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Habitat Techncal and Financial Proposal

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Habitat for Humanity Ethiopia
Website development and hosting Technical Proposal
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Definitions and Acronyms
Information communication Technology
file transfer protocol.
Hypertext Preprocessor
Hypertext Markup language
Extensible markup Language
Extensible Hypertext Markup Language
Cascading style sheet
My Structured Query Language
Graphical User Interface
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Table of contents:
executive summary
Developer profile .
professional service
training and support
Appendix 1: website requirements table
Appendix 2: contracts
Exhibit A: Developer exceptions to Habitat for Humanity Ethiopia
terms and conditions.
Exhibit B: Developer Standard terms and conditions
Exhibit C: Developer’s website maintenance and support contract.
Appendix 3: Additional Materials
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1. Executive summary
Based on your analysis we understand your requirement that
is you want to have highly rated standard and dynamic
website to reach to public as well as to compete to the
international community by providing multipurpose functional
Habitat for Humanity Ethiopia is one of the best that we have
seen before .they has full understanding of today’s global
world demands. Which is there should be away to be reach
to International community in fantastic, real time and
attractive ways.
Current Habitat for Humanity Ethiopia website is to be fair, it is good
but it needs extensive improvement to be available any time any
ware to any people no matter which type of device they use to
browse the website. As this day so many people have been used
different kinds of device other than personal computers. To mention
those tablets, phones and iPods etc., as a result the current website
should be responsive to such device. The new website which is
proposed by Habitat for Humanity Ethiopia has all necessary
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requirements to reach to real world people in real time. It is
dynamically responsive content updating website, which help you to
update website content in easy attractive and user friendly way.
Currently people on the real world highly focused and alerted in
watching and browsing social networking website. Such as twitter,
Facebook, google+ and Instagram etc. as a result there should be
some kind of way to address such people by considering the so called
social network Medias as Habitat for Humanity Ethiopia proposed to
have in the new website.
Another important function of the new proposed website should
incorporate is to be available to various kinds of device other than
personal computers. It should be responsive to multiple types of
Developer profile
Falcon security system: established by five people’s who
have Bachler degree in computer science,Information
technology and software engineering and computer
engineering. We have good reputation in developing and
promoting technologies. Besides website development our
team is experienced in development of software, database
and office automation projects.
To mantion some:-
Phone: +251-916182957 / +251-828730333
Our team is professional programmers who are capable of
developing a quality and secured website with n short period
of time. To mention those
We will use different approach to gather requirement to
develop Habitat for Humanity Ethiopia website once we win
the bid.
Direct contact:-we will contact directly to the respective
bodies which are assigned by Habitat for Humanity Ethiopia
officials through session weather indoor or outdoor.
Indirect contact:-we will contact Habitat for Humanity Ethiopia
individual members who have real information through phones, email etc.
Once all the requirements for Habitat for Humanity Ethiopia
website are ended we will design the website based on the
requirements given by assigned bodies. We will contact and show
each phase of website design to Habitat for Humanity Ethiopia
Phone: +251-916182957 / +251-828730333
assigned bodies and we will modify the design based on their
After our proposed website design is approved by Habitat for
Humanity Ethiopia assigned bodies we will implement the website
deployment on the local testing server. Here we also consult
Habitat for Humanity Ethiopia officials how it looks like and if
anything should be change we will also do that. We will prove to
Habitat for Humanity Ethiopia enough testing period on the local
server and will do adjustment if needed.
All tools and environment used for the website are opensource. This gives the advantage of:
Cost: all development and deployment tools are covered by
Security: we use open-source tools which are known for their
Reliability: Today’s best websites and network systems are
developed on open-sources which make them running all the
time without failure.
Speed: website developed and deployed on open-source
environment faster.
Therefore, the following open-source tools and environments will be
used to develop and deploy the website.
Phone: +251-916182957 / +251-828730333
Content Management System: WordPress / joomla.
Scripting languages: PHP, HTML, XML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript,
Ajax JQuery,
Web Server: Apache Web Server / xampp web server
Database: MySQL latest version
As long as all required information and requirement of the website are
provided, the development and deployment of the website will be
done on the time available given by Habitat for Humanity Ethiopia
which is 1 month.
The following table shows the breakdown of the tasks required:
Signing of Project
Accomplished by Falcon
Accomplished by Falcon
It is assumed that deployment facilities
Project Feasibility and
Requirement Specification
Design Document
Database Design
are provided on time
The assumption is that trainees are
GUI Design
Accomplished by Falcon
Phone: +251-916182957 / +251-828730333
Accomplished by Falcon
Accomplished by Falcon
Accomplished by Falcon
User manual and
Accomplished by Falcon
Accomplished by Falcon
Manual preparation
Final Report
Professional Services
Our service are advanced and aided by today’s available
technology, which are faster, secured and can easily maintain. We
will use exact methodology to implement the project. We use local
web server which have Apache and database server. After all
designing and implementation of the website have been finished; all
the necessary files are uploaded to the real hosting server through
FTP (file transfer protocol).after those tasks have done every one can
browse the site.
Phone: +251-916182957 / +251-828730333
Since the aim of the project is to promote all round updated website
we will provide those tools and methodologies for the project to be
Training and Support
Deliverables are items or materials that will officially be submitted to
the office (organization) as part of the agreement. At the end of the
project the following deliverables will be submitted to the office
Fully functional website
Master template
Training to webmasters
Training manuals
Operational manuals for webmasters
Support and Maintenance
We will provide a four-week testing period after the website is officially
launched. During this time any technical issues will be resolved at no
cost. Webmasters can contact us in person, by phone or by email
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Phone: +251-916182957 / +251-828730333
during any time of the day. We will also provide three-month
maintenance in case of failure or functional errors.
