Uploaded by Safia Habibi


As I left the hotel, the butterflies in my stomach grew larger and larger. My friends and I all decided
to go together. We were obliged to go on foot as the house sat abandoned at the top of an immense
hill. Below the hill were deadly and hazardous plants masking the path ahead. We must stay
together. If we don't, I can't imagine what would happen. We walked toward the house and reached
the gates, 'turn back', they read. What could possibly go wrong?
I went first, took a step into the enchanted, cryptic and enigmatic forest. My heart was hammering
heavier, the large pit in my stomach was spreading. Humidity was around me, creating a foggy vision
and a pounding head. It felt as if I was suffocating. I look behind me and everyone was following
behind, deterred. Cobwebs made me gag, logs and twigs made me trip and stumble, branches held
me back, vines tangled in front of me and the mud made me sink languidly, making each step harder
than the last.
We were halfway through the treacherous forest when Samira had begun to walk backwards and
then ran as fast as she could. We all sprinted toward her and pulled her forward. She begged us to
let go but we knew we couldn't: it was too late to go back. we had no other choice but to move
forward. After a few minutes of struggle, we heard a tumultuous deep growl. A bear? A wolf? We all
braced ourselves when we felt tiny droplets of rain on us. Fortunately, it was a false alarm.
A wave of powerful heavy winds and torrential rain battered us. We fought or way through, barely
making it out. We were finally able to breathe and relax. We trodded closer towards the house when
we saw streams of light escaping through the towering trees. We were close. With hope driving us
forward, we ran through the dirt path (which became visible) and reached the end of the forest.
Tremendous gates greeted us in. We all stood in awe. speechless. The skyscraping house stood in
front of our eyes. This was it. We've arrived...