enough question.
However, depending upon the tone
of voice it is delivered in, the eye
contact of the seducer, their body
language and so forth, this type of
opener could be either direct or
Indirect approaches are a wise
choice when it is felt, due to either a
seducer’s reading of their target, or
due to the seducer's own internal
state at the time, that a target would
be put off by a direct approach.
Perhaps it is relatively early in the
evening, perhaps the seducer is
looking to get into a more social
state of mind before ‘going direct’,
perhaps the target is with her
friends and would respond badly to
a direct opener through fear of
social pressure and being judged.
Whatever the reason, an indirect
opener bestows the benefit of
allowing an interaction to begin
from a neutral, rather than an
interested standpoint.
The downside to choosing to use an
indirect opener is that it can waste
the time of both the seducer and
the target. Sometimes, a target will
be perfectly willing to respond in a
friendly way to an indirect opener,
but will respond badly when the
seducer attempts to move the
interaction in a more intimate
direction. Due to this, if a seducer
chooses to use an indirect opener,
they need to be attuned to the
responses they are getting in order
to gauge whether there is the
potential to generate sexual
chemistry with the target, or
whether they are not in that state of
mind, and are therefore a waste of
Situational openers are a type of
verbal opener which makes
reference to the situation in which
the seducer and the target find
themselves. An example would be a
comment on the venue, the time of
year, someone or something that is
happening in the venue, or any
other reference to the shared
present moment. Some examples
include ‘why is it so boring here
tonight?’, ‘is this the best this town
has to offer?’ or ‘why is the DJ
braindead?’ Anything which makes
reference to the present situation is
a form of situational opener.
Most of the time, situational
openers tend to be indirect. It is
possible to turn them direct by
mixing some intent, a sign of
interest, into either the verbal or
nonverbal content of the situational
opener. For example, by saying
‘what’s a nice girl like you doing in
a place like this?’ is a way to make a
situational opener slightly direct.
Alternatively, it is possible to make
a situational opener direct by
entirely nonverbal means, such as
by saying ‘the music here is epic’
but in a tone of voice and with eye
contact that shows sexual intent.
Some of the advantages to using a
situational opener include it creates
a sense of shared reality between
the seducer and the target. For
example, if a girl looks bored, or
excited, the situational opener can
be tweaked to create a sense of
instant rapport between target and
seducer. Alternatively, the
situational opener can be used to
challenge or even tease the target,
as this can be a good way of
generating some friction, tension
and attraction. Situational openers
are also good insofar as they don’t
allow for harsh, personal rejections
most of the time. A situation is
fairly safe territory - it is difficult
for a target to respond excessively
badly to a situational opener.
The advantages of situational
openers are also their downsides.
Just as a situational opener is
unlikely to result in a harsh
rejection, it is also somewhat
unlikely to result in a great positive
response. Situational openers are
also often used by people who are
not skilled in the art of seduction.
To be used effectively by dark
seducers, they must therefore be
delivered in a way which is in
accordance with the other concepts
of dark seduction, or used as a
fleeting icebreaker which the dark
seducer then moves on from,
proceeding to later aspects of the
seductive process.
Functional openers are rarely if
ever used by dark seducers. They
are included here as an example of
how average people choose to
approach a seductive encounter something dark seducers certainly
are not. However, like almost every
rule, functional openers can be used
in an unconventional, effective way
by dark seducers - this will also be
shown here.
What exactly is a functional
opener? It is a way of starting a
conversation which focuses on a
function or action other than the
conversation itself. For example,
asking for the time, a cigarette
lighter or directions is a functional
opener. Many people who do not
have knowledge of seduction use
this type of opener and then
magically assume the interaction
will proceed, of its own accord, into
more seductive territory. This is far
from the case.
The one way in which a dark
seducer might, rarely, choose to use
a functional opener is a way of
almost planting a seed in a target’s
mind. They may open them
functionally, but do so with enough
sub communication, in terms of
tone of voice or eye contact, to
spark some interest or intrigue in
the target’s mind. The seducer’s
purpose is to elicit a response of
curiosity from their target, which
the seducer is able to instantly and
accurately deduce. If a dark seducer
does this well, they may, for
example, ask their target for a
lighter, use it, and then walk off. In
that time, however, they have
judged their target’s initial interest
levels, and can leave with the
thought of ‘they are interested, I
can always come back to them
The opinion opener is a style of
opener popularized in the seduction
text ‘The Game’. It is almost a
cliché at this point and is rarely if
ever used in an unironic way by
actual seducers. Don’t discount it
fully, however - an opinion opener
can still work, and is a good way of
helping someone gain the initial
reference experiences they need to
get good at seduction, and move
onto riskier and more complex
types of openers.
The opinion opener basically
revolves around asking a stranger
for their opinion on a subject,
usually under the pretext of solving
some kind of debate or
conversation a group of friends
have been having. Some classic
examples include ‘I need an opinion on something who would win in a fight Superman or Batman?’ or ‘I need a
quick opinion to settle an argument
with my friends over there - why
are older men often seen as
The opinion opener is intended to
be neutral and not convey any
particular interest on behalf of the
seducer - and also panders to the
ego of most people who want to feel
as if their views and ideas matter.
Sometimes, seducers will use
opinion openers in a way which is
modified to their target - for
example, if their target appears to
be into rock music, the seducer may
ask for an opinion related to this
area. This builds a sense of rapport
and commonality between seducer
and target.
As stated, the popularity of opinion
openers reached such a prevalence
that many targets will recognize an
opinion opener as a kind of
prepackaged pickup line and find it
stupid and unimaginative. If you
are approached by someone asking
for your opinion, you are almost
certainly dealing with someone who
is attempting a seduction. If, on the
other hand, you want to try out this
type of opener, be sure to be
original and switch your wording
up. Don’t ask for an opinion instead say something like ‘help me
out’ or ‘what do you think about
this’. Don’t ask for some premade
topic you read in a book or online create your own topics to talk
Physical openers are about the most
direct, most advanced and most
risky type of approach there is.
Opening physically is not usually
suggested for someone starting out
in the field of seduction. There are
different types of ways to open a
target physically, and each has a
slightly different set of purposes
behind it, and a different way of
being carried out.
The most direct way of opening
physically is to extend your hand
towards the target, and then sort of
firmly but smoothly pull them
towards you. This needs to be done
in a very calm, non-threatening but
certain way that conveys supreme
confidence. If this is done from a
place of nerves or lack of confidence
it will fail 100% of the time. For this
reason, only the more advanced and
confident seducers tend to open in
this way.
A safer, less intense version of the
physical open is the high five. This
should be delivered in a fun, playful
way. Often, the seducer will high
five their target and then clasp their
hand and attempt to briefly hold
hands. This can be a good way of
judging right away how comfortable
the target is with physical contact.
The key mistake a seducer tends to
make with this high five physical
open is to get angry or hurt if it
doesn’t work as intended. As
explained in earlier chapters, a
seducer always needs to keep calm
and carry on, no matter what.
Whenever a target doesn’t react as
intended, just move on like it didn’t
happen. Always be cool.
The silent opener is almost a
gimmick that advanced seducers
sometimes carry out purely to show
they are able to. It is not widely
used. A silent open basically
involves initiating contact and
creating intrigue through just
gesture, eye contact and touch.
There are videos in circulation of
this type of open working well indeed skilled seducers are able to
proceed from an open to a kiss
without saying a word. The silent
opener is not intended to become a
widely used part of the toolkit of
most seducers - instead it shows the
power of non-verbal seduction.
Seeing this in action, either online
or in person, is a great way to really
grasp the power of not using words
in pursuit of seduction.
Breaking Black Ice
The ultimate key to approaching
and opening is to never lose sight of
its purpose - to initiate an
interaction. If the seducer is able to
generate some measure of
excitement, arousal or intrigue by
using their opener, this is an added
bonus. However, for an opener to
be effective, it simply needs to set
the stage for a longer interaction to
continue subsequently.
As a seducer gains more experience
in carrying out seductive
interactions, they will gain a feel for
different types of openers, when
and how to use them, and the ways
in which they should be carried out
and the times they are best suited
to. The knowledge in this chapter
can be used as either a training
manual for seducers or as a means
for recognizing when an attempted
seduction is being carried out on
As stated at the start of the chapter,
focusing too much on the approach
is a key mistake. Think of seduction
as being like a movie. The opening
scene is cool and important - but
you don’t walk out after it. It is
merely the start. Read on to
experience the rest of the dark
seductive journey - next stop,
creating emotional chaos.
Chapter 6: Creating
Emotional Chaos
The previous chapter dealt with the
initial stage of a dark seductive
encounter. This chapter deals with
an aspect of seduction which runs
like a vein through every stage of a
seduction - the manipulation and
mastery of the emotions of the
target. We will now examine how a
seducer sees emotion as being like
clay, or another form of creative
material, which the seducer is able
to shape and use in the creation of
their seductive art.
Specific ways in which emotions are
influenced, understood and out and
out manipulated will be explored
and examined. The contents of this
chapter are incredibly powerful.
Like all powerful knowledge, it is up
to you and how you apply it.
Whether as a shield with which to
protect yourself, or as a weapon to
gain conquests - the choice is yours.
Why Emotions Matter
Simply put, humans are creatures
of emotion more than logic,
particularly within the area of
seduction and romance. As the
famous maxim goes, ‘attraction is
not a choice’. Feelings of arousal
and desire are not something we
consciously choose - they simply
arise within us as a response to
stimulus from outside of us. Being
able to manipulate and mold a
target’s emotions is therefore an
aspect of a seducer’s arsenal which
cannot be ignored.
People are bored. Why else do you
think people enter high stimulus
social environments such as
nightclubs and bars? People are
looking for a distraction from their
everyday life. Most people are
unsatisfied by their lives in one way
or another. Some people are
genuinely looking to escape deep
level problems they have - like
unhappiness with how their life is
turning out or unhappiness with
who they are and what they have
managed to achieve in life. Other
people don’t have anything as
serious as this - they are simply in
need of distraction. Either way,
most people can be seen as having
some type of emotional void, or
need, which a seducer is able to
One classic view of seduction is that
a seducer is able to become
whatever is needed at that precise
moment in their target’s life. This is
a key aspect of dark seduction in
particular - the ability to be a
shadowy chameleon, able to adapt
one’s form and personality to
whatever is required to seduce the
target at that point in time. A later
chapter of this book deals with the
seductive shadow aspect of the
game in detail - for now it is enough
to know it exists.
Another reason why so many
effective seducers focus on emotion
is due to the fact that people often
use their emotions as an excuse to
override their emotions. People will
do things that go against their logic
and reason if it ‘feels right’ in the
heat of the moment. Seducers can
therefore use extreme emotional
feelings to persuade targets to do
things they would not otherwise do
if they were guided entirely by their
rationality and reason.
If a seducer is able to effectively
understand the emotions of their
target it instantly puts them ahead
of 99% of the competition. The vast
majority of people are utterly
unable to understand or interpret
their own emotions. People are
often confused and out of touch
with what they really think and feel.
Someone who seems to understand
them better than they understand
themselves - in other words an
effective dark seducer - is therefore
incredibly attractive and hard to
Emotional Spikes
With the previous concept of people
desiring an emotional experience,
and trying to escape emotional
mundaneness, in mind, let’s
examine the concept of emotional
spikes. Picture a graph with two
axis. The horizontal axis represents
the 0, neutral point of emotional
experience - most people’s
emotions sit in or around this level.
Throughout the course of a typical
day, people’s emotional graphs may
move slightly into above or below
the horizontal axis. Moving above
represents positive emotions,
below, negative emotions. It is rare
that people experience any strong
emotion in the course of their
average day.
A dark seducer making use of
emotional mastery understands the
value in spiking a person’s
emotional graph, either positively
or negatively. By triggering either
an unusually positive, or an
unusually negative emotion, the
seducer is instantly able to take the
target outside the boundaries of
their everyday existence. If, for
example, the seducer is able to
cause a strong negative or positive
feeling, they are likely to stand out
in the target’s mind as someone
who is not of the ordinary. This is
only the tip of the iceberg.
Any strong emotional spike makes a
seducer stand out, as discussed. The
skilled seducer is aware that they
cannot allow a target’s emotional
state to remain static, or just move
in one direction. Instead, the skilled
dark seducer aims to alternate
strong positive or negative emotion
sequentially. Consider the following
verbal opener: ‘You’re absolutely beautiful, if not a
little unimaginative’.
This alternating positive and
negative emotional statement is
likely to spike the target’s
emotional graph upwards and then
rapidly downwards. This strong
alternating feeling is likely to cause
confusion, attraction and intrigue in
the target. Whatever they feel, they
won’t feel bored. By simply making
them feel not one but two strong
emotions outside of their normal
reality, the seducer is instantly
valuable to the target - he has
distracted them from their usual
comfort zone, and people are always
attracted to this, whether they want
to be or not.
