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5.11 Venn Diagrams (1)

5.11 – Venn Diagrams
A Venn diagram can be used to show the relationship when working with sets. Given two sets, A and B, the set
of common elements is called the ________________ of A and B, and is written as 𝐴 ____ 𝐵.
Intersection of Sets
Practice: Using a Venn Diagram to Solve a Counting Problem
Suppose a survey of 100 Grade 12 math students in a local high school produced the following results:
Math Course Taken
Advanced Functions and Introductory Calculus (AFIC)
Geometry and Discrete Math
Data Management
Geometry and Discrete Math and AFIC
Geometry and Discrete Math and Data Management
Data Management and AFIC
All three courses
Number of Students
How many students are enrolled in AFIC and in other
mathematics course? How many students are enrolled in
AFIC? Or Data Management? Complete the diagram to
answer these questions.
Additive Principle for Unions of Two Sets
Given two sets, A and B, the number of elements
Student Success Criteria:
I can:
 Explain the difference between the terms sequence and series
 Explain the difference between an arithmetic sequence and a geometric sequence
 Determine the nth term of an arithmetic sequence by applying the correct formula
Manipulate the arithmetic sequence formula to determine the difference, d, the number of terms, n, or a
particular term un depending on the information given.
Homework: Arithmetic Sequences and Series Worksheet