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MEX Storage Systems - We are providing high-quality
Industrial Storage Rack Manufacturers and heavy duty
pallet rack-based in Noida, UP. All types of rack systems
are available here at affordable prices.
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About Us
MEX Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd., laid the foundation stone of the
company back in 1986 and become one of the leading Industrial
Storage Rack Manufacturers in Noida. Over the years, we have been
offering high-quality pallet racks like heavy duty pallet rack, warehouse
rack, mezzanine floor, light duty storage rack, and pallet racking system
and many other industrial racks at competitive market prices.
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What Do We Offer
Light Duty Storage Rack
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Industrial Storage Rack
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Shelving Rack
Invest In Cantilever Rack For The Following Reasons
Cantilever Racks considered as the best for storing long items and
heavy loads and remain the best because of their simplicity, strength,
sturdiness and practicality. These are best for storing and stacking
and available in various sizes, finishes, and other customizations. Can
fit into your industrial layout the best and offer many advantages. To
know all benefits associated with it in details, have a look below, or if
you want to buy the best range, MEX Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd. one of the trusted Cantilever Rack Manufacturers is here to serve
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• Easy Access And Flexibility: Cantilever Racks have an open
design that makes things easier for store handlers. This offer better
flexibility and quick product access without consuming so much of
your time and efforts.
• Quick To Install And Reconfigure: Cantilever Racks can be
assembled easily without using special tools and require no human
force for the same. The configurations of the racking system can
reduce handling time for long loads and easy to reconfigure as well.
• Require Low Maintenance: This racking system can be cleaned
easily and have low upkeep needs. This may save your money in the
long-run and let you get benefits to the maximum.
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Using it would be an ideal decision. If you found it a reliable choice, contact
us. Being one of the noteworthy Pallet Rack Manufacturers, we promise
our racking systems will give you value for money. Call us or drop your
enquiry to know more.
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