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ICU Workshop Program 2020 v2

MORI, Katsuhiko
Professor of
Politics and
EDA, Sanae |
Director of the
School in Japan
Peace in
Liberal Arts
JANUARY 11-13, 2020
International Christian University
Campus, Mitaka, Tokyo
We take comfort and
home living to
profound new heights.
Dr. Eda received a B.A. in English Education from
Hiroshima University in 1991, her first M.A. in Teaching
English as a Second Language from University of
Puerto Rico (1994), and a second M.A. and a Ph.D. in
Japanese Linguistics and Pedagogy from the Ohio State
University (1997, 2004). She held a position as an
Assistant Professor and taught Japanese and linguistics
at University of Kansas until the spring of 2010, when
she returned to Tokyo as the Director of Middlebury
College School in Japan and concurrently receiving a
joint appointment in linguistics at ICU.
MA Candidate at
the Middlebury
Institute of
Linny is currently a graduate student pursuing an MA
in International Education Management at the
Middlebury Institute of International Studies at
Monterey, California.
She graduated from the
University of California, Irvine in 2015 with a BA in Art
and a BA in Psychology & Social Behavior. Upon
graduation, she taught English as a Second Language
at language schools in Los Angeles before serving as
an Assistant English Teacher in Mito, Ibaraki for three
years. She is interested in pursuing a career in
education abroad as an onsite program coordinator.
Dr. Mori received a B.A. in arts and sciences from
Yokohama City University in 1983, an M.A. in
international relations from the International
University of Japan in 1987, and a Ph.D. in political
science from Carleton University in 1994. He began at
ICU in 2004 as associate professor, and worked as
Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and
Director of the Admissions Center. Mori also served as
CLA Dean from April 2017 to March 2019. His research
and teaching interests include international relations
and global governance.
Professor of
Philosophy and
Dr. Alberg did both undergraduate and graduate work
in philosophy at St. Louis University in the US. He then
studied theology at Sophia University, Tokyo. He did his
Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Munich. Since
2009 he has been professor of philosophy and religion
at ICU. He was also the Director of the Center for
Teaching and Learning and in charge of the Faculty
Development Office. His research focuses on
Immanuel Kant.
JANUARY 12 | 9:00 - 17:00
Guest Speaker: Professor Alberg
What Causes Conflict?
A View from the Liberal Arts
ICU Student Ambassadors Panel
Q&A with current ICU students
Activity: Game
Creative Project
JANUARY 11 | 13:00 - 17:00
JANUARY 13 | 9:00 - 12:00
Opening Statement
Project Showcase
Reflection and Wrap-Up
Closing Statement
ICU Student Ambassadors
Guest Speaker: Professor Mori
How to Make Peace:
Liberal Arts Perspective
Activity: Scavenger Hunt