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Analytic Journal Entries Shannon K.

Shannon Kennedy
Social Dynamics
Assignment: Short Analytic Journal Entries
Journal Entry 1: Using Decision Making Calculator & Goal Decision Survey
I found that the analysis forced me to focus on my decision in a more rigorous way than I am
used to. I considered whether how I handled my decision thus far was a conscious choice,
knowingly putting off the decision, or a subconscious one, not wanting to make the decision at
all. During the analysis, I realized that perhaps I did not want to make the decision because it
may result in an outcome that I did not prefer, but that was better for me. Interestingly enough,
I saw this perspective play out in my results – pushing me toward the decision I feared. Because
I am facts-oriented, and less of an intuitive decision maker, this analysis gave me even more to
think about and will probably lengthen the amount of time I take to make my decision, but in a
beneficial way.
Journal Entry 2: Using Decision Making Calculator & Goal Decision Survey
I purposefully chose a less important decision for this analysis, which made the survey less
anxiety-inducing, and a much easier and more fluid experience. It was extremely eye-opening
to consider the counterarguments for and against my pros and cons. It made me realize that
even when we make lists of pros versus cons, if a reason isn’t supported or persuasive enough,
it will not aid in my decision making. It was also interesting to contemplate the overall network
motivation and resistance I had within my own network. Personally, network resistance
weighed more heavily on my mind than my system supporters or other motivational roles.