6. Hardware
Since testing and hosting server is available, we don’t need any
more hardware for proposed project.
Appendex 1: Website Requirement
Function 1. the website Shall support multiple language
Details: the website will be designed to support multiple
language other than English and Amharic
Function 2. the website Shall have responsive template
Details: since we need to support other than pc it should be
responsive for other device
Function 3. the website Shall have static pages
Details: since we will include some kind of static pages the
website will have eg history
Function 4. the website Shall support dynamic pages
Details: if the website should be visited frequently, it should
have dynamic pages
Function 5. the website Shall have search capability
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Phone: +251-916182957 / +251-828730333
Details: the website will have site as well as web search
Function 6. the website Shall allow users(visitors) to give feedback
Details: the website will provide online forms for user to give
Function 7. the website Shall allow users(visitors) to give comment
Details: the website will allow users to give comment for each
Function 8. the website Shall allow users to vote for open polls
Details: since SNNPRSOP need to include public participation
the website should have such capability
Function 9. the website Shall allow users to fill online application
Details: for scholarship, vacancy etc the website will include
online application
Function 10. the website Shall allow user to view archived content
Details: the website will have different content categories
archived content is one of them
Function 11. the website Shall have a capability to count visitors
Details: it is important the number of visitors for site redevelopment etc
Function 12. the website Shall have capability to show the number of visitors
who are online
Details: since the website forum features, it is important to
include these feature
Function 13. the website Shall allow the administrator to take periodic back up
of both the content and database and
make restore
whenever needed
Details: this is one of the major tasks for administrators to restore
and back up, so the website should allow them to do that.
Function 14. the website Shall have link to social networking pages ,automatic
update features in the social networking sites, and like capability
Details: this is one of the major responsibilities of the website
which is to be integrated to social networking sites to address
several peoples around the globe.
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Phone: +251-916182957 / +251-828730333
Function 15. the website Shall have a link that displays site map
Details: it is possible to include if it is necessary
Function 16. The website shall be ranked first when a search is made with the
website name or proper key words.
Details: we use frequently used user queries to SEO to manage
Function 17. the website Shall have clear catalogs and folders for data and
page storage
Details: the website will have the necessary path to pass and
Function 18. the website Shall have user registration capability
Details: since the site provide online application form and
include forum it should include user registration capability to
access list permission site resource
Function 19. the website Shall have mailing list capability
Details: the site will incorporate mailing capability
Function 20. the website Shall have a capability to integrate with the Athletes
Management system
Details: it is possible to integrate the system with the site
Function 21. the website Shall have anti-hacker and antivirus mechanisms
Details: we will use available plug-in
Function 22. the website Shall be integrated with website monitoring tool to do
monitoring and statistics
Function 23. the website Shall support multimedia content (text, image, audio,
Details: these are the basic content of the site.
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Phone: +251-916182957 / +251-828730333
Function 24. the website Shall have attractive site and page layout
Details: since we use responsive master template the layout
should be fantastic and easily can be change depending on
your preference
Function 25. the website Shall be easy to use update and maintain
Details: these is one of the reason you suppose to change the
Function 26. the website Shall have flexible navigation
Details: since we use open source the site will have flexible
Function 27. the website Shall be compatible with the common
browsers(Firefox, chrome, IE, Opera)
Details: the site should be responsive both on device and
Function 28. the website Shall have excellent response time and page
generation speed
Details: the site which built in open source has excellent
response time and page generation speed.
Function 29. the website Shall have excellent graphic generation speed
Function 30. the website Shall use powerful authorization and strong encryption
system for security
Function 31. the website Shall be cross-platform compatible
Function 32. the website is capable of handling peak load
Function 33. the website Shall be maintainable
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Phone: +251-916182957 / +251-828730333
Appendex 2: Contracts
Exhibit A: Developer’s Exceptions to Habitat for Humanity Ethiopia
Terms and Conditions
Falcon expect needs to fulfill Habitat for Humanity Ethiopia terms
and conditions by providing standard, competitive and responsive
Exhibit B: Developer’s Standard Terms and Conditions
We have set of Standard Terms and Conditions as we entered to
 Full cooperation from Habitat for Humanity Ethiopia Concerned
 Accurate information on Data gathering
 Punctual on meeting
Exhibit C: Developer’s website Maintenance and Support Contract
 Enough testing period
 Maintenance while testing at no cost
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Phone: +251-916182957 / +251-828730333
 Support anytime by phone, email and personal contact
Appendix 3: Additional Materials
 Full Trade license
 Exam certificate.
Our contact
We would love to hear from you
Best regards,
Masresha Yayeh,
Michael Taye
Falcon Addis Security System
Tel: +251-916182957/251-28730333
Email: masresha004@gmail.com
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Phone: +251-916182957 / +251-828730333
Website development and hosting financial
proposal for
Habitat for Humanity Ethiopia
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Phone: +251-916182957 / +251-828730333
Financial Proposal
To: - Habitat for humanity Ethiopia
Dear Madam/Sir,
In response for your request for proposals for Website Development
and Hosting for Habitat for humanity Ethiopia.
Cost break down analysis
At this stage, it is only possible to provide estimation of costs. The
actual cost depends on the robustness of the web portal and its
functionality. The following table shows estimated cost break down
and covered by Falcon Security system for employment.
Development cost
Requirement elicitation
Web portal analysis and design
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Required budget(ETB)
Phone: +251-916182957 / +251-828730333
Content development
Content entry and editing
Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
Database and business logic
User guideline
Training and support
Total Cost for development and hosting
16,500 ETB
N.B All the above costs are including value added tax.
The above indicated cost is including domain name registration and hosting.
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