Skilled seducers know the right
amount to spike a target’s
emotional graph. Too much is
overload while too little is
underkill. The best seducers are
able to mix in what seems to be
fairly regular conversation, in order
to build comfort and familiarity,
with a mixture of positive and
negative emotional spikes, in order
to build deep, irrational, emotional
Many dark seducers take the
approach of starting off with
smaller spikes and then pushing
things further as the interaction
develops. Consider this in terms of
a movie. Imagine the start of a
movie featured a mixture of
amazing action scenes (positive
emotional spikes) and gut
wrenching emotional scenes
(negative emotional spikes).
Imagine if after ten minutes this
movie stopped this type of content
and instead became mundane.
Viewers would lose interest rapidly.
Seduction is no different.
Experienced seducers know they
must spread their emotional spikes
over the course of an interaction to
avoid becoming a movie which
entertains at the start and bores at
the end. Ideally, the intensity of the
emotional spikes caused by the
seducer should increase in intensity
until building to a clear climax such as going home together for
sex, or securing a phone number
through which to carry on an
interaction at a later date.
One of the most extreme, hard to
pull off uses of the ‘emotional
spike’ concept is an extreme
emotional spike opener. This is
associated with some of the most
notorious names in the seduction
community. It basically involves
causing a severe positive and
negative spike in quick succession but as an opener. The language and
tonality of these openers is
absolutely extreme and not for the
faint of heart. An example would
be: “You disgusting creature...I love
you, come here”.
90% of seducers cannot pull this
technique off effectively and
shouldn’t try. For those who can,
and there is video proof if you need
it, the results are amazing. From
the initial stages of an interaction,
the target’s adrenaline is flowing,
heart is pumping and their
emotional intensity is running at a
high level. This effectively ‘melts’
the target’s logic and puts them in
an emotional dreamworld for the
rest of the interaction.
The Methods
So far, this chapter has dealt with
the way in which emotions are used
as part of an effective seductive
arsenal, and looked at a way of
envisioning a target’s emotions as a
graph, and how a seducer should
aim to spike the graph positively
and negatively as required at
different points. Some of the ways
in which positive and negative
spikes can be created will now be
explored and explained.
Challenging is a way to create a
mild negative emotional spike - a
little bit of tension or intrigue
which can help spice up an
interaction and keep its emotional
tone interesting. A challenge can be
very mild and subtle or more overt.
Let’s look at some examples of both
ends of the spectrum.
Skilled seducers can be very subtly
challenging. For example, if a target
is talking about their career,
interests, or hobbies, a seducer may
slightly raise an eyebrow and say
‘interesting’ in a tone of voice which
has a slight hint of disapproval. This
can cause a target to chase the
approval of the seducer - giving
power to the seducer and betraying
the interest of the target in being
Challenges can also be used in a
more strong, overt way. This is
often deployed by a seducer as a
means of determining whether a
target will chase their approval or
whether they are confident in who
they are - allowing the seducer to
adjust the type of seduction they
pursue as a result. For example, if a
target states an opinion about
something, the seducer may say
something like ‘actually you’re
wrong, that’s not a good
Some targets will respond with
‘yeah you’re right, I don’t actually
like it that much’. This shows they
are insecure and crave the seducer’s
approval. The seducer will then
capitalize on this knowledge in their
pursuit of emotional manipulation
over the remaining course of the
Interest and Disinterest
Alternating interest and disinterest
is a way in which a seducer is able
to keep a target invested in an
interaction and provide them with
positive and negative emotional
spikes. When some newcomer
seducers hear that interest and
disinterest should be alternated,
they fall into the trap of doing so
mechanically - e.g. one comment of
interest, followed by one comment
of disinterest, followed by one
comment of interest, and so forth.
This is a huge, huge mistake.
Instead, alternative interest and
disinterest should be used
organically, creatively and playfully.
There is no mechanical, magical
formula or ratio a seducer should
follow - instead, they should feel
free to alternate as and when they
see it. Regardless of the frequency
of interest and disinterest, the
purpose is always the same - to
keep a target’s attention.
Consider the alternative to this
technique. If a seducer shows only
disinterest, the target will become
bored, and will seek to leave the
interaction. If the seducer shows
only interest, the target will become
uninspired and uninterested. At its
core, seduction is the process of
making the target feel as if they
have earned the approval of the
seducer. It is a lot more appealing
and enjoyable for a target if they are
able to feel as if they have really,
genuinely impressed the seducer.
Skilled seducers know this, and are
able to create a genuine
rollercoaster ride through their use
of interest and disinterest, approval
and disapproval.
Failure to alternate interest and
disinterest in an effective way is
one of the main reasons why a lot
of seducers end up falling into the
friend zone. If they are consistently
nice and positive and interested, the
target ends up taking them for
granted. It is boring. There is no
challenge, nothing special. The
target does not feel the seducer is
high status or discerning - they are
not a prize. This goes against
mainstream thinking but also
explains the common complaint of
men that ‘women always go for the
douche bags, they never go for nice
guys like me’. Nice guys finish last,
because nice guys are insufferably
dull. Be interesting. You owe it to
yourself and to your target.
The Mundane and The Magical
Think about an epic piece of music perhaps a metal classic with an
awesome guitar solo somewhere in
the song. What makes such a song
so great? It is because it knows how
to mix in the spectacular with the
standard. If the entire song
consisted of a series of epic guitar
solos, and nothing else, it would
sound ridiculous.
Similarly, think of a gourmet meal.
It might feature an epic, indulgent,
elaborate dessert. But are all the
courses of this nature? No. If they
were, it would be over the top. Too
much. No one would want to eat a
meal like this.
These analogies directly describe a
major mistake a lot of seducers
make - trying to do too much. A lot
of seducers operate under the false
belief that they have to put on a
show from the word go until their
target is in bed. They are always
trying to say the perfect, witty thing
or run game according to some
strange, fantastical blueprint they
have developed in their mind. This
is such a mistake, for more than
one reason. First of all, behavior
like this comes across as trying hard
and is always a turn off for the
target. Second, game is not
something showy or spectacular. As
discussed earlier, the best seducers
seduce in a way which is not
obviously ‘anything’ to observers. It
is subtle and hard to pinpoint.
Trying to do too much is a huge
mistake to be avoided at all costs.
Alternatively, some seducers make
the mistake of playing it safe and
doing too little. Like almost every
aspect of dark seduction, this is
something that must be understood
and known through experience as
opposed to simply through
knowledge. Having the proper
knowledge is an essential starting
point - but putting it into action,
and witnessing the ideas firsthand,
is vital to build the reference
experiences that were earlier stated
to be a vital component of inner
Ideally, the experienced seducer
will carry out their seductive
process pursuing two aims at the
same time. First, they will be trying
to create a sense of connection and
comfort with their target. This is
achieved through the mundane the sharing of factual experiences,
information about each other’s lives
and other similar topics of rapport
building chat. This, on its own, will
lead to a friendly connection and
nothing more. Instead, a good
seducer needs to use ‘the magical’
as a spice to vary the mundane.
These are the emotional gambits,
discussed above and elsewhere, that
are able to create intense emotions
that stem beyond comfort and
rapport, and instead make a target
feel a strong sense of attraction as
When there is both attraction and
comfort, physical seduction can
then take place. The mundane and
the magical must be deployed
properly in order to achieve this
eventual aim.
Reading The Emotional Matrix
So far, this chapter has focused on
the general theory behind the
emotional element of dark
seduction, and then looked at
specific ways in which a target’s
emotions can be influenced by a
seducer, and the right way to do
this. It is important to understand
that the influential aspect of
emotion is only one component - it
is vital to have a strong analytic
component as well.
When a lot of seducers are starting
out, they make the error of thinking
only in terms of what they want to
do - not what the target needs to
happen. This may sound like a
strange distinction, but it is a vital
one. It is important for a dark
seducer to be like water - able to
change shape, form and direction in
response to what is in front of it.
Let’s compare two examples in
order to show how some seducers
are able to vary their approach and
some are not.
Some seducers, often newcomers,
but many times experienced
seducers who have not made proper
progress in their pursuit of the
seductive art form, think only in
terms of their own intentions. For
example, their thought process
during a seductive interaction
would be something like ‘I want to
spike their emotions positive, now
negative, now I want to show
disinterest, now I want to get
physical’. Their thoughts are only
on what they want to do, without
any thought to their target in the
Better seducers think not in terms
of ‘what do I want to do?’ but in
terms of ‘what needs to be done?’
They are like experienced chess
players who are able to read the
best move based on the situation in
any given moment. Through
experience, and countless reference
experiences, elite dark seducers will
always know when it is time to
spike positive, and when it is time
to spike negative. The know the
exact emotional response they need
to get to move the interaction
forward, and the verbal or physical
move in their repertoire that is
most likely to cause such a
Order From Chaos
As this chapter has shown, the
importance of emotional
manipulation and influence cannot
be overstated in the realm of dark
Next, we will explore the verbal
methods by which seducers
influence their target in great depth.
When reading the next chapter, try
and relate it in your mind back to
the contents of this chapter. Don’t
think of verbal seduction as an
isolated idea - rather as a means to
influencing emotion in the way
described in this section of the
Chapter 7: Evil Verbal
When used by a dark seducer,
words have a power and impact that
they would not otherwise have.
Think of a dark seducer as like a
virtuoso master of an instrument.
They use the same words as normal
people, just as a musical master
uses the same instrument with the
same notes. The mastery is not
from the material used - in this
case, words - but from the ability
and skill of the person using them.
As briefly mentioned earlier in this
book, words are one of the key
outer aspects of dark seduction.
This chapter will explore the topic
of verbal game in much greater
depth. Specific ways in which words
are used by some of the greatest
seducers to ever walk the Earth will
not only be exposed but also
explained. You won’t be given only
what works - but also, more
importantly, why it works.
The concepts and ideas in this
chapter transcend the sphere of
seduction alone. If you pay
attention to this chapter, and apply
the ideas it contains, you will have
an advantage in many areas of life,
not just seduction. Whether you
choose to make use of the verbal
techniques presented within for
your own purposes, or whether you
choose to be on guard for others
using them against you, is up to
The material contained in this
chapter is deeply powerful. If you
are going to use it for yourself, do
so with caution and care. These
techniques really do work and many
people end up with more than they
bargained for when using them. Be
Blackest Ink
First of all, before examining
specific verbal techniques used in
dark seduction, it is important to
realize what makes the dark use of
words different from the way in
which verbal game is used by
mainstream seducers, and those
without dark seductive knowledge.
Many people are aware that words
can be immensely powerful in their
pursuit of the opposite sex - but
don’t actually know how or why
certain verbal techniques work. As a
result, they blindly accept ideas on
the basis of faith or trust, rather
than seeking out any evidence or
proof that they really do work. This
is deeply dangerous and must be
avoided at all costs.
Perhaps the core principle
underpinning every verbal
technique or concept that exists
within dark seduction is ‘test
everything’. Never assume anything
works until you have tried it out for
yourself. Don’t ever listen to what
has worked for someone else and
assume it will work for you.
A related idea to the above is to
never ever think that you
understood something if you have
merely read about it and
‘understood’ it through knowledge
alone. It is not enough to simply
know something intellectually - you
have to know how it actually feels,
in the heat of the moment, to carry
out a verbal technique and watch its
desired impact manifest before your
eyes. Until you have used and
witnessed the result of a verbal
technique for yourself, you don’t
truly know what it actually is about
or actually entails.
Another point of differentiation
between dark seductive vocabulary
and regular seductive vocabulary is
the intention behind the use of
language. Many people choose to
use seductive words for love of the
language itself. Think of the
traditional concept of someone
writing a love song, or a love letter,
or whispering sweet words into the
idea of their beloved. Often, people
carry out such clichéd, ineffective
gestures for their own sake. They
think the words alone matter and
such outdated and idiotic
techniques contain some merit.
They are wrong.
Dark seducers, on the other hand,
realize that words are nothing but
collections of letters. They are mere
symbols. The words don’t matter the psychological and emotional
impact they have upon those who
receive them is all that counts.
Words in and of themselves are
nothing more than lines of ink on a
page or sounds made by a tongue
and throat. In isolation, they are
empty. Words are mere tools in the
hands of dark seducers. This
viewpoint of verbal seduction as
nothing more than a means to an
end is a key hallmark of the dark
seductive philosophy.
This understanding of words as
mere vehicles, as nothing more
than tools, leads to several
subsequent understandings for
intelligent students of dark
seduction. Freed by the realization
that words are meaningless without
a reaction, the dark seducer is
liberated to use any words they
want. Whatever happens to get
them to where they want to go,
whichever words cause the desired
impact on the target - these are the
right words.
Think of words as food. Food is
effectively intended to fulfill one or
more of several purposes nutrition, satisfaction or
enjoyment. With this in mind,
almost any food can work in this
area. However, people cling on to a
fixed of idea of ‘the right food’. For
example, how many foods are
‘breakfast foods’? Why should this
be so? Such arbitrary distinctions
stem from nothing but blind
Verbal seduction is similar. Some
people think there is a ‘right’ and
‘wrong’ way to speak to a seduction
target. Incorrect. There is only
effective or ineffective. Any desire
for seduction to look or sound a
certain way is nothing more than a
naive, idealistic, childish longing on
the behalf of the person with this
misguided viewpoint.
Now that the dark seductive
viewpoint on language and its
purpose and form has been clearly
stated, let’s look at some specific
ways in which language is used in
pursuit of seductive success.
