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network design

Advanced Network Security
Advanced Network Security
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Advanced Network Security
The below system can host 75 employees, each with their own Cisco IP phone and a PC and provide
services which are essential in a working environment. The network design system users routers this
offers sufficient security and efficient data transmission hence no data trafficing.
The above diagram represents a network design that was chosen for the office set up;
Connectivity and security, connectivity can be looked upon by the wireless and LAN (local area
network) connectivity, this connection should be available to specific people whom have the
Advanced Network Security
authorization to operate on the network thus parameters should be put in place to keep out
unauthorized access.
Redundancy and backing up, redundancy simply mean having a backup plan for example having
two servers this prevents a breakdown in the operations of the company due to an unexpected
error within the system.
Disaster recovery plan, from lack of power to the occurrence of a natural phenomena there
should be a back up plan of what shall happen when the any of the horrible events tend to occur
to prevent the business from loosing crucial customer data.
Future growth of the organization, growth within an organization is inevitable and thus must be
planned for within the networking structure.
Static routing is used during the installation of the system so as to implement security over the system
unlike with dynamic routing protocols. Routing Information Protocol enables routers to exchange
network topology information. Network access control lists are applicable only at subnet level and thus
the network will follow the rules of the access control list.
Advanced Network Security
This diagram maps out the proposed packet tracer network diagram, showing how data from the
internet will flow to the target workstations.
Switch configuration can be achieved through;
Use an external emulator such as Telnet to login to the switch
Let the switch load the boot loader software
The boot loader measures the available physical memory
The boot loader locates and loads a default IOS operating system software image into memory
and hands control of the switch over to the IOS.
Router configuration can be achieved through;
WIFI details (SSID and password) are crucial for connecting a laptop to the router once
successful the router assigns an IP address.
Next is connecting to the router by using the default username and password.
Once the login is successful there are various configurations that are carried out to help secure the
router, these configurations include;
Admin password for router management
Internal IP address ranges
Host configuration
Various workstations on the network must be configured based on the need of the end user on the
network. For each workstation on the network system the internet address must be set and also the
host name, static gateways are also set
Access point and server configuration guidelines
If a workstation will have to perform a specific task such as a file server the necessary configuration
tasks must be carried out
Advanced Network Security
Most access points have the same type of configuration options;
Enable/disable wireless access point functions.
SSID (Service Set Identifier) used to identify a network
Channel used to broadcast from an access point to all the computers.
The server/hub is where the data is stored and made available to all the workstations, it should be
centrally placed to enable to provide connectivity to the 75 users on the system, data should be easily
accessed from any workstation along the system, the workstations should be able to communicate over
the network at ease.
Some of the various networking commands used include;
Ifconfig (interface configuration) it is used to display the IP address and net mask of a network
Netstat (Network Statistics) used to display routing table, connection information etc this
command normally works with the Linux system.
Ping enables communication of workstations (computers, laptops, mobile devices) to
communicate over a network.
Cost of networking products
Pricing budget
Power 1250$
Computer 40000$
Internet 4000$
Printing papers 400$
Printing cost 350$
Transport cost 6000$
Time 50000$
network devices40000$
Advanced Network Security
A good networking system should meet the demands of the client, it should also be flexible to help with
the inevitable growth of business. The cost of a system is determined by the requirements of a
networking system the configuration off the system requires an expert to prevent any errors when
setting up the networking system.
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