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Advertising in Canada
- Many meanings, but in communication and cultural studies it is referred to as…
 System of communication through which goods and services are brought to the
attention of the general public
Raymond Williams (1980’s)
- Says Advertising has 2 phases
 1. Content of advertising has insinuated itself into every medium of
 They manipulate the shared words, images, and symbols of a society to
create a favourable impression for a product, service, or cause
 For this reason, ads can be viewed as “salesmanship in print”
 2. The business of advertising structures media operations in a capitalist economy
 Says media serves advertisers 1st and public 2nd
 Media services need ad revenues to remain in business, money
from public simply isn’t enough
Media Outlets
- Will become financially self-sufficient or profitable only if it attracts an audience desired
by advertisers
- Media outlets value determined by the size and quality of audience
 Quality in regard too demographic considerations that impact purchasing
- Advertising structures media operations
- Character and quality of media outlets and their content is driven by the kinds of
audiences and advertisers they want to attract
Advertisers DON’T need mass media
- Advertisers can publicize themselves through event sponsorship, telemarketing, direct
mail, flyers, catalogues or their own websites
- This puts pressure on mass media to increase their value to advertisers
Historical Background
No “one” person invented advertising
Polite invitation previously used by advertisers replaced by persuasive techniques of
salesmanship (1800s)