26 Letters, Infinite Approaches
The flexibility and freedom that
dark seduction grants the seductive
linguist has been clearly stated.
This is essential to keep in mind
when reading these techniques.
Some newcomers to the world of
dark seduction get stuck in the trap
of assuming that fixed techniques
actually matter in and of
themselves. They don’t. They are
just means to an end. If the
following techniques work for you,
great. Use them. If they don’t,
modify them. Adapt them. Find
something that does work. The
technique is not important. The
outcome is all that matters.
Magic Names
Finding a magic, special name to
call a seductive target is a powerful
verbal hallmark of many great
seducers. To illustrate this concept,
think back through one of two
examples - your own life, or many
of the great works of film or
literature you have ever enjoyed.
How often did someone special,
either in your own life, or in a film
you love, have a nickname for
someone that was close to them? A
special name that was shared only
between those two people and no
one else? You can make use of this
concept to create a special bond
between yourself and a seduction
target within a short time of
meeting them.
The difference between a skilled
seducer and an average seducer
reading about this technique is as
follows. An average seducer will
read that coming up with a special
nickname for a target is powerful,
and then will proceed to give them
any old name, thinking a name
alone is enough. A skillful seducer
will go further and use this
technique in a refined form. So
what is this advanced level of
The best seducers don’t just give
their targets a special pet nickname
- they give them one that really
counts. This can have a variety of
logic underpinning it. One option is
to choose a nickname about
something the target is playfully
insecure about - for example, if they
have freckles, call them freckles. If
they stammered when you spoke to
them, call them stutters. Note, this
should be done in a playful, teasing
way, as opposed to a cruel name.
Another option is to create a name
based around a private in-joke you
and your target have shared - by
using such a name, it creates a
feeling of bond and a special ‘us
against the world’ perspective for
you and your target.
A final note on magic names - don’t
overuse them. Don’t refer to the
name in every text message, and
every time you see them. Use the
name sparingly. Whenever you use
it, it should produce a good
reaction. If a name seems to be
losing its power, drop it. Trying to
force this verbal technique, or any
other, is a fast way to seem socially
inept, and lose any attraction you
have managed to create with your
Callback Humor
This is a seductive technique lifted
straight from the world of standup
comedy. It basically involves taking
one reference or idea that you and
your target found funny together,
and then sprinkling it back into the
conversation now and then, in order
to retrigger the feeling of humor
and closeness you shared. For
example, if something amusing
happened to the two of you in a
particular venue, you might say
something in the future like ‘it’s a
shame we’re not at x venue’. Or, if
your target mispronounces
something, you can refer to their
mispronunciation in a deadpan way
in the future.
Like any of the verbal techniques
here, use callback humor sparingly.
Trying to overuse something will
come across as phony, fake and a
turnoff. It should also be something
that produced a genuine, honest
reaction of humor in your target not something they politely
pretended to find funny for the sake
of appeasing you.
Their Secret Words
Every individual walking this planet
has their own background with
relation to language. Words they
use at different times and in
different ways. This can be shown
through a really simple example.
Think of a simple word like ‘great’.
One person may only use it
sincerely - when they say ‘great’,
they truly feel positively about
something. Another person may
exclusively use ‘great’ to show
sarcasm, disdain or bitter feeling.
The point is that different people
can use the same word in a variety
of different ways. When interacting
with a target, it is vital for a dark
seducer to figure out exactly the
way in which a target is using
words. This analytical ability is a
key part of verbal game.
Over time, dark seducers will notice
a consistent pattern emerging everyone they interact with will
have a few words in their
vocabulary which appear to have
special significance for them.
People usually use these out of
habit and are not aware they are
doing it. For example, a person may
use the word ‘epic’ regularly - but
only when they are truly in a state
of peak happiness.
The best dark seducers are able to
pick up on these ‘secret words’ and
then use them to create a sense of
connection and similarity with their
target. Of all the verbal techniques
in this chapter, this is the one to
use most sparingly. It is the most
obviously manipulative, and if the
target is aware it is being carried
out, it will often instantly break the
spell the seducer has created. When
done subtly, and infrequently,
however, it can really create a deep
level of verbal influence between
the seducer and their target.
Beyond Words
The core message of this chapter
has been consistently stated - words
don’t matter - their meaning and
impact does.
One of the key ways of influencing
the impact of words is by modifying
the way in which they are spoken or
written. The emotion and intent
behind words is equally as
important as the words themselves.
For example, depending on how it is
said, the phrase ‘fuck off’ can mean
anything from ‘I hate you’ to ‘I
playfully am having fun with you’.
Dark seducers are always careful to
say things in an effective way, as a
result of this.
One of the things that sets dark
seducers apart from other people is
their ability to speak in a measured
way which is almost hypnotic to
listen to. Words are likely to be
spaced carefully and spoken in a
deep, resonant tone which is
pleasant to listen to.
Many dark seducers listen to public
speakers of great impact and
carefully modify their method of
verbal delivery to match what these
great speakers have shown to be
effective in the past. Others match
their tonality and rhythm to that of
their target - a technique known as
‘verbal mirroring’ which is covered
in the next chapter.
Chapter 8: Mirror Of
Almost every aspect of dark
seduction in this book comes down
to one key aim - gaining influence
over a target in order to eventually
seduce them. In this chapter, the
concept of building a deep level of
rapport with a target is explored and
explained. This is an old school
concept which has its roots in NLP a discipline of influence used by top
figures in the world of interpersonal
influence such as Tony Robbins and
Derren Brown.
This specific means of gaining
influence over a target is known as
‘mirroring’. You will now learn
exactly what mirroring is, what the
purpose behind it is, and the reason
why it works. Different types of
mirroring will be thoroughly stated
in a way which is easy to
understand. Finally, the main
mistakes seducers make when
attempting to make use of the
mirroring idea will be clearly
presented in order to avoid
mistakes from taking place.
The Basics
At its core, mirroring involves
consciously manipulating a feeling
of rapport and similarity between a
seducer and their target. This is
intended to subconsciously make
the target feel as if they have a deep
sense of connection and
compatibility with the seducer in a
way which is inexplicable according
to rational, conscious thought. This
perhaps sounds fanciful and too
good to be true. However, it really
works, for the following reason.
Mirroring takes place at a
subconscious level. In fact, if a
target becomes aware that a seducer
is trying to influence them by
carrying out one of the mirroring
tactics mentioned in this chapter,
then the technique loses its power
and stops working entirely.
Interestingly, mirroring is
something human beings naturally
do when they feel a sense of
comfort and connection with one
If you have doubts as to the truth of
mirroring, keenly observe pairs of
people when you are next out and
about. You will notice that people
who are spending time together
often end up copying one aspect or
another of the other person - such
as their posture, their stance, the
way in which they have folded their
arms or the angle at which their
head is tilted. This is proof that
mirroring is a natural phenomenon
which is hardwired into the human
The difference between dark
seductive mirroring and the type
which occurs in nature is that
seductive mirroring is used
consciously and with full intention
of what is taking place by the
seducer in order to manipulate their
target into feeling an unnatural
sense of connection with them. This
results in the target putting power
and influence in the hands of the
seducer without being aware they
have even done so.
There are various types of
mirroring, which are described
below, but the basic concept is the
same. The seducer starts by slowly
and subtly copying a minor aspect
of the target’s speech or physicality.
The seducer then copies more and
more elements. Eventually, the
seducer attempts to change
something, such as their posture or
pace of words, and pays careful
attention to whether the target
takes the cue and follows the lead.
If a target begins mirroring the
seducer, it basically gives the go
ahead to the seducer to carry out
any influence they wish to. The
target has already betrayed the fact
they feel a deep, subconscious level
of rapport with the seducer, and are
therefore far more likely to receive
their verbal commands on a deep
level, and comply with any physical
actions the seducer wishes to carry
Verbal Mirroring
One interesting thing about verbal
mirroring is you may have noticed
it taking place outside of the area of
seduction. This usually occurs when
two people are interacting and one
is seeking to gain the approval of
the other. This is not carried out on
a conscious level - it simply
happens without the person
realizing they are doing it, and often
without the person who is being
mirrored realizing what is taking
For example, if you notice two
people talking, and one is using
certain slang terms, the other may
begin to use them. Similarly, if one
person has a regional accent and
the other does not, the person
without an accent may begin to
speak with a strange twang. Verbal
mirroring is therefore a
phenomenon that is encoded into
human behavior. As a result of it
being natural, it makes it very
difficult for people to detect and
understand. We are hardwired to do
it, and see it as normal. Due to this,
unless it is carried out extremely
badly, it should go undetected.
So what are some of the main ways
that verbal mirroring can take
The best starting point for verbal
mirroring is the pace of speech.
Almost no-one is aware of the pace
at which they speak, and the
rhythm of their diction. As a result,
it is possible to imitate the other
without them realizing it is
happening. As with every other
mirroring technique in this chapter,
it should be carried out slowly and
subtly at first. This is particularly
true if there is naturally a gulf in
the way in which the two people
For example, if a seducer speaks
quite slowly, and the target speaks
quite quickly, it is important for the
seducer to gradually increase their
speaking pace, in small increments,
until they have caught up with the
pace of their target. Going from a
slow pace to a fast pace in almost
no time at all is incredibly jarring
and greatly increases the risk of
being detected by the target.
Aside from the pace of speech,
other aspects of verbal mirroring
include the intonation used by the
target. Sometimes, targets will tend
to place an unusual or distinctive
verbal stress on the words they use.
If the seducer is able to pick up on
this vocal signature, and mimic it, it
can be a good way of building a
sense of rapport with the victim.
The frequency of speech is another
aspect that can be verbally
mirrored. Some people are very
talkative - others less so. You will
know from your own personal
experience that being around
someone who talks a lot more or a
lot less than you do can be an
annoying or difficult experience.
Seducers are aware of this and will
therefore adjust the frequency of
their talk to match that of their
It is important to note that verbal
mirroring can work over text
message and email in a similar way
as it does via speech. Good seducers
will mirror the type of language
their target uses in a text, down to
aspects such as complexity of
vocabulary, sentence length,
format, choice of greeting and type
of punctuation used. By doing so,
when reading the written
communication, the target
automatically thinks ‘this is my
kind of person’ without being
consciously aware of where the
feeling of rapport is stemming
Physical Mirroring
Physical mirroring can relate to
both gesture, expression and
appearance. This can be the most
subtle type of mirroring to gain
some initial results with when
starting out in this dark seductive
When attempting physical
mirroring for the first time, it is a
good idea to start out small, and
work up. For example, a small
movement of the head or the hand
is a good trial by which to try out
whether a target is ready to start
copying your own movements,
showing you have gained
subconscious rapport over them.
Mirroring aspects of a person’s
physical appearance is a high risk,
high reward type of technique. On
the one hand, it has been shown
that people have a subconscious
preference for people who dress and
look like them. This has been
shown by a range of scientific
studies. On the other hand, if
someone picks up on the fact you
are trying to imitate their
appearance, they are likely to be
repulsed rather than attracted. Like
the other forms of mirroring
mentioned, it is therefore vital to
try and carry this out in a subtle and
under the radar way.
Mirroring Mistakes To Avoid
The above section of this chapter
goes into some of the basics of
mirroring and the types of
mirroring which can be carried out.
You will now be presented with a
run through of the main mirroring
mistakes to avoid. Mirroring, when
done badly, is a quick way to
destroy trust, rapport and influence
between a seducer and their target.
Any or all of the following is a death
sentence for superior seduction.
Too Much
Mirroring needs to be used as icing
on the cake rather than the cake
itself. Some people get overly
excited by the idea of mirroring and
think of it as some kind of
superpower of mind control. It isn’t.
It’s just a way of improving the
level of rapport and influence that
exists between seducer and target,
and allowing the seducer a way to
judge how their seductive intent is
progressing, and whether it is
working as intended.
Trying to mirror everything is
stupid and a waste of energy. Any
good seducer knows that there are
many aspects of the seductive
process they need to be aware of. If
they are trying to mirror every
aspect of a target’s physicality and
verbality, the seducer will not be
able to focus on anything else.
Mirroring is ‘a’ technique rather
than ‘the’ technique. Treat it as
Too Soon
Mirroring is something which
should be eased into, rather than
used from the initial minute the
interaction begins. At the start of a
seductive interaction, most targets
have their guard up. They are
therefore more alert and conscious
and, as a result, more likely to
notice that mirroring is taking
Instead of trying to mirror their
target right away, the skilled
seducer first gains some kind of
other emotional influence over
their target, and ensures they have
some degree of trust and comfort.
Mirroring can then be used to
deepen that trust, rather than to
create it initially.
Too Often
Anyone who has ever used
mirroring efficiently - in other
words has effectively mirrored, led,
and watched the target respond well
- knows it is a powerful feeling. This
can lead to dark seducers doing it
purely to feel powerful - rather than
using it as a means to an end. Like
any other technique in this book,
dark seduction relies upon doing
things purely for a purpose, rather
than for their own sake. Don’t fall
into the trap of mirroring as some
kind of game. It exists only to
further the seductive process.
