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Padlet 1 Review for Jocelin McGovern

Jocelin McGovern
Kahneman, D. (2003) (cited 1,000+; the Nobel Laureate for his work on decision making in
psych.). A perspective on judgment and choice: Mapping bounded rationality. AMERICAN
PSYCHOLOGIST, 58, 697-720
Most Important Thing Learned
Framing is “the passive acceptance of the formulation given”; it suggests we adopt the most
straightforward translation of data, even if an alternative approach is available. This indicates
that information should be represented as directly as possible since this is how we will naturally
seek to interpret it. Researchers framed an outcome statistic in an example stating, “90% shortterm survival vs 10% immediate mortality”. While these frames convey the same idea, the first
was deemed less threatening and resulted in a higher likelihood of patients choosing to have the
procedure. This suggests that framing is important enough to impact critical life decisions!
Westaby, J. D. Probst, T. M., & Lee, B.C. (2010). Leadership Decision-Making: A Behavioral
Reasoning Theory Analysis. Leadership Quarterly, 21, 481-495.
Important Learning Related to Real Life
Researchers state that a leader’s trustworthiness is judged by their ability to act consistently with
their stated intentions. This is an applicable life lesson because I often find it difficult to trust my
manager. As we have a great personal relationship, I struggled to understand where the mistrust
was coming from. Upon reading that trustworthiness is associated with the relationship between
consistent behavior and stated intentions, I realized that my manager often fails to behave in
accordance with the values she espouses. This has shed light on my dilemma at work and
provided me with the insight to address this with her.