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Written Work 1
Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Name: Alambra, Joseph Nathaniel
Highest possible score: 70
Section: STEM 1904 Date: January 10, 2020
Teacher: Mr. Toledo
Instruction: Answer each question in a paragraph form. You can edit this file to answer this activity.
1. Name of company (2 pts):
The name of my company is ECO Structural Engineering (ESE). The company focuses on
using a natural and eco-friendly materials. It is built to build bamboo houses that is both flood
and earthquake resistance.
2. Address of company (2 pts):
The company is located at 677 Maria Cristina Street Sampaloc Manila, Philippines, 1008.
To my dearest costumers you can email me at josephnathanielalambra@gmail.com and for
contact number you can dial me at 0906-438-4143.
3. Logo (5 pts):
4. Short description of product or service (minimum of 150 words for 15 pts):
Amphibious Bamboo House is a wooden-made bamboo hut, where it showcases the
Philippine culture especially our famous ‘Bahay Kubo’. This kind of structural design should be
adopted by many, especially now that climate change is continuously devastating our
environment. This bamboo house is eco-friendly that is why it is important that we must consider
this kind of idea and suggestion. Except for its natural material, this one is also a lot cheaper than
concrete houses. When it comes to safety with regards to calamities like earthquakes and floods
this structure is more reliable than others. Also, consider the fact that this kind of structures are
low maintenance since the materials that has been used are light and natural. We just need an
ideal architectural design to make this bamboo house modern and competitive at the same
time. This wooden bamboo house cannot only give us comfort to live-in but also, it is a good
reminder of our ancestors, it is like reminiscing the past in a modern way.
5. What makes the business unique? (minimum of 100 words for 10 pts):
The uniqueness of this business is we are offering a cheaper and eco-friendly house.
Moreover, are the unique designs if you will focus on its bird’s eye view, the content of this project
or business is way better than the concretes which are using hazardous materials which is not
good for our environment. Can you imagine if you can put a house in an urban area similar on
what we are offering with regards to this business is like living in a rural ambience in the eye of
the city. Lastly, this bamboo house has its own unique feature, where it will automatically float
when the flood arises, and it is earthquake-proof.
6. Who are your customers and what are the needs you address? (minimum of 100 words for 10
Most of my costumers are the ones who are aware of the climate change and does not
have enough budget to build concrete house. This company is built to help people to provide
an affordable eco-friendly material to build their bamboo houses and to meet their
expectations regardless of the designs they need. Also, it is our mandate not only to sell but as
well as giving suggestions and ideas, where the customer will be satisfied and not spending too
much. In this business we also support tree planting, especially bamboo as it is our essential
materials. Because of this career, we also have a farmland where we can raise the trees that
we use for this field.
7. How do you reach your customers? (minimum of 50 words for 5 pts):
ECO Structural Engineering will use social media platforms such as, paying Facebook and
YouTube advertisements. Furthermore, we are also putting up some tarpaulins and billboards in
strategic and crowded areas. The company will hire people to distribute flyers regarding our
business. Lastly, I will make sure that my employees are well-trained, and friendly to the
customers because I believe that, by doing so our business will be known by word of mouth.
8. How do you keep and develop your relation to important customers? (minimum of 50 words
for 5 pts):
One of the best ways to keep and develop the relationship between the company and
the costumers are by ensuring that the customer is always right, giving some favors, hiring nice
and skilled employees is an asset to the business, and it is important to give discounts to the
senior citizens together with the people with disability.
9. What are your competitive advantages? (Guide: refers to factors that allow a company to
produce goods or services better or more cheaply than its rivals. Attributes that allow a
company to outperform its competitors.) (minimum of 50 words for 5 pts):
ECO Structural Engineering have a lot of advantages to other company. For instance,
we offer nature friendly and non-toxic materials because they are light and natural materials.
Basically, they are a lot cheaper than concretes and chemicals. The wooden bamboo houses
are low maintenance compared to concrete ones. Putting up these bamboo houses will not
take long time compared to concrete houses. More importantly, our bamboo house is flood
and earthquake resistance.
10. Number of employees and explain why? (for 3 pts):
The number of employees depends on how many outlets do you have. Since the more
the outlets that you have the many the employees that you will need to operate the business
11. Describe your estimated business start-up cost and explain why? (Guide: How much money)
The estimated business start-up is approximately 1 million pesos or more for business
permit, business clearances, buying materials and for the storage rent. Also, for the truck that
will be used for pick-up and delivery of the product.
12. What do you need to succeed? (minimum of 50 words for 5 pts):
I want to be successful because my business is a win-win situation, not only about the
profit but the help that I could give if everyone will purchase my Amphibious Bamboo House.
Putting up a business in reality is earning money in return of our hard work. But in my case, as I
told earlier this is a win-win situation because I might earn a profit yet in general, nature will
benefit from this project or business of mine.
Rubric (in checking each number):