Look Beyond The Mirror
This chapter has shown the
possibility of creating advanced
levels of rapport and influence
using verbal and physical tactics. In
our next chapter, you will learn how
to create a deep sense of comfort
and familiarity with a target in a
short space of time. The next
chapter is the closest thing to time
travel. Read on to discover how
master dark seducers are able to
addict a target to them within an
astoundingly short space of time.
Chapter 9: Time
Distorted Seduction
As you’ve already learned, one of
the keys setting dark seducers apart
from regular people in their
approach to seduction is their
ability to do whatever it takes. One
manifestation of this is the fact that
many dark seducers are able to
cause a deep connection and a high
level of chemistry with a seduction
target within a very short space of
time. Dark seducers are able to
make their targets feel strong
emotions and a sense of rapport
that enables far more rapid progress
through the seductive process than
other people are able to achieve.
This chapter focuses purely on the
techniques and tactics that dark
seducers have with the intention of
speeding up the process of their
seduction. The precise methods
used will be exposed in full and the
psychological reasoning for their
effectiveness will be clearly stated.
What this knowledge amounts to is
an almost supernatural ability to
distort time and the perception of
time, to the dark seducer’s
Slow and Steady Does Not Win The
One of the traditional viewpoints on
seduction that exists within
mainstream thought is the
desirability of taking things slow
and not rushing. Largely speaking,
this misconception that most
people have comes down to one of
three factors - a limiting belief
stating that faster progress is not
possible, a moral belief that going
quicker during a pursuit is
somehow wrong, or the fact that the
mainstream seducer has never
questioned the status quo and even
considered whether there is
another, more efficient path to
One of the key mistakes people
make, as a result of the above
limitations, is plotting out their
romance ahead of time. They may
try and hold hands on the second
date, kiss on the third, invite the
other person home on the fifth or
some other such nonsense. This is
ridiculous. Sexual chemistry
between people is not something so
predictable or easy to make linear.
Dark seducers know this. A skilled
seducer knows that if something
can happen slowly, over a period of
time, there are ways to accelerate
the process, and get what they want
A Lifetime In An Evening
The extent to which dark seducers
deploy the following techniques
depend upon two things - how fast
they want the interaction to move,
and how much they feel the target
will require a distorted sense of
time to feel comfortable enough to
give the seducer what they want.
Like any other technique in this
book, skilled dark seducers use it as
a careful, adjusted art form, rather
than as a lazy, one size fits all type
sledgehammer approach.
If a dark seducer decides that
someone they have just met is the
type of person they want to
progress a seduction with as quickly
as possible, they are likely to begin
leading and moving the person
around from almost the moment of
meeting them. This can literally
begin within minutes - the seducer
will say something along the lines
of ‘let’s stand over there’ or ‘let’s go
outside and get some fresh air’. As
the evening progresses, the seducer
may propose venue switches, saying
something like ‘this place is boring,
let’s go to this other place’ or ‘let’s
go get some food’.
Basically, as you see from the
above, the seducer aims to move
their target around as much as
possible in the course of a short
space of time. This may sound
simple but, like most techniques in
this book, the complexity stems
from the execution of the tactic,
rather than the tactic itself. If you
notice in the verbal examples above,
the seducer never asks, but always
states. This helps to establish the
seducer as a commanding, leading
figure. This is known as
‘establishing the frame’.
It is not enough for the seducer’s
words alone to be authoritative - it
is essential for the seducer’s tone of
voice to be solid and their body
language to convey the fact that the
seducer expects to be obeyed.
People find it much easier to be led
by someone who genuinely comes
across as an authoritative leader anything other than this is
incongruent and unappealing.
So why does the above technique
work? Basically, a target will feel as
if they have known the seducer for
far, far longer than they really have.
Think about it - if a seducer and
their target go to several different
places together in the course of a
few hours, rather than just sitting at
one table in one restaurant like so
many conventional dates, then in
the target’s mind, the seducer is
someone they have had a far greater
range of experience with. This is
how the human mind words. Time
is deeply subjective. Creating the
sensation of a lot of time spent
together is just as effective, if not
more effective, than actually
spending that time together.
Future Talk
The previous section showed how
the physical act of leading and
moving a target around is one of the
‘seduction hacks’ used by dark
seducers to create a deep sense of
comfort and rapid familiarity with
their target - the verbal equivalent
of this will now be shown. It is
important to note that the
techniques are not mutually
exclusive - they can and should be
used in conjunction to amplify and
intensify the effect they have.
It sounds deceptively simple, but
talking about a shared future can
lead to a high level of comfort in the
target’s mind that would not
otherwise exist. There are two main
approaches to this tactic - doing it
seriously, and doing it from a place
of humor. Each will now be shown,
with examples.
To make more serious talk of the
future work effectively, the seducer
will typically casually, and without
acting like it’s a big deal, drop
casual remarks about the future
into the conversation. For example,
if the target mentions a certain type
of music or food they like, the
seducer will say something like ‘oh
there’s this epic place for that
nearby, we’ll go there sometime’.
This will be said in a very offhand
manner and the seducer will then
move on rapidly without dwelling
on the topic, or even waiting for a
Using the area of the future in a
humorous way can also work well.
This usually involves making
absurd plans together. This is
primarily used to create a sense of
fun as well as comfort. The
ridiculous plans can then form the
basis of in-jokes which are used as
part of a dark seducer’s verbal
seduction - see the section on
verbal seduction for more
information on this usage.
The Art of Time Travel
As ever, the way in which the
techniques are applied is more
important than the techniques
themselves. These are some of the
key questions that dark seducers
focus on when working with the
topic of the future as part of verbal
game 1. What do I want to achieve
2. What will this particular
target, at this particular
time, respond well to?
3. How is what I’ve tried so
far being responded to,
and do I need to adjust?
Note that this is not a conscious
process of questioning for the
seducer - they aren’t manually
crossing off items on a checklist.
Instead, the seducer knows almost
instinctively, due to endless
experience, what they need to do in
relation to any or all of these
As well as having a clear, justified
intention based on the instinctive
response to the above questions, a
skilled seducer is also aware of
what to do when something they try
in this area doesn’t work out as
intended. Let’s explore some
responses to both types of
roadblock - resistance to physical
leading and resistance to verbal
future planning.
If the target of a seduction shows
resistance to being led, either
within a venue or to another venue,
the first important thing is for the
seducer to not react to this. The
worst thing a seducer can do in this
situation is to get angry, or
annoyed, or lose their cool in any
way whatsoever. Even a brief sign
of facial anger can totally ruin the
seduction and be difficult to recover
from. Instead, the seducer should
just smoothly continue with
whatever verbal or physical game
they are running at the time. The
rejection to be led only becomes a
big deal if the seducer treats it as
If, however, a target repeatedly
shows resistance to being led, even
when their levels of comfort seem
to have increased, or they have
relaxed more, it is important for the
seducer to reassess whether they
are the best target to spend time on
in that situation, or whether there
are better ways to spend their time.
Good seduction is never about
forcing, or making anyone do
anything they are uncomfortable
with - it is simply about leading
people into pleasurable experiences.
Excessive resistance can show that
a target is just not in the right
headspace to be seduced on that
occasion. If that’s the case, the
seducer should politely move on.
Resistance to verbal future talk is
less of a big deal and more fun to
overcome. If the seducer starts
joking around or mentioning the
future in a semi-serious way, and
the target calls them out on it, there
are a number of possible responses.
The seducer may tease the target,
something along the lines of ‘wow
you must not talk to people that
often if this is weird for you, how
cute’. Sometimes, a seducer will
simply shut down what the target
says, by saying something like ‘OK’
and then moving on like it never
happened. A final comic response is
to exaggerate. So if a target is like
‘why do you want to see me so
much in the future?’ the seducer
may say something like ‘yeah, I
want to see you SO badly, I want to
see you tomorrow morning, and
then every day after, and then we
will get married next week, and
move in together’ and so on. This
should be done in an absurd, joking
tone of voice in order to create fun
and good feeling in the process.
Chapter 10: Seductive
The shadow element is one of the
main aspects of dark seduction
which sets it apart from more
widely accepted and recognized
seduction techniques. Most of the
mainstream seduction advice states
that you should ‘be yourself’ in
order to attract the person you
desire. The banality of this advice is
bad enough but its ineffectiveness
is even worse. The idea that there is
a fixed ‘self’ to be runs contrary to
truth and is also not a useful idea
when pursuing a seductive target.
In truth, people are capable of being
almost anyone they want to be, and
can change their behavior and
perspective, often without being
conscious of doing so, depending on
the circumstances which are taking
place at the time. Scientific
experiments, including Zimbardo’s
prison experiment and Milgram’s
electric shock experiment, have
shown that people are capable of
changing the behaviors they exhibit
depending on what is expected of
them and the environment they are
Seeing that human behavior has
been shown to be malleable, not
fixed, why not exploit this flexibility
for one’s own gain? Dark seducers
are enlightened enough to know
that, since as there is no essential
‘them’, they may as well be
whatever is needed within the
course of any given interaction to
get the target they desire.
This chapter will look at some of
the ways in which dark seducers
adapt and display different sides of
their personality and identity in
order to provide the experience to
the target that is most likely to
result in the target complying with
the seducer’s seductive intentions.
Fill The Gaps
The first thing that is needed from
the dark seducer to make this
aspect of seduction work, aside
from a willingness to let go of any
fixed notion of who they are, is the
ability to find out what is missing
from the life of their target. After
all, seeing as the entire purpose of
the ‘shadow’ aspect of game is to
become whatever the other person
needs, it is necessary to first find
out what is currently lacking. The
best seducers are able to do this
through a mix of questions and
It is obvious that a person will give
some details about their life if they
are asked. However, skilled
seducers are not forced to rely on
their verbal questioning alone.
Instead, they read aspects of a
target such as their body language,
their life circumstances, their age,
the general vibe they put across and
so forth in order to determine
things about them. The type of
thing a dark seducer is trying to
figure out is what kind of person
the target is, what values they have,
if they are generally happy with
their life or not, if they are open or
averse to risk and countless other
Different seducers have different
approaches to the way in which
they adapt themselves to their
target. Some seducers will rely on
emphasizing aspects of their own
life which create a sense of rapport
and commonality between them
and their target. Others will aim to
show that they are not only similar
to their target, but an even better
version. For example, if it is
determined that the target values
someone who is intelligent, the
seducer will not only portray
themselves as intelligent, but more
intelligent than the target.
Sometimes, a seducer will take a
‘safari’ approach to the shadow
aspect of their seduction. What is
meant by this? Basically, the
seducer will show an exciting
personality that the target may be
excited to ‘visit and experience’ but
would not want to spend time in on
a longer basis, much like a safari.
This type of shadowing is especially
useful when the seducer is only
trying to seduce their target on a
short term basis.
In order to determine exactly what
‘shape’ their shadow should take in
the course of the interaction, some
seducers will subtly try out
different things and note which gets
a reaction from their target. For
example, a seducer may say
something slightly intelligent,
something else slightly obnoxious
and something very friendly.
Whichever aspect the target seems
to connect with the most, and
respond well to, is the element that
the seducer will then focus on for
the rest of the interaction.
Shadows are an apt term for this
chameleon like aspect of dark
seduction as, just like real shadows,
seducers constantly change
depending on what is in front of
them and the circumstances at the
time. Sometimes the shadow will
grow in size, other times it will
shrink, and sometimes it will
change shape entirely. Like every
other technique in the dark
seducer’s arsenal, there is no ‘on or
off’ switch to the shadow technique
- just times where it is used to a
greater or lesser extent.
The Power Of The Shadow
The true power of this aspect of
dark seduction, and the reason why
it works so well, is due to the fact
that it allows dark seducers to
connect with almost anyone at
almost any time. Contrast this
adaptable approach with the
approach of most people. Yes, every
now and then, maybe once or twice
in a lifetime, they will stumble
across someone they have a
connection with. Dark seducers, on
the other hand, are able to precisely
reverse engineer exactly what
makes this connection take place,
and make it happen as often as they
Switching up the personality they
portray at any given time is a key
reason why seducers are able to
play their seductive game for such
prolonged periods of time. If
seduction artists were going out
night after night and trying the
same things again and again it
would soon cause them to become
bored and quit the game entirely.
By becoming shadows, and being
adaptable, seduction artists are able
to keep their own levels of personal
motivation high.
The shadow also gives a seducer a
huge advantage in almost every
other area of their life. By knowing
exactly how they need to be around
any given person, they are sure to
form deep connections, or at least
as deep as they desire, with a wide
range of people in almost every area
of life, whether personal,
professional or purely friends. This
means that the doors of social
situations are always open to
seducers who are able to use the
shadow technique properly.
Mixing Truth and Deception
So far, if you have paid attention to
this chapter and contemplated its
ideas, you may have been left
thinking that a dark seducer needs
to be some kind of actor in order to
have success with the shadow
technique. This is partially the case,
but not entirely. The best seducers
don’t out and out invent personas
on the spot - they instead find a
grain of their own self which fits
the persona they wish to portray,
and amplify it.
