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COMM 290 Note

Knowing how to use excel properly is crucial in this course.
Basic of Excel Knowledge
Cel K6:
Cel K9: J9 is a text, which can’t be mathematically “sum up”to I9
Cel K10: Can’t find the name “sales”in the name manager (Formula -> Name manager),
Fixed: make the name “sales”and include numbers using “Define name” (Formula -> Name
manager -> Define name).
Cel K11 : sqrt(-1) is not mathematically correct, so it caused an error of “#NUM!”
Cel K12: If Colm “H”is deleted, an error of “#REF”, which indicated
*How do I know where “K12”comes from? A: Formula -> Fomula Auditing -> Trace
Precedents, then an arrow will show the result.
Sheets are the “pages”of Excel. You can do all kind of adjustment (Color, Font, etc)
Color is usually used to make things more organized for business management.
*When making copy of sheet, you just need
Hiding Sheet by clicking “Hide”, and unhiding sheet by clicking “Unhide”
A massive amount of data, alphabetically: population of all countries in the world from 1980-2010
When dealing with big data, how to see the heading and the country section when dealing a
specific date of data?
A: “View -> Window -> Freeze Panes”, then you can lock the heading and the country sections.
What is you wanna compare two countries?
1. “View -> Window -> Split”, then
2. , then you will left will only two countries to compare
What if you wanna compare two files?
A: “View -> Window -> View side by side”, then
Formula vs Function: a formula is any calculation in Excel, but a function is a pre-defined calculation.
“=MAX(A1:B20)” is a formula containing a function.
Cel E2: what should I do to make it a sum of
1. Type “=B2+C2+D2”, which is doing it manually
2. Type “=”, then go to “Fomula -> Insert Function” which is using a fomula
3. Type “=”, then go to “Fomula -> Auto sum”which is using the function icon that has all the
normal fomular.
4. Type “=sum(B2:D2)”, which is doing it using fomula.
When computing for interest (= p*r*t).
Cel E3: change the top left “E3”to “Interest”
1. A
2. Use “Fomula -> ”
3. Use “”
Using fomular -> Past name ->
Conditional Format
What should you do if you wanna collect a large amout of data?
A: hold“Shift + Ctrl”, then press down, you will collect data from the starting cel until a blank.