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After reading your final module, accomplish the following.
1. Find a newspaper clipping or any television news of any of the discussed readings
(Territory, Tax, Voting, Agrarian Reform) in this module. Paste the newspaper
clipping in a yellow sheet of paper. If it is news acquired from the television, just
include a short summary of the news.
The news is all about Pres Duterte said that “Inutil ako diyan” regarding the
issue of West Philippine Sea.
2. After reading or watching the news, identify the main points of the article. What is
the current situation? What is the government’s response to the said issue?
China keeps on claiming the West Philippine Sea and they keep on harassing
the Filipino fisherman. Also, the US navy reaffirms to stand with the
Philippines in the West Philippine Sea dispute. The government response
specially Pres Duterte sad that “inutil ako diyan”
Answer the following;
1. Why do you think these issues are still present knowing that these have been
existing even during the time of Spanish Colonization?
It depends on the current administration on how to deal with this current issue,
on how they handle it.
2. What is the role of the government in addressing these issues? You may look into
the current government or to previous ones.
Today, the government addressing this issue base on culture and law. Like
now we are on a pandemic, the government response sucks thousands are
testing positive for
For each of the readings, (Territory, Rights, Taxation, Voting, Agrarian Reform),
what have you understood in the selected readings? In addition, what steps can you do
as a student to alleviate the situation? To prevent these kinds of problems from
emerging or recurring, what initiatives can you take? Put your answers in a column
and answer in a phrase form (bullet form)
Never spread fake news