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Unit 6 Task-OctavioAguilar

UNIT 6 Final task:
Subjectivity and objectivity
Aguilar Rojas Octavio Ramon | Ba in E-L.T |
Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa| Jan 10 th, 2021
Critical and Creative Thinking
Step 1:
Selected topic: Should schools require students to study a second language?
Step 2:
Supporting the topic.
There are many reasons why schools should require students to learn a second language. In some cases, behavior is
improved and prejudices to different people are reduced, it increases problem-solving, abstract, analitical and creative
thinking. I think companies requires someone who speaks a second language. Students often consider communication
skills as the most useful It offers a better perspective of their culture and their mother tongue. It makes more
comfortable to travel to foreign countries.grades Math and english grades are improved. For me, “it has benefits in your
cognitive development” is a humble way to say that makes you smarter
Refuting the topic.
Studing a foreign language might be overwhelming for a pre-school kid. If we are not cautious of giving proper advice to
kids, mistakes might decrease their sel-steem. There are some dissadvantages, such as language interference, mixing
phrases from one language to another, foreing accent present in their mother tongue. I think a kid may feel caught
between cultures, so he could think he does not fit in none of them. Not all children are interested in learning a second
language. Forcing someone to learn something they do not want to is not effective to the learning process.
While there are many few reasons why not to study a second language, specifically, at a young age, some experts
suggest it is literally a way to be smarter. Benefits of learning a foreing language are evident. Communication skills,
behavior, problem solving, abstract, analitical and creative thinking, and executive fuction improvement, as well as
social opportunities should be an advice to ask ourselves as teachers if we are supplying their necessities in order to
aqcuire a second language, we need to remember that best schools in the world are well known because they
encourage students to learn a third language
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