For example, let’s imagine, through
a mixture of questioning and
intuition, a dark seducer has
determined that the best course of
action is to show themselves to be a
creative person. Instead of
inventing some rough sketch of
such a person, they would instead
tap into their own creative side.
They would emphasize and amplify
the parts of their own personality,
adding and exaggerating where
needed, in order to appeal to the
target they were interacting with at
the time. They would also downplay
their own personality in the
This method of creating a shadow
from your own soul is far more
effective than trying to guess at and
imitate the desired shadow
personality. A shadow persona
which has no basis in reality
whatsoever is very unlikely to be
able to win a target over. Most
people are more intuitive than we
give them credit for and something
which is based entirely on
falsehood, without having even an
aspect of the truth, is likely to come
across as phony and lose any
attraction which has been created.
Shadow HQ
The shadow technique just
described, along with the mirroring
and manipulation of time described
in previous chapters, are all
intended to create a sense of
comfort and compatibility between
the target and the seducer. Is this
enough? No. Think of the rapport
and comfort as almost the creation
of a ‘base’ from which the seducer
is able to operate. It is important to
have a strong foundation to launch
a seductive plan from - but is not
enough in and of itself.
The next few sections of this book
will show the playbook by which a
seducer can carry out their
intentions, having established a
firm position of comfort and
familiarity with which to do so.
Now that you understand
thoroughly how a seducer gains
power over their target, read on to
figure out exactly what they do with
that power once it has been gained.
Chapter 11: Reward and
So far, this book has clearly
elaborated upon the theoretical
foundations of dark seduction, and
explored some of the methods by
which dark seducers initiate a
seductive interaction with their
target and then steer the initial
course of the interaction in a way
which grants the seducer the
balance of power. This chapter is
the first which directly deals with
an aspect of how the seducer
exercises the power that they have
It is important that the techniques
found in this chapter only work
when the seducer actually has some
power - they are contingent upon
the target feeling a sense of
connection with the individual
trying to seduce them. If you are
carrying out these techniques for
yourself, be sure to use the tactics
related to generating rapport
through mirroring, leading and so
forth found in the previous chapters
before attempting to use the ideas
found in the later chapters. They
simply won’t work without the
requisite levels of rapport.
With that being said, this chapter
will now explore one of the key
areas of interest for many dark
seducers - reward and punishment.
This relates to the way in which a
seducer seeks to encourage or
discourage their target to behave or
stop behaving in a certain way. The
techniques found here can be used
by a seducer at any stage of the
interaction between themselves and
their target, provided enough of a
connection has been established.
Reward and punishment can occur
on the first night the target and
seducer meet - it can also occur
after the two have been in a
relationship for a number of years.
Tactical Praise, Calculated Criticism
The basic concept by which a
seducer seeks to establish control
over the behavior of their target,
and mold them into the type of
person they want them to be, is by
only praising or criticizing when
such responses are used carefully
and for clearly understood tactical
reasons. Most dark seducers will
never give a comment of praise or
one of scorn without carefully
thinking about why they are doing
it. That is because dark seducers
know that words are weapons and
they should not be used carelessly.
So how does calculated praise and
criticism differ from regular praise
and criticism? In two major ways.
First, they differ from normal praise
and criticism with regards to the
occasions on which they are used.
Second, they differ due to the type
of praise and criticism that is
handed out. Let’s look at each
aspect in turn.
Whereas most people will praise
someone through a pure intention
of wanting to express positive
sentiment, a seducer will only ever
praise for selfish reasons - namely
putting pressure on their target to
behave in a certain way. The
seducer’s criteria for praise is not
‘this person has earned a kind
comment’ - rather it is ‘I want that
person to behave in that way again,
whether or not it benefits them’.
Similarly, many normal people will
criticize or advise someone on the
basis that they feel they are helping
them out. A seducer, on the other
hand, couldn’t care less. They will
do whatever they want - not what is
in the target’s interest. For example,
a true dark seducer will have no
hesitation in criticizing something
that is not to their liking - even if it
helps out the target personally.
Some readers will balk at the above
description of reward and
punishment and label it immoral or
somehow bad. This is not actually
the case. In actual fact, the
technique is not so much moral or
immoral as it is amoral. The type of
praise and criticism a dark seducer
uses, and the limits of what they are
prepared to say and do, depends
entirely upon the individual at
hand. It is down to each individual
seducer to determine what they are
and are not willing to do and say to
a target. The technique, devoid of a
person using it, is neutral. It is
capable of either harm or help.
So what are the some of the main
ways in which a seducer may make
use of praise and criticism when
influencing a target? Some seducers
choose to focus on the way in which
a target responds to them. For
example, if a target does not seem
as interested in a seducer as the
seducer desires, then criticism of
some kind may be used. On the
other hand, if a target displays an
appropriate amount of attention
and responds in a good way to what
the seducer says and does, then
reward may be used.
A target’s appearance may also be
one area in which a seducer uses
reward and criticism. By praising or
subtly insulting the way a target
looks, it is possible for a seducer to
influence the way in which a target
presents their image.
The seducer may also choose to
make use of the principle of reward
and punishment in order to
influence the way in which a target
responds physically to them. For
example, if a target is slow to
respond to physical touch or an
attempt to kiss, the seducer may
criticize them by saying something
like ‘I wish you weren’t so boring’
or even criticize them non-verbally,
using only a look or a gesture to do
The type of reward and criticism
which works with one target may
not work with another. The best
dark seducers know there is no
absolute right or wrong way to go
about rewarding or criticizing - just
to use whatever seems to have an
impact upon the victim at the time.
Some targets will respond well to
verbal approval or criticism while
others will respond better to
nonverbal options. Some targets
need overt criticism or praise while
others respond better to almost
backhanded, subtle, even passive
aggressive criticism and praise. It is
only through a process of
experimentation and experience
that a dark seducer is able to learn
about the variety of methods they
can use to gain compliance from
their target.
Operant Conditioning
The reason why this method of
reward and criticism is so effective
is due to a psychological principle
called ‘operant conditioning’. It
basically refers to the fact that it is
possible for behavior to be changed,
or conditioned, by the response it
receives. The theory is complex and
detailed so will not be covered in
any more depth than needed here.
Feel free to search and read about it
if you want further scientific
validation for the principles in this
Psychotic Inconsistency
Controversially, it can be said that
most people use reward and
criticism to influence behavior of
the people they interact with. The
difference with a dark seducer,
however, is that the dark seducer is
consciously aware of what they are
doing and the impact they wish it to
have, whereas most people just
happen to respond in a certain way
to certain things. This deliberate
usage of encouragement and
discouragement is by no means the
only way that reward and
punishment differs for a dark
The most shameless of all dark
seducers who are willing to do
whatever it takes to get what they
want out of a target will develop a
pattern of inconsistency with their
praise and criticism. This
unpredictability leaves a target
feeling on edge and never exactly
sure of when they will feel
reassured and when they will feel
attacked. This type of psychotic
emotional manipulation has
parallels, bizarrely, with the world
of animal training.
In order to get sea creatures such as
dolphins to jump through hoops at
places like Sea World, animal
trainers first give them a fish or
other reward every time they jump
through the hoop. Eventually, the
dolphin becomes lazy, and does not
put as much effort into their jumps.
To counteract this, the trainer
chooses to give the dolphin a fish
sometimes, no fish other times and
a lot of fish at random intervals.
This results in the dolphin never
knowing when a reward or lack of
reward is on the way. The creature
therefore makes extra effort on
every jump.
Dark seducers use reward and
criticism in a similar way to dolphin
trainers. They never allow their
targets to fall into a feeling of safety
or certainty. Whatever happens
next is always unpredictable and, as
a result, the target is always going
out of their way to go the extra mile
for the seducer, in the hope of
receiving a random reward. This is
an effective, albeit evil, system of
Chapter 12: The Thin
Line Between
Temptation and Fear
One of the most interesting things
about dark seducers is their
awareness of the dynamics present
in a seductive encounter that relate
to both temptation and fear. Dark
seducers know that many people
are torn between their desires as
natural human beings and the type
of social conditioning and
environmental pressure which
holds them back from behaving in a
way which is truly free. The best
dark seducers are able to make use
of this fine line by being both the
‘devil’ and the ‘angel’ and leading
their target through an emotional
maze playing on both sides of the
emotional spectrum.
This chapter will explore the ways
in which a dark seducer is able to
get into the head of a target and
look at how their target feels a
complex mixture of desire, doubt
and everything that is in between
the two. The chapter shows that
seducers are able to map out their
target’s enthusiasms and
hesitancies in order to provoke and
influence the way in which a target
acts. Finally, it will be shown that
the highest level of mastery for a
dark seducer in this area is to turn a
target’s own desires against them
and use them as a form of
psychological control - all without
the target ever knowing any such
thing is taking place.
Devil and Angel
What many people forget is that the
devil was originally in fact an angel.
This duality between good and evil,
between purity and pleasure, is
something that a dark seducer is
not only aware of but embraces. As
stated in one of the book’s first
chapters, a dark seducer is different
because of their willingness to see
the world for how it really is and to
make it work for them rather than
against them. Understanding the
nature of duality and how to use it
is a key aspect of this.
Often, dark seducers take great
pleasure from alternately playing
the role of the devil and the angel
which sit on the shoulders of the
target. One minute, the seducer
may take up the diabolic role,
tempting the target to push beyond
the boundaries and limits of their
comfort and morality, and instead
give in to pure, hedonistic pleasure.
The next, the seducer may switch
back into a more angelic way of
being, lecturing the target for their
sinful lapses and blaming them for
their own desires.
Just as an earlier chapter of this
book dealt with the emotional
spikes that seducers must induce,
both positive and negative, this
chapter deals with the moral spikes
a good seducer is capable of
triggering. The best seducer should
push their target into feeling
alternately naughty, guilty and
gripped by strong desire. This moral
emotional variety keeps a seduction
interesting and plays upon aspects
of a target’s psyche which are rarely
if ever touched upon in the course
of their everyday life.
We largely live in an amoral world
in which feelings of guilt and right
and wrong are often ignored in
favor of more material concerns.
Human beings naturally have a
strong moral dimension, and
conscience, however, and everyone
has this dormant and ready to tap
into. The best dark seducers know
exactly how to turn a target’s own
conscience into the seducer’s
wingman, to help them achieve
their aim of seducing the target in
whichever way they desire.
White and Black Thread Woven
Into Rope
Temptation, desire, guilt and other
associated moral emotions should
not be seen as separate - they are
usually different sides to the same
coin. Think of a target’s moral
compass as being like a prism depending on what light is shined
through it, it produces a different
output. Dark seducers are the light or lack of it. Depending upon the
way in which they choose to flow
through their target, they may
manage to trigger outputs of guilt,
desire or a mixture of the two
through the same source.
The best dark seducers don’t see
desire and remorse as separate rather they are interconnected
aspects of the same whole. A skilled
seducer will therefore be able to say
things which trigger the responses
of desire and guilt at the same time.
An example would be something
like “I wish you weren’t making me
want you so much right now, you
are so shameless”. This is an
interesting line for several reasons.
First of all, it places the blame for
the seduction on the target rather
than on the seducer. This is likely to
trigger equal feelings of lust, shame
and guilt in the target - a potent
mixture. Second, the exciting
temptation stemming from the
phrase ‘want you’ is mixed in with
the reproachful ‘shameless’. The
mixed messages send strong signals
to the target’s subconscious mind
that strongly amplify the emotional
intensity and feeling of meaning
present in a seductive encounter.
Bend But Never Break
The best dark seducer is like a
tightrope walker - they are always
walking a very thin, very perilous
line between pushing the target
right to the edge of, and even
slightly past, their comfort zone,
but never pushing them so far
outside of it that they break down
and end the interaction. Everyone
has boundaries - dark seducers are
better than most of eliciting these
from a target and knowing exactly
how far they can be prodded and
played with.
The breaking point differs from
target to target. Interestingly, the
breaking point often differs at
different points in the same
interaction for the same target. For
example, a person’s breaking point
at the start of an interaction when
they have hardly spoken to the
seducer may be lower than later in
the interaction when they feel
familiar and more at ease in the
company of a dark seducer. The
best seducers are always able to
gauge and recalibrate where a
breaking point is throughout an
interaction, rather than assuming it
stays static and remains what it was
at first.
One of the ways in which a dark
seducer is able to push a target’s
breaking point is to take a ‘two
steps forward, one step back’
approach. This sees the seducer
pushing the target’s comfort zone
just a little bit too far, and then
retreating for a period of time,
before pushing forward again. This
gradually increases the moral
testing the target is able to
withstand without breaking entirely
and walking away.
Verbal Moral Tests
So far, this issue of morality and
pushing the boundaries may sound
entirely serious and heavy going. In
actual fact, it doesn’t have to be that
way. Skilled seducers are able to
deal with the topics of morality and
boundaries in a way which comes
across as fun, cheeky and playful
rather than rude or intrusive. Let’s
look at some of the ways this can
take place.
One way to get the target to open up
about their moral limits, desires
and qualms is by phrasing the
exploration as a game. If the
seducer says something like ‘Let’s
play a game called “would you ever”
‘ and then proceeds to test a target’s
moral limits, but in a playful tone of
voice, the target is less likely to
resist. Even though they are
revealing the same information as
they would if the target asked them
seriously, it doesn’t feel serious due
to the way in which the seducer
presents the situation.
