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Anti-fog Face Mask

The ONLY Strapless and Anti-fog Face Mask
Introducing the new strapless mask from SpiderTech. No
more foggy glasses or fumbling with ear loops or straps.
These masks come pre-cut with a shield pre-installed. The
fabric is the same 100% cotton, breathable, and elastic
kinesiology tape you know and love, designed to mimic
human skin and allow for a comfortable, flexible fit.
Just snap, stick and go!
Face Masks
Wax paper shield
Available in 7 colours
Strapless comfort
Conforms to facial features
Anti-fog for eyewear
**Great with SpiderTech Face Protection Strips!**
SpiderTech Kinesiology Tape
100% cotton material
100% poly-acrylic adhesive
Prevent injury
Sleep better
Recover faster
Can you adjust the tackiness of the glue?
Before you stick/apply the mask on the face, touch the glue in the area where you want less
adhesion. Note that the glue loses its stickiness the more you touch it. It reacts differently on
all skin as some skin is dry, some oily, some with makeup, etc.
How do you remove the face mask?
When removing the Ready to Wear Face Mask, start in the upper right or left corner. With one
hand, pull your exposed skin beside the mask towards your ear, tightening your skin. With the
other hand, gently roll the corner of the mask down and in towards your mouth. Repeat on the
opposite side and then gently roll the mask down the bridge of your nose.
Can the face mask be worn with facial hair?
The Ready to Wear Face Mask is great for people with facial hair. Because the bottom strip of
filter paper can remain attached covering the adhesive you can wear the mask like a face
shield and avoid uncomfortable pressure on your facial hair.
How long can you wear the mask for?
The Ready to Wear Face Mask can be worn the entire day. It can be removed and reapplied.
Just note that every time you remove the mask, the adhesive will lose some strength. If you
take it off for longer than 10 minutes, we suggest you re-apply with a new mask.
Are the masks reusable and can it be washed?
The Ready to Wear Face Mask is a one time use, disposable mask. It is not washable or
What is the filter made of?
The filter in our Ready to Wear Mask is the backing paper of our kinesiology tape. The
backing is a wax paper that works exceptionally well shielding droplets and particles. The
mask has been independently lab tested and proved to have a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency of
over 99%.
What is the bacterial filtration efficiency?
The bacterial filtration efficiency of our Ready to Wear Mask is 99.09%
How does it compare with the N95 mask?
The Ready to Wear Face Mask is a different type of mask and as a result not comparable to a
N95 or other respirator masks. Our mask acts like a shield over your nose and mouth
providing an effective protective barrier. Respirator masks effectively filter the air as it comes
into the mask.
What if I find it hard to breathe in the mask?
The Ready to Wear Mask provides the option to seal the bottom of the mask or to leave it
open allowing it to act like a face shield. The face shield option provides excellent protection
and breathes even easier than the fully sealed option.
What if the mask adhesive Irritates my Skin?
The masks use a high quality acrylic, hypoallergenic adhesive designed to be worn on
sensitive facial skin, however, a low percentage of people will still experience a sensitivity
reaction. If you are one of the people who has a reaction to the adhesive, please remove the
mask immediately. Unfortunately the Ready to Wear Face Mask isn’t for you.
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