Another way in which seducers are
able to explore their target’s
morality is with leading questions.
These can put some kind of subtle
pressure on the target to open up.
An example would be a seducer
saying ‘A lot of fun and adventurous
people I know have made out with
people of the same sex, have you
ever done that?’ The way in which
the question is framed makes the
target feel as if they need to live up
to the standard set by the seducer.
Chapter 13: Demonic
Sexual Seduction
This chapter will explore how some
seducers are able to use sexual
energy as part of the seduction
process. It is not a guide to the
actual act of sex itself, rather it aims
to analyze and explore ways in
which energy and the hint of
sexuality are used to increase the
tension of attraction between the
seducer and their target. The
analogy of demonic energy has been
used due to the fact that when the
techniques found in this chapter are
used effectively, they leave the
target with the feeling that they are
not in control of themselves. The
best seducers are able to take
control of the energy of the
interaction using the techniques
found here. This can be likened to
demonic possession due to the
intensity and seeming out of
control nature of the result it
Throughout history the best of
seducers have been able to make
use of implied sexual energy in
order to increase the tension
present in an interaction. Due to
the fact that human sexuality is a
powerful inherent drive, this is not
something that is capable of
changing due to cultural trends or
peculiarities of the time. Therefore
the same techniques that worked
for famous seducers throughout
history, such as Rasputin and
Casanova are able to work today.
This chapter will now explore the
range of techniques that the best
seducers are able to use in the
pursuit of sexual energy in their
interactions. The techniques will be
separated into physical, verbal, sub
communication and acts of intent.
The techniques present in this
chapter fall within the usual
psychological guidelines found
elsewhere in this book - they focus
only on what works rather than
what is right.
A note of guidance must be
provided before this chapter goes
further. The techniques in this
chapter are not intended in any way
to override the free will of someone
who is being interacted with. Rather
they’re intended as a method by
which the intensity of the
experience for both parties may be
increased. This is a positive thing
and not something that should be
seen in a negative light. As usual
the techniques are neither moral or
immoral - rather they are amoral. It
is down to the hands of the person
using them to determine the result
they have.
Sub Communications and Intent
This section will now explore the
way in which sexual energy and
tension can be generated through
subtle and non-obvious means. The
best seducers are able to use subtle
elements of what they do through
their use of body language and the
intent behind the interaction in
order to create the desired effect.
The best type of seduction in this
area is not obvious to outside
observers. Indeed to those who are
watching this take place it may
seem as if nothing is happening.
This is because the effect had by the
seducers is only felt by those they
are interacting with. What are the
implications of this?
Basically it allows for the seducers
to create quite an intense sexual
tension without it being obvious or
inappropriate to outside observers.
This is what allows some of the best
pickup artists in history to go about
their work without it causing a
problem in public. It allows the
seducers to go to from target to
target within the course of the same
evening without it causing
problems. Contrast the subtle and
effective way of seduction with the
more obvious way that many
unskilled seducers go about
creating sexual tension. Unskilled
seducers may attempt to do this
with a crude, crass, over the top
approach. This is ineffective
compared to the correct dark
seductive approach that follows.
Be Congruent
So what are some of the specific
ways that seducers are able to ramp
up the tension and feelings of
sensuality within an interaction?
Perhaps the first and most
important aspect is the seducer’s
own internal state. This relates back
to the start of the book which talked
about the difference between the
internal and external elements of
In order to effectively project
outwards tension and sexual
confidence, and for it to come
across as authentic, the seducer
must first feel this inner reality
before they are able to project it
outwards. People are able to sense
when a seducer does not feel the
internal reality of what they are
projecting out. There needs to be a
congruence and compatibility
between what a seducer is feeling
and what they are saying and doing
to their target. It is therefore
essential that seducers are able to
put themselves in the correct state
of mind before attempting to
seduce as a result of it.
Always Warm Up
The implications of this are as
follows. Seducers must first
effectively game themselves before
they are able to game others. Just
as a seducer must always be aware
of their target’s comfort level and
feelings during the course of an
interaction, they must also be aware
of their own personal state and
mood. Basically, a seducer must
always be willing to judge whether
they themselves are feeling
authentically sexual before they are
able to make others feel this way.
Also, for many seducers, this
requires a process of warming up.
What is meant by warming up is the
ability to get into a social, confident,
outgoing place of interaction that
allows the seducer to express what
they are truly feeling. Some
seducers are able to trigger this
state in themselves by listening to
music, expressing their physical
posture in a certain way, or doing
other hacks, shortcuts and tricks in
order to feel this way.
For others, it is a more gradual
process. For example, some
seducers may walk into a venue
feeling not so confident and not so
sexual. As they do some basic
interactions with people in the
vicinity, their confidence levels
increase and they slowly become
more and more in state as the
evening progresses.
Relaxed Laser Eye Contact
One of the keys to projecting the
appropriate energy during the
course of the interaction is having
the appropriate eye contact. This
should be intense but not to the
point of being intimidating. The
seducer shouldn't be scared of
holding fixed eye contact during the
course of the interaction. However,
the eye contact should be somewhat
relaxed and not to the point where
it feels like staring. This is a subtle
difference, but one which the most
experienced pickup artists are fully
aware of how to make work in their
In order to become familiar with
the correct type of eye contact that
is likely to produce the desired
result it is necessary for the seducer
to gain personal experience in this
area. There is no substitute for
either going out regularly and
practicing this aspect of seduction
or watching videos of some of the
best seducers and modeling their
own behavior.
Thankfully both of these options
are completely possible for the
modern seduction artist. YouTube
has a wealth of videos from some of
the best seducers in the modern
times by using the latest pickup
techniques which get the best
results. If there is any doubt in the
mind of the seducer as to what they
should be doing, then there are two
simple remedies to this problem.
First, learning what must be done
in terms of the correct level of eye
contact. Second, practicing this for
themselves over time until it
becomes second nature and they
automatically make the right type
of eye contact without it being
something they have to think about
or consciously do.
Falling under the guise of someone
who has got this area of game
handled can have quite a powerful
effect. The target will often respond
by showing a mixture of awareness
and interaction with their own
physicality. For example, when this
type of eye contact is done well, the
target may begin to subconsciously
touch their hair, brushing it away
from their face in response to the
eye contact. This is traditionally
known as an indicator of interest. It
is one of the ways that the seducer
is able to tell that what they are
doing is working. When first
starting out practicing this aspect of
seduction it may be necessary for a
seducer to manually think
throughout if whether what they
are doing is having the desired
effect. However, over time, a
seducer will learn to judge their
impact through intuition. This is
one of the reasons why it is
necessary to practice as much as
possible in order to become an
effective skilled and instinctive
Slow It Down
One of the ways in which this type
of energy is able to be created is
through modification of the pace of
the interaction. One of the common
mistakes which many people make
when attempting seduction is to
talk and behave in a way which is
too fast. The best seducers, on the
other hand, are able to slow down
the pace of the interaction in order
to make the target feel comfortable
and ready for something more to
happen. This can relate to the way
in which their voice is used. For
example, if you listen to yourself
talking very rapidly, and then more
deliberately, you will notice that the
slower pace is more appealing and
sensual to listen to. This should be
used cautiously. It is important to
have an authentic impact rather
than coming across as some kind of
parody of a seductive character.
This subtle difference is something
which can be gauged through
persistent practice.
As well and using the pace of words
to create the desired effect and
tension, it is also a good idea to
speak in a more deliberate way.
This involves leaving pauses
between words particularly when
the person wishes to emphasize
something they are saying. This can
also create a feeling of expectation
on behalf of the target, which can
leave the seducer in a position of
power. In order to get a feeling for
how this can be used to create
energy and therefore tension, listen
to speeches by some of the best
public speakers of our era. You will
notice that they are effectively able
to use pauses in order to create a
compelling speaking voice which is
almost hypnotic to listen to.
The speed of their physical
movement is also something which
a seduction artist must be aware of
when they are interacting. Jerky
movements and motions are
unattractive and give off the feeling
of the seducer being in a rush.
Instead, it is better for the
seduction artist to move in a slow,
controlled, and deliberate way. This
results in a physical smoothness
which is unlikely to disrupt the pace
or feel of an interaction. An
alternative fast movement can give
the impression of panic which can
result in the spell and tension
which has been created being
disrupted. When the volume of an
interaction has been disrupted, it
can be almost impossible to
recover. When it is not impossible,
it can be very difficult and timeconsuming to do so. It is therefore
best to avoid doing anything which
interrupts the pace of the
interaction in the first place. Always
being aware of and being in control
of one's own movements is
therefore essential.
Alternating Pressure
One of the main mistakes that
people make when attempting this
area of seduction is to do too much
too soon. People can feel
overwhelmed and overloaded if
someone they are interacting with
is overly sexual from the beginning
of the interaction. While it is
sometimes possible to come on
strong early, and for it to work, it is
not the best course of action.
Instead it is better to gradually, and
slowly, ramp up the sensuality
throughout the course of the
interaction. This prevents the
problem of the target feeling
overwhelmed too early and
therefore backing away from the
This requires the seducer to use a
process known as calibration to get
the best results. This always
requires the seducer to be aware of
their target’s comfort level at any
given time. It is almost like working
with metal. The metal must be
heated up slowly in order to be bent
into the shape that the artist
desires. Too much heat, too soon,
will result in the metal being
destroyed and therefore unable to
be shaped. Seduction is no
different. Heat must be used
gradually in order to mold the
targets will to the intent of the
person shaping it.
This is best achieved through
alternating periods of high and low
intensity. For example, the
seduction artist may choose to use
an intensely sexual tone and
physicality, for a short period of
time, before returning to a less
intimidating and less intense way of
interacting. This is sometimes
known as pressure on, pressure off.
It stops the target from feeling too
overwhelmed and wanting to back
away before the seduction has the
chance to proceed.
Addictive Sexual Energy
Due to the fact that a feeling of
sexual energy is actually quite
addictive on a biochemical level, if a
seducer is able to use this
effectively, they are able to leave
their target feeling as if they are
physically addicted to the presence
of the person who has seduced
them. This type of interpersonal
addiction is a double edged sword.
This is due to the fact that, on the
one hand, the seducer is able to
ensure that the target comes back
for more. On the other hand, it can
result in a situation where the
seducer has multiple people who
are addicted to their presence at any
one time. This can end up requiring
some difficult social management
to stop the situation from resulting
in fights and jealousy occurring.
This may sound fantastical, but if
you speak to any experienced
seducer, you are almost certain to
hear some stories of various targets
becoming jealous of one another. A
key component of this jealousy is
the addictive nature of the sexual
energy and attention which the best
seducers are able to create.
The addictive component of this
sexuality is one of the key things
that stops a seduction artist from
ever falling into the friend zone.
Simply put, they do not give the
people they are interacting with the
option of seeing them as a friend.
There is no possible way to think
only in friendly terms of someone
who was putting across a high level
of sexual energy. This is by no
means to say that everyone a
seduction artist interacts with will
feel attracted to them. However, the
sexual component of seduction acts
as a filter. If forces people to see the
seduction artist as a person of
sexual intent. The choice is simple.
Either feel attraction for the
seduction artist on a sexual level.
Or, alternatively, to be polarized by
them in a way which does not end
in friendship. This aspect of
seduction is a way to avoid the
problem of someone you are
attracted to only seeing you as a
Chapter 14: The
Disappearing Devil
This chapter will draw upon a
concept taken from Machiavelli's
The Prince and update and apply it
in light of the seductive art form.
In ‘The Prince’, Machiavelli states
that one of the things that give a
ruler their power is the fact they are
generally unavailable. Think about
a king or a Queen as an example.
Their life exists and takes place
behind the walls of palaces and
other high status buildings. Not
everyone is able to walk into such
places as and when they choose.
The presence of someone of high
status is rare and when it is
conferred upon people it is
considered as an honor. People
naturally value scarcity in general.
This is a law of economics which
the best seduction artists are able to
make work in their favor.
This chapter deals with the way in
which a seduction artist is able to
make use of the idea of scarcity and
rarity in order to increase the value
in the eyes of the people they wish
to seduce. It looks at both the
practical and philosophical
implications of what this technique
implies. A clear contrast will be
drawn between this perspective
within dark seduction and the more
common mainstream perspective
which is widely seen. Not only what
works will be shown now, but also,
why it works. This will allow you to
carry out the techniques with the
confidence that they will work, and
you understand the basis by which
they work. This conscious practice
of the ideas in this chapter is what
differentiates a true seduction artist
from a layman.
The Mainstream Mistake
Before seeing the right way to be
scarce and unavailable, we must
first explore the wrong way to do
these things. This incorrect
perspective is commonly seen
within the context of mainstream
seductive thought. It is especially a
problem in the modern time due to
the prevalence of smartphones and
messaging applications. Through
social media and messaging
applications, people are always
available. In fact, most modern
messaging applications will even
show someone when you have read
their message, therefore increasing
the pressure to reply promptly. This
culture of always being available
runs contrary to the notion of being
scarce in order to increase one's
personal value.
If you think about classic tales of
romance and seduction, part of the
reason that they are so effective is
due to the fact that the people
involved often had to wait around
for a response. Think about the
clichéd example of a heroine whose
true love has gone to war. They may
wait a long time for a romantic
response to arrive by letter. While
they are waiting, one of the most
seductive elements is the time they
have to dwell in anticipation and
experience longing. Effectively,
waiting in anticipation allows
somebody to seduce themselves in
their mind by having romantic
notions and fantasies. Always being
available, and always replying
promptly, destroys the chance that
somebody has to experience this
joyful and exciting anticipation.
Scarcity as Status
Think about the attempts of fans to
interact with their celebrity heroes.
Fans will attempt to contact the
celebrities they admire through
social media. Do they always expect
a response? No. When a response is
received it is seen as a big deal and
the person’s incredibly happy and
joyful. The reply is appreciated and
enjoyed but is not expected. Fans
naturally understand that
celebrities are busy people whose
time is valuable. Therefore, a
response is seen as something to be
enjoyed, not to be expected.
A sign of low value and not having a
full and fulfilling life is always
replying to messages promptly. It
suggests you have nothing better to
do and nothing to occupy your time.
Even if this is the case and you
don't have anything going on, you
should at least appear as if you do.
People will quickly become bored
with someone who is always
available and always there to
indulge them. There is a balancing
act to be learned between being
unavailable and available in the
right measure. Either option to
excess is a bad choice. Their needs
to be a delicate middle ground
between being available and
unavailable. This produces the
maximum level of interest and
helps your seductive efforts in the
optimum way.
One of the best ways to go about
achieving this balance is to
alternate times you reply promptly
and times where you take longer to
reply. You may also wish to vary the
length and detail that you put into
your replies. This has the effect of
leaving someone always
anticipating when you may or may
not reply to them. This creates a
feeling of excitement and
uncertainty in the mind of your
target. They know that it is possible
that you will give them your
attention and do so in depth,
however they cannot be sure of it. If
done well this technique will
produce the effect of someone
being excited when they hear from
you and looking forward to it.
Sometimes, someone you are
interacting with will call you out on
your lack of a prompt reply. When
this does occur, the best response is
to tease them and to have fun. For
example, you can say in a jokey
tone of voice that they missed you
and you can make fun of them for
this. Alternatively, you can use an
absurd sense of humor to concoct a
ridiculous tale of why you were
unable to reply. Whatever you do,
do not attempt to rationally justify
or explain your lack of response. To
do so you is low status behavior
which gives away the balance of
power in the interaction to the
person you are interacting with.
The Balance
You should always aim to be just on
the edge of too unavailable. It is
always better to be slightly too
scarce than slightly too available.
The intended effect should be to
make the person you're interacting
with feel as if they always just on
the verge of losing you without
actually losing you. This is a good
thing to get right and will probably
require an extensive period of
practice in order to master. There is
no way around the fact that, when
you are learning the art of scarcity
and unavailability, you will
probably mess up some of your
interactions. Don't be sad about
this. See it as invaluable training in
which you are learning the skills
necessary to get better in the future.
Almost no one becomes a master
overnight and it is inevitable that
you will mess up with some of the
people you desire in the early stages
of your seductive career.
If you have properly internalized
the concepts regarding abundance
and becoming not attached to any
one person, any of this will not
matter to you. After all, why does it
matter if you lose one person, if
there are a million more waiting for
you? Therefore, don't be scared to
be too scarce in order to learn
where the limits are. In the long
run, this will set you up far better
than if you play it safe and stay
within the boundaries of availability
which are usually found within the
Micro Scarcity
So far, this chapter has dealt with
the idea of unavailability and
scarcity in relation to responding to
messages and being generally
unavailable. This section of the
chapter will deal with the idea of
being unavailable on a micro-scale.
For example, it is a good idea to
project a vibe of scarcity and
unavailability during the course of a
one-on-one interaction. What is
meant by this?
Basically, a skilled seduction artist
is able to give the impression that
they are always on the verge of
becoming bored and walking away.
As human beings, we naturally
chase what is difficult for us to
achieve. This is due to the fact that
anything which is valuable in life
does not necessarily come easily. In
order to project this scarce vibe,
there are several techniques you
can use. We will now look at some
of the ways in which you can seem
scarce and unavailable in the course
of a one-on-one interaction.
First, it is important for you to have
clear boundaries of what you will
and won't accept while being
interacted with. People will either
consciously or subconsciously test
you while you interact with them.
Your ability to deal with these tests
in the right way is a key factor
behind whether you are seen as
attractive or not. Some of the
common tests you will face are
being insulted, someone being rude
to you, or someone making some
kind of disparaging remark about
who you are and what you do. This
is basically a way of seeing whether
you are the socially adjusted person
you are projecting. In order to pass
these tests, you must have the right
internal mindsets in place. These
include always having a sense of
self respect, knowing where the
limits of what you tolerate are, and
being willing to walk away if
someone pushes you too far.
When done well, you will leave the
person you are interacting with
having the feeling that they have
met someone who knows what they
want out of life and knows how to
best go about getting it. This
contrasts with the majority of
people who do not know where
their boundaries are, do not know
what their values are like, and are
willing to put up with almost
anything to get a chance with
someone they are attracted to.
This is why many people will
willingly end up in the friend zone.
They end up being used by the
people they are attracted to and are
almost always seen as personal
assistants. They will do endless
favors under the false idea that they
are being a nice person and that this
may eventually lead to them
entering into a romantic or sexual
relationship in the future. In actual
fact, this is almost never true. Do
not fall into the trap of thinking
that putting up with nonsense will
eventually lead to you getting with
someone. In fact, the very opposite
is true. You will always end up
being the safe friend. You will never
get what you want out of an
interaction and you will always be
used. Therefore, being scarce,
unavailable, and choosing to put
yourself first at all times is a vital
part of becoming a high value
person who is effective within the
field of seduction.
Chapter 15: Spiritual
This chapter deals with the way in
which some seducers are able to
make use of a sense of spirituality
or appeal to a higher purpose in the
pursuit of seduction. This chapter is
equally a guide of what not to do
and what should be avoided as it is
a suggestion of what should be
done. This is due to the fact that, of
all the chapters in this book, this is
perhaps the most interesting and
yet risky in terms of how unusual it
is. Some people will respond very
well to the techniques that are
contained in this chapter. However,
the majority will not. There are
many other ways to go about
seducing someone that do not
involve introducing the topic of
spirituality into the process. This is
therefore something that is
interesting to learn about, and even
more interesting to actually use on
occasion, not something that is
going to become the basis of many
people’s seductive process.
It is impossible to write a book
about dark seduction, however, and
ignore this topic entirely. Seducers
in both the modern and the
classical era have appealed to
spirituality as part of a seductive
process. Some classic examples
include Rasputin, the monk in old
Russian territory who was able to
make use of his supposed
supernatural powers as part of his
seductive conquests. In modern
times, influential pick up artists
such as the infamous Mystery have
been able to make use of a sense of
spirituality in order to achieve their
A Specialist Technique
The reason why the techniques of
this chapter in particular are
considered so strange is due to the
fact that the society in which we
live does not usually talk about
spiritual topics. People who are very
openly spiritual are often seen as
existing outside of the mainstream
lifestyle. For this reason, many
people will view an attempt to
introduce spirituality as part of the
seduction of something weird and
something to run away from.
However, as discussed earlier,
scarcity can be very attractive
If done well, and in a measured
way, and with the right level of skill
to carry it out properly, a sprinkling
of spirituality can help even the
most mundane and seemingly
mainstream interaction become
more memorable and interesting,
both for the seducer and the person
who is being seduced.
It does not necessarily mean that
the person who is attempting to
appear spiritual actually needs to be
so. For example, one of the earliest
known pick up techniques involves
the pickup artist telling a pseudo
spiritual story which was known as
The Cube. This was a technique
which was used to supposedly
reveal things about the target’s
personality which they themselves
may not know.
The story was actually a simple cold
reading technique which allowed
the seducer to give the impression
of knowing things that they did not
actually know. In reality, the
technique relied upon the use of
generalized statements which the
target could read almost anything
into that they wished. No genuine
spiritual progress was required on
behalf of the seduction artist.
Rather, just being able to use the
technique in the manner described
with in books such as The Game
was enough for people to get
One of the reasons that this type of
spiritual seduction should be used
sparingly within our modern
context, is due to the fact that it was
so overused in the early days of the
pickup community. It is a joke, one
which has even been shown on
mainstream comedy shows, of the
supposedly mysterious pick up
artist using a range of cheesy and
tired techniques such as card tricks,
magic, palm reading, and
handwriting analysis in order to
seduce their target. As a result of
the overuse of this style of game in
the early days, many people are now
very wary of it. It must be used in a
new and original way, if it is used at
all in the modern time, in order to
go undetected.
Due to the fact that this type of
seduction was overused in the early
days, the way in which is it is now
used needs to be a lot more subtle.
The seduction artist attempting to
make use of this style of game
should not actually claim to do
magic tricks or do any kind of
psychic reading. Such techniques
are the equivalent of a
sledgehammer and are likely to be
laughable rather than seductive.
Instead, it is better to use subtle
hints, words and other tactics to
give the impression of specialist
knowledge. Being able to guess
something about someone before
they actually tell you is an example
of this.
Another social, and more
acceptable, way of being able to
project a vibe of spirituality is to
talk about some of the books and
ideas which you have learned about
within this area lately. Of course, to
be able to do this well, requires you
to actually take an interest in this
area of life and read some of the
main books that are popular at the
This should be mentioned in a
conversation in a very offhand and
casual manner. There is no point in
trying to really impress someone
with the things you have read or
learned. Instead subtly introduce
the type of things you have been
reading and have found interesting,
and judge whether the target
responds to them well. If they seem
to light up and become excited at
the introduction of a more spiritual
topic, then you may proceed to
enjoy this area together further. If
however, you judge that someone is
not interested when you initially
introduce the topic, then it is better
to let this topic drop, as it will not
get you anywhere in the course of
the interaction.
Why it Works
Human beings are naturally curious
about things they cannot explain.
All of us want to believe that there
is something more than the world
we see around us. This is why many
people are interested in phenomena
such as psychics, ghost, UFOs, and
other paranormal phenomenon.
The ability to mention spirituality
in a careful and chosen way taps
into this desire to experience
something that goes beyond the
realm of our everyday existence.
The extent to which this is
mentioned and used requires
discretion upon the part of the
person who is carrying out the
technique. For example, most
people will have a slight level of
curiosity in this area. As a result,
most of the time, spiritual ideas
should be used in a very light,
casual, and uninterested way. The
impression given should be that the
seduction artist is talking about
something that's slightly interesting
to them, rather than something that
they deeply care about. This is in
order to appear to care about the
area of spirituality the same
amount as the person that the
seduction artist is interacting with.
The alternative to appearing slightly
interested in this area, rather than
fully interested, is to scare and
intimidate the person you're
interacting with. This is particularly
the case in the course of the
seduction which has just begun.
Think about it from your own
perspective. If you met someone
who was able to tell you some
interesting facts about some
interesting spiritual topics which
they had lately found out about, it
may be an enjoyable and interesting
part of the interaction for you.
However, if they decided to talk
about this in a way which was
overly passionate or overly
involved, then you may leave with
the impression that they are crazy
and some kind of nut job. Now
obviously, you want to avoid giving
this impression yourself!
Who it Works With
As already stated, this technique
works with most people to some
extent or another. This skill is down
to being able to determine the
extent to which someone considers
himself to be spiritual, and
therefore interested in this area of
life. As already mentioned, one of
the ways to do this is to introduce
the topic in a slow, gradual, and
subtle way, and then to judge the
reaction of the person you have
spoken to. This is by no means the
only way to go about doing this. We
will now look at some other ways of
determining how well a person will
respond to this type of spiritual
seduction, and how to make the
most of different types of people,
and the way in which to interact
with them using these techniques.
Broadly speaking, there are three
types of people, with regards to
spiritual seduction. First, there are
those people who have the average
amount of interest in the spiritual
side of life. This will be the vast
majority of people that you
encounter in the course of your
seductive efforts. Such people
should be approached in the way
described above - to carefully and
subtly introduce the topic in a way
which seems uninteresting and
unimportant to the person talking
about it. This will allow you to
sprinkle in some of the alluring
power of spirituality without
overdoing it and putting off your
target all together.
The second type of person you will
encounter with regards to spiritual
seduction is the person who is a
complete skeptic and does not see
this kind of thing as being relevant
to them in any way whatsoever.
Such people can still be spoken to
about the area of spirituality and it
can even work well in your
seductive efforts towards them.
However, you will completely
switch your approach with this type
of person. After the initial mention
of the spiritual topic, which is used
to gauge their interest levels, you
will then instantly see by their
reaction, often a sign or a roll of the
eyes, that they are a skeptic and do
not see this kind of thing as being
important to them.
As soon as you get this impression,
you can try to make a sarcastic or
disparaging remark about the
general area of spirituality.
Sometimes, when you do this, you
will see that they enjoy being
sarcastic and dismissive about this
area. When you get this impression,
you can then decide to make
mockery of this type of talk. This is
a great way of connecting with that
type of skeptical person.
The final type of person you will
encounter in the area of spiritual
seduction is a person who is very
spiritual and considers that they are
a spiritual being of some type or
another. This could take the form of
someone who was a subscriber to a
conventional religion or someone
who is more new age in their
approach to spirituality.
If you meet someone who is
conventionally religious, you may
wish to adjust the way in which you
attempt to seduce them. This is due
to the fact that many religions have
prohibitions related to sexual
behavior. You may wish to gauge
this for yourself and judge whether
this type of person is worth
pursuing. However, you will often
be surprised. Many people who are
religious are as open to sexual
experience as people who are not
religious. They may just do it in a
more subtle way due to the fact
they feel conflicted between their
spiritual beliefs and their human
People who take a New Age
approach to spirituality may be
some of the best people to seduce.
This is due to the fact that such
people tend to have a liberal
outlook on life and may see sex as
something which is positive and to
be celebrated, rather than to be
ashamed about and hidden away.
You can generally judge such
people, often by their appearance,
and by the fact they will talk about
topics such as crystals, healing,
organic foods, and other markers of
general hippie-like viewpoints on
Proceed With Caution
This chapter has been included as a
point of interest and a record of a
popular trend within the seduction
community, rather than as advice
on how someone should seduce in
the modern times.
Think of the ideas that you have
just read as more of an interesting
aspect of seduction that you may
occasionally wish to play and have
fun with, rather than something
that you use regularly. The chapter
also will prepare you to encounter
people using out of date pick up
techniques that they have read in
the book The Game.
If, for example, you are out and
talking to someone you wish to
seduce, and you see someone else
using some techniques such as
palm reading or claiming to be
psychic, then you can call them out
on it as a result of what you have
read here.
Chapter 16: The Impact
Of all the chapters in this book, this
is perhaps the most important. This
is due to the fact that what this
book contains is proven
psychological principles, and the
way to take action on them, that
produces profound and serious
results. These results are in an area
of life as sensitive and complex as
someone's psychological and sexual
wellbeing. This applies both to the
person who is carrying out the
seduction techniques and the
person who is being seduced. Many
people go into this ill prepared for
the consequences and impact it will
have on their own life and the lives
of others. This chapter aims to
explore various aspects of the way
in which dark seduction has a
consequence in the life of the
people it impacts. The various range
of impacts will be shown, both
positive and negative, in order to
show that this isn’t something to
take lightly and is something that
will have a result after being carried
A New You
If you do decide to make use of
what you have read in this book, be
aware of the fact that it will cause
profound changes in your life, and
that you are not easily able to
escape from them. What is
described in the pages you have
read is a profound process of
psychological and behavioral
transformation. If you choose to
undergo this process then there is
no escaping the fact that you will
become an essentially different
person from who you were before
you decided to take action on the
ideas you've come across.
This is usually a positive
transformation and it will lead to
benefit in many different areas of
your life. However there are some
ways in which it can cause a
detrimental impact upon your
existence if you do not decide to
protect yourself from the possible
negative impact. We will first
explore the ways in which your life
must be protected from the
influence that dark seduction can
have on it, before going on to look
at the many positive benefits and
The Dark Side Of The Game
One of the key problems that many
people face when choosing to carry
out seductive techniques they have
read is that they are not prepared
for the true insight into human
nature they gain. For example,
many people who have not entered
the world of seduction, have naive
viewpoints as to the nature of
people and the reasons that they do
things. After spending some time
using seductive techniques to
seduce people, many will often see
that the truth of existence is not
what they thought it was.
People will be Machiavellian in
many ways without even realizing
they're doing so. People will forego
their own moral codes for their own
pleasure in the heat of the moment,
and this can be upsetting for
someone who is seeing it for the
first time. This shocking experience
is commonly known as the dark
side of the game. People who go
into dark seduction, even with the
most noble ideals, end up having
some doubts and difficulties with
what they discover on the way.
Some examples of the type of thing
which tends to upset you coming to
this area include seeing people
cheat on their husbands or wives on
a regular basis, people abandon
their friends on a night out in order
to get laid, and people lying and
scheming in order to get what they
want out of a social interaction.
With this in mind, how do you
protect yourself against losing your
faith in people when playing the
dark seduction game? The first
thing that you must realize when
you are entering into this world is
that the things you see my distress
you, however, they are just a small
sample of humanity and cannot be
generalized to everyone that has
ever lived. For every person you
meet, there are billions more you
haven't met. Therefore, do not
make generalizations about how
people are, what they think, or what
they feel.
There is an infinite variety of
human behavior, and it is easy to
latch onto the bad things you see
when it seems these are applicable
to all people at all times. In reality,
anything you see that upset you is
just the area you are choosing to
focus on. Many people become
bitter after playing the dark
seductive game, do it to themselves.
This is due to the fact that they
choose to focus on and think about
the bad things that they see, rather
than focusing on the pleasant or
pleasurable experiences they have
This concept basically returns to
our earlier discussion on reference
experiences. You are likely to have a
broad variety of experience in the
course of your time within the dark
seductive world. The experiences
that you choose, consciously, to
focus on, are the ones which are
likely to change your perception
and the time in the viewpoint you
have. Therefore, if you wish to
avoid having a negative viewpoint
of people as a result of playing this
game, you need to make a
conscious decision to not focus on
the type of people you are likely to
meet who go against what you
believe to be the right way to
behave. If you are determined to
come out of this seeing life, and the
people who live it, in a certain way,
then it is vital for you to
consciously seek out and focus on
the reference experiences which
will reinforce this viewpoint that
you desire.
Aside from the upsetting aspects of
human nature which you are likely
to encounter, it is vital for you to
protect against becoming addicted
to seduction. Many people are
amazed by the speed at which they
are able to have results that they
never imagined possible in their
wildest dreams.
It can become incredibly addictive
to exercise the power you gain and
you may begin to do this in a way
which is out of balance with the
other things in your life. For
example, there are countless stories
of people who gained some
proficiency within the area of
seduction, and go all out to pursue
new seductions at the expense of
everything else.
This is ultimately a recipe for ruin.
Dark seduction should be seen as
having a role in life somewhat
similar to someone who is able to
gamble healthily. It is an interesting
pastime that can bring intense
feelings of loss or reward into
someone's life - however it should
only ever be a small part of
someone's life. It is the same as any
other intensely pleasurable
behavior, such as drinking alcohol,
which can be a great thing in
someone's life, or can ruin them,
depending on how they let it control
them, or they choose to control it.
The best way to protect against
becoming addicted to the dark
seduction game, is to ensure that
you do many other things in your
life that you enjoy. For example,
don't just focus on your next
seduction. Focus on your career,
focus on your health, and focus on
things you do purely for pleasure
outside of seduction, such as
reading, watching movies, or
anything else that you happen to
enjoy. Ultimately, it is actually
more seductive to be a well rounded
person with a lot going on in the life
than it is to be a person who is
obsessed with pickup and seduction
and nothing else.
The word of caution about being
addicted to seduction and picking
up new conquests does not mean
that you can't, or even shouldn't,
have periods in your life where
seduction becomes your primary
focus and the main use of your
time. You may value periods of
immersion in order to see a rapid
increase in your skills, or to work
on an area of seduction you have
been struggling with. However, the
point is to realize that pickup plays
a part in your life - it isn't your
entire life. The amount of attention
you wish to dedicate to seduction
may increase or decrease at
different times - but you should
never let it take up all of your
energy and attention.
Know Your Limits
As strange as it sounds, a lot of
people end up having issues as a
result of putting into practice dark
seduction ideas in their own life.
For example, there are countless
tales of people who end up
regretting the impact they have had
on people. These feelings of guilt,
regret and remorse are by no means
a foregone conclusion - they depend
entirely upon the individual in
question and the specific path they
chose to walk within the wide map
of seductive possibility.
This is not a warning to do or avoid
doing anything in particular - only
to be comfortable with what you are
doing. After the seduction is over,
and your bed contains none but
you, be prepared to be alone with
your own thoughts and feelings.
You may be able to enjoy hedonism
and all of its consequences without
any issue. If so, drink deep from the
dark well. If you are unshackled
from any sense of guilt or doubt
then you will be able to enjoy any
aspect of life you wish.
Not everyone reading this is as cold
hearted as some people who play
the game - even if they wish they
were. If you are the type of person
who tends to have a strong
conscience, if the angel on your
shoulder is as loud or louder than
the devil, then tread carefully. Some
people have broken so many hearts
and driven so many girls insane or
suicidal that they end up taking
their own life. If you have any
doubt to the truth of this statement
then do your own homework. You
will soon see the impact dark
seduction can have on those who
practice it.
Also be aware of the consequences
that seduction can have in your own
life. You want to protect your
reputation and your life outside of
seduction. Consider the master of
the game, Julien Blanc. This man is
one of the greatest seducers to ever
walk the Earth. However, as a result
of his activities, he is now banned
from many countries. Always be
careful about the consequences of
what you do.
The Darkest Diamonds
It’s not all bad. There is every
chance that your pursuit of the
game, if done wisely, will lead to
you becoming a stronger and more
confident person who is able to
influence and enjoy success within
any area of their life.
You will find that, as you internalize
the concepts and principles of dark
seduction, you become more reliant
on yourself and less on others. You
will realize that if you were capable
of becoming a boss in this area, you
are capable of winning in any other
game as well. The world will be
your oyster. Enjoy.
Chapter 17: The End Of
The Tunnel
You have now reached the end of
your journey through your
exploration of the world of dark
seduction. Over the course of this
journey you have learned that
seduction consists of both an
internal reality and an external
expression of this inner state. You
have seen a range and variety of the
main ways in which seducers go
about their unique art form - Dark
Seduction. You have seen both the
actions used to go about carrying
out this process and the
accompanying psychological and
scientific principles that make them
so effective.
Different people will have read this
book for different purposes.
Perhaps you just wanted to have an
insight into this area of life. If so,
you should now have a
comprehensive oversight of the
different aspects of the dark side of
the seduction community. You
know the type of people that choose
to go about using this method of
seduction, their motives for doing
so and some of the exact techniques
they use. You also have a better
understanding of the type of people
that these techniques work on and
the reasons that the techniques
work. You understand that there is
no magic way of getting someone's
interest, there are just different
practical applications of
psychological principles, which
work in a range of circumstances.
A lot of people will have read this
book in order to better understand
why they themselves make the
choices they do when interacting
with people. If so, having read
through the contents of this book
will have given you an insight into
why you respond the way you do to
things. If you aren't happy with the
choices you've made previously,
then you will now know the way in
which you can respond better to the
attempts people make towards you
in the future. You may wish to
consider your responses to the
attention you receive in the future
in light of what you have read here.
You will have a better
understanding of the way in which
people are attempting to influence
you, and will be equipped to
respond to their intentions in the
way that serves your own interests.
If you have read the book as a form
of protection, and self
improvement, then hopefully you
are now better equipped to get a
satisfactory outcome out of
seductive encounters in the future.
Many people will have read this
book in order to learn the
techniques for their own use and
put them to work in their own life.
If you have read the book in order
to use the ideas within it for
yourself, I leave you with some
words of warning.
It is not easy to go about getting
proficient in this area of life. In fact,
the initial stages will be very
difficult. This is due to the fact that
you are required to come out of
your comfort zone and interact in
the real world in a way which is
often painful or uncomfortable.
However, if you are able to push
through the initial difficulties and
see it in the spirit of training in a
valuable skill, which will get you a
lot of happiness and pleasure from
your life, then you are likely to
eventually achieve your aims in this
It is important to not lose sight of
your goal if you yourself are trying
to become better at seduction.
Some people start playing the game
in order to experience a life of
choice and abundance in this area.
Other people begin to play in order
to find someone special and settle
down in a relationship. Other
people are simply interested in
exploring the way in which the
human psyche works, and the way
in which people respond to
different stimulus in social
situations. There is no right or
wrong motives. However, in order
to maximize your time spent
reading this book, have a clear idea
of what you want to get out of it in
the future.
If you feel as if you have read this
book to put it into action, then do
not hesitate to do so. Take action
today. This will build momentum
that will prevent you from simply
putting the book down, moving on
with your life, and not thinking of
its contents any further. For some
people, this is fine. They have only
read the book as an interesting
distraction from the course of their
everyday life, and not something
they actually wish to use to their
own benefit.
If you do possibly intend to go out
and take action on what you have
read, then be careful. Seduction
techniques are powerful and some
people are fragile and you do not
necessarily know if they respond
normally or not. It is all well and
good to think that you are mentally
equipped to deal with the
consequences of experimenting
within the field of dark seduction.
However, when it comes down to it,
a lot of people are not prepared for
the intensity of the emotional
responses and the feeling of power
they get when trying these ideas out
for themselves. You may wish to go
slowly at first and gain a level of
familiarity and comfort with what
you are doing before trying out
some of the more advanced ideas
you have read. You will also want to
be sure that you are capable of
dealing with the consequences.
People will become addicted to you
and will chase you and this is
something that can cause problems
later in your life.
Be warned - the game is serious.
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